MR Naxxramas Boss Mods v7.20

*** IF UPGRADING FROM V1 or V2 - DELETE AND REINSTALL CT_RABOSSMODS FIRST*** This addon is used to show warnings for the bosses in Naxxra...


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This addon is used to show warnings for the bosses in Naxxramas.

Once installed it interfaces with CT_RaidAssist and CT_RABossMods, this will show the boss mods in the appropriate section.

This mod is now available for all to use and you can choose if you wish to announce.

The mod current does:

Spider Wing: - Anub'Rekhan's Locust swarm. - Grand Widow Faerlina's enrage timer (Works out the time from when silenced). - Maexxna Web Spray timer, Web Wrap warning and enrage warning.

Necro Wing: - Noth the Plaguebringer's blink, teleport and curse. - Heigan the Unclean timers. - Lotheb Inevitable Doom timers.

Deathknight Wing: - Instructor Razuvious' Disruptive shout (I use my VoidWalker on Razuvious to keep the mod up to date). - Gothik the Harvester phase and mob timers.

Abomination Wing: - Patchwerk enrage timer. - Grobbulus Mutated Injection warnings, also adds an icon to the infected player (Currently only uses Skull). - Gluth Fear, Frenzy, Decimate timer. - Thaddius Power Shift Charge Change, Enrage and Power Surge warnings.

Loatheb, Gluth, and Maexxna start timers will require the first person who will go into combat to at least have the mod installed, they do not need to keep the boss targeted and they also do not need to be announcing as the mod will send a sync string to the person who is announcing. Once they recieve that string they will start announcing as if they were the first to go into combat, this ensures the mod timers are up to date.

The mod will scan all the current raid members targets and check if the target is affecting combat and is their name matches a boss name, if so it will start the timers. This allows players to focus on what they need to do and not have to worry about switching targets.

Some of these timers work on casts and therefore require someone in close range to the boss to be using the announcements, main tank is ideal.

Mukkatimer support is enabled by default, it will broadcast to all the people in the raid if someone is announcing, very usefull if people in the raid have mukkatimers but not the mod itself. To stop recieving the mukkatimer prompts right click on the mukkatimers window and disable the mod.

To use: Copy the whole contents of the zip file to your WoW addons folder and it will copy the files to the correct locations. Then reload WoW and in the boss mods you will find the new bosses. Enable which modules you require.


- Optimise all the code and find better exit scripts - Add last few bosses to the mod

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