Well, here is something new. KC_Items seems to be its own version of LootLink, Auctioneer, and even a little bank all in its own. Though f...


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Well, here is something new. KC_Items seems to be its own version of LootLink, Auctioneer, and even a little bank all in its own. Though from what I understand it has these in sub folders, so users may get rid of any one of the parts of the addon they don't like.

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Download 'kc_items_0.91d.zip' (46KB)

KC_Items has grown into a conglomerate of functionality that has still yet to reach its final destination. Completely modular KCI offers a growing assortment of functionality including link storage sellvalue and auction price retention.

I would like to mention that KC_Items is completely modular. If you don't want a certain functionality, you can just delete the corresponding sub folder and that functionality will just disappear. Keep in mind though that any modules/addons that depend on a deleted module will not get loaded either.

The following modules are currently implemented, I've assigned each a corresponding version number.

-- Core v0.91: The heart of KC_Items if this goes it all should go.
-- Auction v0.91: A auction scanner, price average, ect..
-- Bank v0.91: Remembers everything a good bank addon needs about your bank.
-- Inventory v0.91: Remembers everything a good inventory needs to know.
-- Rundown v0.91: Will spit out the location/quantity of matching items.
-- SellValue v0.91: Will store vendor sell values and display them on the tooltip.
-- LinkView v0.91: Displays a list of links regarding the items in the central database.
-- Optimizer v0.93: Will convert any present Auctioneer LL or IM data over to KCI.
-- Linknet v0.91: Provides active Link collection.
-- TooltipHooker v0.96: Manages tooltip data.

A couple of notes and highlites about KC_Items.

NOTE: Bank and Inventory don't do anyhing by themselves but they are building blocks for other modules and addons.
NOTE: Its not finished yet, and a lot more is planned.
NOTE: LinkView will NEVER disconnect you for browsing the linkview pane. To do this I just don't show invalid items. You can see how many items are not being shown in LinkView by looking at the two numbers in the LinkView pane's header.
NOTE: 21463 items and 15955 sellvalues can be stored in aprox. 650kb. Roughly 40% of what IM would store for equivilent data.
NOTE: Right clicking on an item in the linkview window will perform a rundown, Left Clicking it brings it up in the stable tooltip.
NOTE: KC_EnhancedTrades users should just copy this right on top of their old copy, but its not required.
NOTE: You can delete Optimizer once you delete ItemsMatrix or Lootlink. Although leaving optimizer in there won't hurt anything as it only runs at load..
NOTE: There is a master database availalbe with 21463 items and 15955 sellvalues.

REGRET: As of the time I release .91 I can not think of any reliable way to reliably update .90 Databases. IF a way is found I'll write a conversion script. This is do to the fact that I had to increase the amount of data that was stored slightly to take into account item descriptors (i.e. of the eagle) and I can't generate that lost information from nothing. I hope that this will not happen again. For those who updated from LL or IM and still ahve their old data please report it. For those who don't have the ability to do so the new KCI_MasterDB may be of intrest to you.

Please give feedback, I want to get KC_Items up to a mature level soon so I can get to work on some of the other works.

A full help system for what options are available are in game via /kci ? <command>.

And as always don't hesitate to ask many many questions.

Lastly I'd like to put out a thanks to all the authors of the various types of mods I've looked at and used while desigining this, these include but are not limited too. Lootlink, ItemsMatrix, Auctioneer, SellValue, Packrat, and many more that have influenced this work.

Coming Soon

Next I hope to work on revamping Auction and SellValue to handle the data they get better.
Also coming shortly will be alot more options than are currently available.

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