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KLHThreatMeter is like a damage meter, except it records your threat. By monitoring all the abilities you use and checking your talen...


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KLHThreatMeter is like a damage meter, except it records your threat. By monitoring all the abilities you use and checking your talents, armour set bonuses and buffs, the addon can recreate the threat list of a mob. This makes tank transitions simple, and allows DPS to maximise their damage without pulling aggro.

Note: due to the intricacies of threat, it is only possible to accurately determine your own threat, because you don't know what talents other players are using; also some abilities can only be detected by the player who uses them. Therefore everyone in your party or raid group needs the addon installed to have their threat appear on the table. In practice only the tanks and DPS need to have the addon, healers might use it to check upcoming tank transitions or warn DPS who are going too high.

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1) List of Contents:
1) List of Contents - this section 
2) Prerequisites - what you need to read this guide 
3) Audience - who should read this guide 
4) Troubleshooting - when KTM isn't loading at all 
5) Last Resort - If all else fails... 
6) Running Issues - Questions and issues about KTM's operation 


2) Prerequisites
The following are required to use this guide: 
a) Ablity to read English 
b) Ability to operate pointing device and/or keyboard on your computer 
c) Ability to follow simple instructions 

The following are optional requirements: 
d) Sense of honour. 


3) Audience
Who should be reading this guide? 
a) People who can't get KTM working. 
b) People who have a question about KTM, but don't want to get abused for asking something that's been asked and answered several times already. 

Who shouldn't be reading this guide? 
a) People whose KTM is working fine. 
b) Illiterate people. 
c) People who have never heard of KTM. 
d) People i don't like. 


4) Troubleshooting
This is a step-by-step troubleshooter. Answer the questions in order, and read the text after corresponding to your answer. For example, if you answered "Yes" to the question, read the text after "Yes:" following the question. 

Question 1: Is your screen all blank?
Yes: Turn your monitor on. 
No: Continue to Question 2. 

Question 2: Is KLHThreatMeter showing up in your Addons screen?
Yes: Skip to Question 4. 
No: Continue to Question 3. 

Question 3: Type the location "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\KLHThreatMeter\Code" (not the quotes) into the Address bar of your browser and press Enter. Is the folder located?
Yes (I see a folder with some KTM_... files): Continue to Question 4. 
No (There is an error / folder not found): Extract the .zip file in the \Addons folder so that the above folder exists. 

Question 4: Is the box on the left of KLHThreatMeter in the Addons screen filled with a gold tick?
Yes: Continue to Question 6. 
No (There's a grey tick, OR it's empty): Click the box until there is a gold tick in it. 

Question 5: Are you bored yet?
Yes: Continue to Question 6. 
No: Continue to Question 5. 

Question 6: Is there red text "Addon is out of date" next to KLHThreatMeter in the addons screen?
Yes: Click the "Load out of date Addons" checkbox in the top right corner of the screen. 
No: Continue to Question 7. 

Question 7: Login to World of Warcraft. Type "/ktm" without the quotes and press enter. Do you see a list of KTM commands?
Yes (there are a list of /ktm commands): Continue at Question 10. 
No (i get the message "type /help for a list of commands"): Continue at Question 9. 

Question 8: There's no question that leads to Question 8! Are you just reading through these in order and not following the directions?
Yes: I suppose i can't stop you. On you go to Question 9. 
No: Now would be a good time to read the "Last Resort" section. 

Question 9: Copy this text (without quotes) and paste it as a WoW chat message: "/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(tostring(klhtm == nil))" and press enter. Is the message "true" printed?
Yes: See Section 5: Last Resort :( . 
No (it says "false" instead): There was an error in KTM's loading. Report this in the KTM discussion thread for further help! 

Question 10: Is the window lost / missing?
Yes: Continue at Question 11. 
No: Continue at Question 12. 

Question 11: Run these commands (without quotes) "/ktm g s", then "/ktm g r". Did that fix the problem?
Yes: Continue to Question 12. 
No: See Section 5: Last Resort :( . 

Question 12: What's the problem? It looks like everything is fine!
Yes: Continue to Question 13. 
No: Continue to Question 13. 

Question 13: What do you mean yes / no? It was a rhetorical question!
Yes: Continue to Question 14. 
No: Continue to Question 14. 

Question 14: GRRRR! You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Yes: Continue to Question 15. Yes, Question 15! Who's laughing now? 
No: Then stop reading! Sheesh! 


5) Last Resort
If worst comes to worst, you can always try deleting your current \Addons\KLHThreatMeter directory, then reinstalling and trying the Troubleshooting section again. This can reveal some directory problems. 

Failing that, it's most likely that you haven't read the instructions properly, in which case i can recommend one or more of the following: 

a) Beating your head against a wall. It needs it. 
b) Going back to Freecell. You're not ready for the complexities of WoW it seems. 


6) Running Issues
(coming soon) 


The Master Target
Often in fights there are several mobs active, but only one is important for threat considerations, for example a boss and his adds. You can specify that only threat against one specific mob will be recorded by setting a master target. To do this, target the important mob and click the master target button on the main window (it looks like the hunter's mark icon). You should see the name of the mob in the top line of the header frame. 

To remove the master target, clear your target then press the master target button again. For most boss mobs the target will be cleared automatically on death, but sometimes it is necessary to do it manually. 

Note: only the group leader or raid assistants can set the master target. 


Graphical Interface
The main window has two parts: the header, which holds the buttons and basic information, and the table, which shows the threat list. 

Note: currently you can only move the window by dragging the header, not the list part. 

You can minimise the window, which hides the threat list. Then you will see only the name of the master target, your position in the threat list (e.g. "3 / 10") and the buttons. Click the options button to bring up the help menu. Here you can change many options about the frame's colour scheme and layout. 


Command Line Interface
Not all commands are currently available from the Help Menu or main window. To access the command line interface, type /ktm (or also /klhtm or /klhthreatmeter). This will print a list of commands and subtopics. Type the command as printed for more help. 

Note: all commands can be abbreviated as much as possible as long as they are still distinguishable. Instead of "/ktm test threat" you can type "/ktm t th". The shortcuts are indicated by the first few letters of each command which are light blue. 


As new abilities, items and boss encounters are regularly being added to the game, the localisation files need frequent updating for KTM to work well in all locales. The addon is currently localised for English (enUS), French (frFR), German (deDE), Spanish (esES), Simplified Chinese (zhCN), traditional Chinese (zhTW) and Korean (koKR). However not all localisations are up to date. 

In particular Chinese and Korean localisations are a bit behind, the others are mostly good. Any updates would be greatly welcomed. 


Work In Progress


In The (maybe distant) Future
The ultimate goal is to have multiple master targets, arbitrarily many. Each would have a separate threat list and a separate window (the last is possible already). 

Then i'd like to eliminate the command line interface in place of the new help menu.

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