LFG Scrubber v1.0

LFG Scrubber scans the LookingForGroup and CTAChannel channels looking for LFG messages containing instances, zones, quests, and pvp groups...


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LFG Scrubber scans the LookingForGroup and CTAChannel channels looking for LFG messages containing instances, zones, quests, and pvp groups that are your level. When one is found, it displays a message containing the full instance or zone name along with the original author and message.

To stop displaying all of the LookingForGroup messages, simply use the built-in channel filter in WoW and deselect the LookingForGroup channel. LFG Scrubber will continue to work and display groups around your level in your chat pane.

Nothing needs to be configured. All of the instances and zones are already known. Some of the commonly requested elite quests are also already known.

Scanning of messages is performed quickly. If a message contains LFG or similar term, then the message is broken down into individual words. Each word is checked against a dictionary of known areas. Each word check happens instantly since Lua uses hash tables to implement dictionaries, aka tables. The number of instances, zones, and quests in the dictionary does not affect the speed at which it finds a match. Messages not containing LFG or similar terms are not checked at all.

So, for example, "LF healer for UBRS" requires 3 checks for LFG/need/looking and 4 instant checks for the 4 words in the message for a total of 7 checks. UBRS would be found in the dictionary at a level range of 55-60. If you are level 55 or higher, you would be notified of this message.

Further filtering is performed such as not displaying repetitive messages or excessive exclamation points or messages while inside an instance.

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There is no configuration and no options to set other than slash commands to turn LFG Scrubber off or on. Everything is automatic. LFG messages for groups of your level are displayed in the chat frame. You can filter out the normal LookingForGroup messages by deselecting them in the channel filter built into WoW.

After installing LFG Scrubber and turning off LookingForGroup messages with WoW's channel filter, you may not see many LFG messages. This is normal. You will only see the LFG messages for your level. You will only see such messages outside of an instance unless you turn LFG Scrubber on inside the instance using a slash command.

If your level is less than 6, you will see LFG messages for all levels. This lets you check for groups while you are on a low-level alt.

You can click on the player link in any LFG message to send that player a tell.

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