How to install JailorUI

1. Close World of Warcraft and the Battle.net client (and any similar applications running in the background)

2. Make back-ups of your current Interface & WTF folders. (Usually found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft)

3. Replace your current ADDONS & WTF folder with mine.

4. Go into the WTF folder and change YOUR ACCOUNT, YOUR SERVER & YOUR CHARACTER to your own.

5. Launch World of Warcraft through the Battle.net client.

6. Go into Addons and choose JailorUI. The Presets are Blizz+, which is a neutral default, aswell as The Covenant Presets.

In case the Weak Auras are accidentally deleted, i included txt Files with all the Weak auras of this UI. 

This UI was developed for a Widescreen, so Weak auras and Bartender might need adjustments to fit different Screen formats. Feel free to experiment with this UI any way you want.

This UI uses Textures from GW2UI(Bar texture on Playerframes), Azerite UI (Nameplate texture, Border for Resource Bar) and DiabolicUI (Globe Texture on resources),

Check out their Addons!

Have Fun!



2 years ago

I followed your instructions, but when I open addons, there is no JailorUI.