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Shows the total amount you have of items. The actual items may be in your bags, banks, or on one or more of your alts. This makes LootCount...


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Shows the total amount you have of items. The actual items may be in your bags, banks, or on one or more of your alts. This makes LootCount perfect for your grinding overview - even if you put some of the items in the bank or send some to your alts.

LootCount v1.12 (Changes from v1.10) [added] 2 global layouts (separated by server/faction) in addition to the local layout [changed] Small change in code for usable items [changed] A couple more minor changes [WotLK fix] R-click names in chat now works [WotLK fix] Setting goals works again

Description LootCount's basic usage is to show you how many you have of one or more items without the annoyance of having to open your bags and add up stacks of items all the time. In addition to this, LootCount can also add the amount you have in your banks, on your alts, or in the current group/raid you are in - if they have LootCount installed, that is. This feature is very handy if you are grinding together with a friend. The amount of items you can watch at any given time is only limited by your screen real-estate. It has been tested with 100 different items. To start watching an item, just drag it from your bags/bank and drop it on the LootCount interface. That's all.

...and more Have you ever checked what items you can create (tailoring, smithing, etc) with all your stuff spread out across several characters? LootCount solves that problem for you. Upon mouse-over of any item that produces an item tooltip, LootCount will display the total amount you have of that item (according to your set-up with bank, alts, etc). This means that if you mouse-over a material (f.ex.) in your profession pane - say, [Wildvine] - LootCount will tell you if you have that (and how many totally) on any of your characters at a glance. If you mouse-over an item-watch, LootCount will tell give you a breakdown of where all the items are (if applicable) like this: - Bags: 17 - Bank: 20 - Altname1: 4 - Altname2: 2

First-time install The first time you install LootCount, you will not see it on your screen when logging in to WoW. Show/hide LootCount by typing "/lc". This can also be assigned to a key in the native WoW key-binding options. When LootCount appears for the first time, it will appear as an empty green frame in the center of your screen (where the head of your character is). This frame can be moved by dragging it by the corners (and ONLY the corners). Place it wherever you like. Now - open your bags, drag an item from there, and drop it in the center of the green frame. That's all there is to it.

Adding item-watches When you want to add a new item-watch, just drag the item you want from your bags (or bank) to the LootCount interface. Several empty squares will appear where you can drop the item. Drop the item where you want it, and you're done.

Removing item-watches You remove an item-watch by double-clicking it with the right mousebutton. This may seem like a somewhat strange way of removing an item, but this is a compromise to allow for better functionality for plug-ins. It also helps protect against accidental deletion.

Accessing the menu LootCount has a menu that can be accessed by right-clicking the edges of the center frame (not the corners). This menu will let you select basic operational parameters like what to include in the count, and size of the interface.

"Full" feature-list o Shows item-count from bags, bank, alts, group, raid (all selectable) o Supports individual grind-goals for each item-watch o Item-watches can individually be set to local-mode (count current character only) o The interface can be locked so you wont move it or delete items accidentally o No limit on number of watches o Interface and text are resizable o Watches are dynamically generated when they are needed o The layout/shape can to some extent be controlled by the user when adding new item-watches o Supports plug-ins o Plug-ins are individually selectable from the add-on screen within WoW o A few plug-ins comes bundled with LootCount

Group/raid If you are in a group with someone that also have LootCount, you can watch items as a total. The most common use for this feature is to grind rep-items together with a friend. Both can then drop the rep-item on LootCount, and you will then read a shared total for this item. Now - if you in addition to this want to monitor your items only, you can drop the same item one more time and switch on local-mode for that item-watch.

Mouse-clicks This is the functions different types of mouse-clicks will perform on regular LootCount item-watches. Plug-ins will have different functionalities. Single left: Use item (if it is usable) Double left: Nothing Single right: Open menu Double right: Remove item-watch (also works on plug-ins)

Plug-ins A few plug-ins comes bundled with LootCount: - Repair - Reputation kill-countdown - Experience kill-countdown Any plug-in can be individually switched on/off from the addon-menu at the character selection screen in WoW to conserve memory.

Bundled plug-ins Kill-countdown with XP and/or reputation Ever wondered how many kills you need to level up, or how many kills you need to get to the next reputation level? If you have, LootCount will tell you. Just select the option (REP and/or XP) you need from the LootCount menu and click one of the empty slots that just appeared. If you chose XP, that is all there is to it. If you chose REP you will also need to select the faction you want to watch. You do this by opening the WoW reputation window (shortcut "U"), click the faction you want to watch, check the "View as experience bar" option. The counter icon will contain two numbers. The bottom-right number will show an estimate based on the last mobs you have been killing, and the upper left will show you how many of the last mob you killed you will need to get to the next level. These numbers will get more and more equal as you approach your next level. If you choose to switch zone or mob-type, LootCount will adapt and tweak the estimate within a number of kills.

Special thanks to: Faladrin for the initial code and idea for goal-functionality. Belleboom for group/raid idea.

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