Loot Filter



Are you tired of deleting all the crap items from your inventory that you get from looting corpses? Or are you tired of having to manually click the items you want from a corpse? Then this addon is for you. It lets you filter loot by quality, item name and item value, and helps you keep your inventory clean. Use shift-right-click to loot corpses (loots all items) without having to worry what will end up in your inventory.

Usage: /lf or /lfr or /lootfilter, brings up the control panel /lf help , shows you the commandline options

Todo: - add translations

Change Log 1.1 Fixed a bug where quest items would sometimes also be added to the keep list when it was not needed Added option to keep items that have no sell value

1.0 The user interface has been changed and improved a great deal The code has had a lot of optimization Tooltips have been added Small bug fixes

1.0.3.beta updated .toc removed notify for items that did not match any criteria

1.0.2.beta optimized the code a lot added a workaround for itemInfo() weirdness (would not return the true name of an item) fixed an issue where quest items would not be added to the keep list properly added extra (help) text to make things clearer fixed an issue with notify on delete / keep (keep messages were always displayed)

1.0.1.beta initial release


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