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The MonkeyQuest addOn for World of WarCraft displays quests and their objectives in a nice dragable frame. Unzip the zipped file and place the "MonkeyQuest" folder in you AddOns Folder [ex. C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOnsMonkeyQuest]


- Mousing over quests shows the overview in a tooltip. - Option to display the quest overview if there's no objectives. - Clicking on quests brings up the real quest log with that quest selected. - Displays the quest level in the quest title. - Elite quests display a '+' in the level of the quest. - Completed quests show a '(Completed)' in the quest title. - Quest area headers are displayed. - Clicking on a quest area header collapses or expands it. - Check boxes next to quests allow hidding/showing of that quest. - Check box to toggle displaying collapsed quest area headers and hidden quests. - Close and minimize buttons. - Quest objective colouring. - Quest objective colouring for special 'friendly/hostile' type objectives. - Special quest objective colouring for 'find an area' type objectives. - Nice font for increased readability. - No additional buttons or options are displayed in the real quest log. - Option to always hide quest area headers. - New slash command for hidding the border. - Key bindings for toggle hidden, minimize, and close. - Slash command to change the expand direction, up or down (thanks Diungo) - Shift-left clicking on quests to add the quest name to the chat edit box if it's open. - Shift-right clicking on quests to add your current quest objective data to the chat edit box if it's open. - Option to display the number of free quest slots. - Lockable frame. - Option to display quest titles coloured by difficulty. (thanks Pkp) - Option to hide completed quests. - Option to hide completed objectives. - Ctrl-Left clicking on quests to share that quest with party members. - Ctrl-Right clicking on quests to abandon that quest, after a confirmation dialog box. - Intergration with MonkeyBuddy. - Font size setting. - Option to turn off right-click to open MonkeyBuddy. - Option to hide the title buttons. - Quest Items now show up in tooltips. Mousing over targets you need for quests will show 'Quest Item XX/YY' in the tooltip. Same for items you need for quests. (** Currently doesn't update if MonkeyQuest is closed **) - Dungeon quests display a 'd' in the level of the quest. - Raid quests display an 'r' in the level of the quest. - Party members show up in the quest overview tooltip. If they have that quest they'll be displayed in the 100% objective colour.


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