Moziah v1.0

The following is a list of add-ons that is included and there functions:

Note: While this list seems large it is in fact very efficient....


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The following is a list of add-ons that is included and there functions:

Note: While this list seems large it is in fact very efficient. !ImprovedErrorFrame - This is an add-on that makes it so if any errors appear they Display errors in scrollable/selecting frame (appears on your radar as a button) Ace - improves add-on workload and customization. Adapt - This is an add-on that animates portraits. Atlas - Provides an in-game map to all instances and locations of there respective bosses. Auctioneer - Displays item info and analyzes auction data. BonusScanner - Scans your Equipment for cumulative item bonuses and sums them up. Confab - Add-on that allows relocating, undocking, resizing and many other things to the chat edit box. CT_AllBags - Allows you to open up to 11 bags simultaneously. CT_MailMod - Allows you to send multiple mails to the same person. CT_MasterMod - Provides an in game interface for all CT_addons CT_RABossMods - An extension to CT_RaidAssist that adds small mods that help you with various raid encounters. CT_RaidAssist - Allows you to monitor Raid HP/MP/Rage/status/bosses ECT aka-raid interface. DamageMeters - Displays accumulated damage totals for you and nearby players. DiscordActionBars - Spreads your base 120 action buttons across 10 configurable bars. DiscordActionBarsOptions - Provides an in game interface for DAB. DiscordLibrary - Common library for all mods by Lozareth. At Functionality to all Discord mods. DiscordUnitFrames - Replaces the self, party, and target frames with much more configurable frames. DiscordUnitFramesOptions - Provides an in game interface for DUF. eCastingBar - Just a modified casting bar, made moveable and graphics overhaul, which includes CastingTime mod. ElkBuffBar - Shows player's buffs and debuffs as bars Enchantrix - Display information in item tooltips pertaining to the results of disenchanting said item. EnhTooltip -Used to display enhanced tool tips under the original tool tip or in the original tool tip, contains hooking functions for almost all major in game item tool tips EquipCompare - Compare items easily with ones you have equipped HitsMode - Customizes the way combat chat appears Informant - Displays detailed item information in tooltips, and can produce item reports by binding an information window to a key press. MovableBags - Allows Bags to be moved independently of each other QuickChatScroll - Mouse wheel over a chat frame to scroll 4 chat lines at a time. Hold a mouse button on a chat frame and move wheel to jump to top or to bottom. QuickLoot - Automatically positions the most relevant part of the loot window under your cursor. sct - Adds Scrolling Combat Text above you character sct_options - Provides an in game interface for sct. sctd - Adds your damage to Scrolling Combat Text sctd_options - Provides an in game interface for sctd. SelfCast -Supports optional Alt self-casting and auto self-targeting for beneficial spells. Stubby - Allows on-demand add-ons to load automatically based upon simple event notification hooks. Titan -Adds a control panel/info bar on the top and bottom of the screen. Allows users to control time/volume/panel scale/transparency, also displays important information such as money/bag/latency/FPS/Location/XP in real time. TitanBag - see Titan definition. TitanClock - see Titan definition. TitanCoords - see Titan definition. TitanHonorPlus - see Titan definition. TitanItemBonuses - see Titan definition. TitanLootType - see Titan definition. TitanMoney - see Titan definition. TitanPerformance - see Titan definition. TitanRegen - see Titan definition. TitanRepair - see Titan definition.

Optional TitanStanceSets - Automatically change weapon sets based on stance. (Warrior) WeaponQuickSwap - Function for quickly swapping between 2 weapon sets. (Warrior) TheoryCraft - Tells you everything about an ability, right on the tool tip. GroupCalendar - Provides and in game calendar for your guild.

Commands: /selfcast on /dab /ecb /confab /duf /sctd /sct /ebb /adapt /quickloot on

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