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List of currently supported bosses: Naxx: Spider Wing: Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna Ghoul Wing: Noth the Plaguebringer, Hei...


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List of currently supported bosses: Naxx: Spider Wing: Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna Ghoul Wing: Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan, Loatheb Deathknight Wing: Instructor Razuvious, Gothik, Four Horsemen Abomination Wing: Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius Frostwyrm Lair: Sapphiron, Kel'thuzad Temple of Ahn'Qiraj: Skeram, Sartura, Viscidus, Huhuran, Anubisath Defenders, Twin Emperors, Ouro, C'Thun Blackwing Lair: Razorgore, Vaelastrasz, Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor, Chromaggus, Nefarian Molten Core: Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Geddon, Shazzrah, Majordomo, Ragnaros Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Rajaxx, Moam, Buru, Ayamiss, Ossirian Zul'Gurub: Jeklik, Veonix, Mar'li, Mandokir, Arlokk, Jin'do, Hakkar Outdoor: Kazzak, Azuregos, Emeriss, Ysondre, Taerar, Lethon Battlegrounds: Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch

*** F.A.Q. *** Q: The xyz boss mod did not stop after we wiped/killed the boss. I even stopped it and disabled it but other players still see timers. A: Use /lv stop to stop all status bars, scheduled functions, boss mods for all players in your raid group.

Q: Boss mod xyz is bugged! A: Please remember, the combat events have a limited range (20-30yd). If you stand too far away, the announce will not work. The status bars will work if another player with LV Boss Mods is standing close enough. If a boss mod produces an error message or does not work even if you are in melee range, please report it by posting a comment here.

This AddOn is a stand-alone boss mod for raid groups playing in the end-game content. It has no dependencies, it comes with all the features like cast bars which show you all timers, cooldowns etc. of the encounter. It currently supports many bosses in Naxxramas, Ahn'Qiraj and Blackwing Lair ONLY on the EN client, but it will sync with all other clients. So german and french clients will also see cast bars, but they cannot be used to announce warnings to the raid group for most bosses.

The Reason for us to do write this AddOn is that other boss mods are often to slow with updates, not scaleable and often contain bugs. We play on the highest level and can't wait for others to release their boss mods for new bosses. We wrote many small stand-alone boss mods before, but with this all-in-one AddOn it is much simpler to write a new mod for a new boss. We don't have to care about slash commands, (un-)registering events, dropdown menus, cast bars etc.

Slash Commands: /lv stop - stops all timers, this command will be broadcasted to your raid group /lv unlock|lock - locks/unlocks the status bars. /lv ver - shows other client's versions. /lv barinfo - shows who synced the currently active status bars. Alias: /lv bars, /lv syncinfo, /lv syncedby /lv - shows the GUI. You can use /lvbm or /vendetta instead of /lv

/boss on|off /boss announce on|off /boss stop Boss must be the name of the boss, e.g. "Noth" or "Faerlina"

To remove status bars (=cast bars) just right click on them.

The synchronization system: It is based on Blizzard's SendAddonMessage() function and CHAT_MSG_ADDON event, so you don't need to broadcast a sync channel. If enough players in your raid group have this addon, you will always have cast bars, even if you are too far away. Your main tank should install this AddOn and enable the announce to raid function, since only the status bars are broadcasted to the sync channel.

Localization notes: enGB/enUS: 100% deDE: 99% (some strings are missing) zhCN: 30% (only GUI and Naxxramas boss mods) zhTW: 99% The compatibility with french and korean clients is based on the sync system. So you need at least one english, german or chinese client with this AddOn in your raid group if want to use this AddOn with a french or korean version of WoW.

Information for AddOn developers: Timer Functions:

LVBM.Schedule(Delay, NameOrFunction[, Argument1, Argument2]); Delay must be a number. NameOfFunction must be a string or a function. Argument1 & 2 can be strings, numbers, tables, functions etc. Example: LVBM.Schedule(10, "SendChatMessage", "lol", "GUILD"); will write "lol" after 10 sec

LVBM.UnSchedule("NameOfFunction"[, Argument1, Argument2]); If you only specify the name of the function, all scheduled tasks which call this function will be deleted. Example: LVBM.UnSchedule("SendChatMessage", "lol", "GUILD"); will delete the scheduled task of the example above. LVBM.UnSchedule("SendChatMessage"); will delete all scheduled tasks which call SendChatMessage

timeLeft, timeElapsed = LVBM.GetScheduleTimeLeft("NameOfFunction"[, Argument1, Argument2]); Returns the time left until the scheduled function is executed and the time elapsed. Example: timeLeft, timeElapsed = LVBM.GetSchedule("SendChatMessage", "lol", "GUILD") timeLeft will be 9 and timeElapsed will be 1, if you call this function 1 second after the LVBM.Schedule example above

isScheduled = LVBM.FunctionIsScheduled(func) Returns true if a given function is scheduled to be called. Same as GetScheduleTimeLeft but does not require the function's arguments, so you can just check if a function is called with any argument. This is useful to check if a BossMod is running.

LVBM.StartTimer("name"); Starts a timer.

elapsed = LVBM.GetTimer("name"); Returns the elapsed time since LVBM.StartTimer

elapsed = LVBM.StopTimer("name"); Stops the timer and returns the elapsed time

elapsed = LVBM.ResumeTimer("name"); Resumes a stopped timer and returns the elapsed time

elapsed = LVBM.EndTimer("name"); Deletes a timer and returns the elapsed time

LVBM.StartStatusBarTimer(timer, "text"[, noBroadcast]); Adds a status bar timer :) Set noBroadcast to true if you dont want this timer to be broadcasted

timeLeft, timeElapsed = LVBM.GetStatusBarTimerTimeLeft("text"); Returns the time left and the time elapsed of the status bar with the text "text"

LVBM.EndStatusBarTimer("text"[, noBroadcast]); Removes the status bar timer with the text "text" Set noBroadcast to true if you dont want this timer to be broadcasted

Message Functions:

LVBM.AddMsg("message"[, "addon"]); Prints a message in the default chat frame, "addon" is used as prefix...if not set, the boss mod which called the function should be detected automatically and used as prefix Example: LVBM.AddMsg("zomg!");

LVBM.Announce("message"); Announces a message to the raid, using Blizzard's "Raid Warning" chat Example: LVBM.Announce("*** Locust Swarm in 3 sec ***");

ToDo: -more boss mods :)

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