Natur EnemyCastBar v5.0

Displays a replication of your targets spell casting bar on your UI, which can be moved around.

Spell casting time is not something that...


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Displays a replication of your targets spell casting bar on your UI, which can be moved around.

Spell casting time is not something that is available to your WoW client, so I have provided cast times for most (if not all spells).

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22.08.06 Natur EnemyCastBar 5.0.0 | Advise: Since the communication system has been changed with patch 1.12 ALL users should update their version to this one!
Tipp: You are always on the safe side if you have targetted the Boss when you engage/enter combat (and want to see an initial CastBar) ;-)
* NECB uses the new command 'SendAddonMessage(prefix, text, "PARTY"|"RAID"|"GUILD")'
+ No CTRA Broadcast needed anymore, the clients will communicate instantly through the new AddOn Channel!
+ Version checks will be possible anytime now (not only after CTRA Broadcasts anymore) and versions will always be regathered on demand!
+ And the best: Spell Sync and Version checks are possible in party and battleground groups, too! (Not only in RaidGroups anymore!)
* New Feature: The CastBar's width may now be modified! (Thanks to Tamelon for this idea.)
* New SlashCommand: "/necb showbar spellname" - Shows a CastBar without waiting for any combatlog message! (Ideal for DoTs, HoTs!)
+ Great for spells that trigger a proc that has not the same name as the spell, which won't work with "/necb cast Spell". (E.g. "Frostbolt" -> "Winter's Chill"...)
+ Will only trigger a Bar if you have selected a target! Friendly targets only allow friendly spells (HoTs...); Hostile targets only allow hostile spells (damage, DoTs...)
* New Feature: "/necb versions" now also has a button to whisper all users with old versions of NECB to update!
+ Users who enabled the broadcasting feature will now be displayed in blue color.
* New Feature: "Only show 'gains' w/o Target" will only display 'gain' CastBars for Units you don't target. (Thanks to isokarhu for this idea)
* New Feature: Put your custom spells/'events' into "custom_localization.lua" and you won't need to redo your changes once a new version is released :D (Thanks to Mriswith2k for this idea)
+ Some examples added to the custom database (e.g. demo shout). You may uncomment them to achieve support.
* New Feature: The Menue now will inform the user about the status of the EngageProtection(TM *just kiddin'*). A reset button was also added ;-)
+ The EngageProtection was introduced (some versions ago) to prevent CastBars triggered accidently if hunters feign death or rogues vanish and enter combat again (while targeting the boss)
* New Feature: Now there is an option to play a Sound whenever a Raid CastBar begins to flash. (Thanks to Irion for this idea!)
* New Feature: Slashcommand "/necb forcebc raidmember" will force your raidmember to broadcast CastBars by enabling his/her settings: Debuffs, PvE, Global MobOuts, Channelparsing, Broadcasting!
+ Slashcommand "/necb stopbc raidmember" will stop broadcasts of your raidmember by disabling his/her settings: Broadcasting!
+ You may just use "/necb forcebc" or "/necb stopc" if you have targetted the specified raidmember ;-)
+ You need to be leader or promoted to use these commands!

* Boss Afflictions/Debuffs against Players will now have a blue shadowed Text! (Your name will still be red shadowed ;-) )

* Reactivated AQ40 "Weakened!" and "Dark Glare" CastBar for C'Thun(fish)
+ "Dark Glare" might be inaccurate after some time! (Tell me your experience pls, but stick to rules below.)
+ The one who engages C'Thun and 'enters combat' should be a broadcaster for this event! Otherwise use '/script CEnemyCastBar_Control("C'Thun", "First Dark Glare", "engage");' as soon as your group engages him!

* Added Naxxramas Patchwerk 'Enrage Timer' (Thanks to funkydude)
* Added Naxxramas Gluth "Terrifying Roar", "Decimate" and "Mortal Wound". "Mortal Wound" will work for Kurinaxx and Frankriss, too. (Many thanks to funkydude)
+ Target Gluth if you engage or the "Decimate" Event won't be registered by your client ;-)
* Added Naxxramas Razuvious "Disrupting Shout" (Thanks again to funkydude)
+ You should have a broadcaster who transmits the 25 sec cooldown by beeing in combatlog range of Razuvious to keep the EngageProtection enabled. Otherwise the timer might get screwed by later yells!
* Added Naxxramas Anub'Rekhan first "Locust Swarm" if the yell is detected and added a more detailed sequence. (Thanks to funkydude)
* Added Naxxramas Maexxna "Web Spray", "Web Wrap" (Boss Affliction) and "Necrotic Poison" (Boss Affliction/ de, fr missing!) (Thanks again to funkydude *g*)
* Added Naxxramas Faerlina "Enrage" and "Widow's Embrace" (Thanks to funkydude)
* Added Naxxramas Grobbulus "Mutating Injection" (fr missing!)
* Added Naxxramas Thaddius "Polarity Shift" (de, fr missing!)
* Added Naxxramas Loatheb "Inevitable Doom" (de, fr missing!). First Doom (120 sec), 30 sec and 15 sec Doom CD supported! Also added 300 sec timer until 15 sec Doom CoolDown madness.
* Added Naxxramas Gothik "Comes Down" (fr engage 'yell' missing!)
* Added Naxxramas Heigan "Teleport CD", "On Platform" (fr 'yells' missing!) (Thanks to funkydude, the official NECB Naxxramas Boss checka!)

* Added AQ40 "Summon Ouro Mounds", "Summon Ouro Scarabs", "Sand Blast", "Sweep" for Ouro (Thanks to funkydude, great explanation!)
* Added AQ40 Twins first(!) "Twin Teleport" Cooldown
* Added AQ20 "Paralyze" for Ayamiss the Hunter
* Added AQ20 "Fire/Nature/Frost/Arcane/Shadow..Weakness" for Ossirian
* Added Zul'Gurub "Enraged mode" for Hakkar (Thanks to Nirek)

* Added "Curse of Blood", "Plague Cloud", "Dark Sludge", "Wandering Plague" (Mob Spell) to PvP Spells (Thanks to Anolin)
* Added "Curse of Exhaustion" (Warlock) to "DeBuffs"; Only visible to Warlocks are "Curse of Tongues" and "Curse of Doom" (Thanks to funkydude)
* Added "Shadowburn" (Warlock) to DoTs (handled as DoT internally) (Thanks to funkydude)
* Added "Exose Armor" (Rogue) to "DeBuffs"; Only visible to Rogues! (Thanks to Zyrxil)
* Added "Blast Wave" (Mage) to "Solo DeBuffs; StunColor" and "Flamestrike" to DoTs (Thanks to Dustine, funkydude)
* Added "Silence" (Priest) to "Solo DeBuffs" (Thanks to Gastro)
* Added "Heal" (Priest) to PvP spells
* Added "Wyvern Sting" (Hunter) to "Solo DeBuffs" (Thanks to sr1030nx)
* Added talent point check for "Shadow Word: Pain" (Priest) (Thanks to Gastro)

* Changed "Twin Teleport" from 25 to 30 secs. (Thanks to funkydude)

* Fixed "M├ętamorphose : cochon" and "M├ętamorphose : tortue" (Thanks to BiDOrD)
* Fixed Yauj's Fear Castbar displayed for Anubisaths after Twins. -> Added new 'checkengage' flag to RaidSpells as a solution to this problem.
* Fixed bar spam of "Entangling Roots" at Anubusaths after Twins. -> Added new 'blockZone' flag to Afflictions section as a solution to this problem.

* aZone="InstanceName" will also be checked for spells of the 'Afflictions' section now! (Not only for the 'Raids' section.)

* 'aBar' is a new RaidSpell flag that will trigger the defined spell instantly when the source CastBar runs out (e.g. 'Dark Glare'). (Thanks to funkydude for this idea!)
+ 'aBar' will only trigger the next CastBar if the User is in combat or is dead! So, it just runs out if the fight is over^^
+ CastBars triggered by 'aBar' won't be broadcasted to the raid. It is meant to be a completely internal system, because the initial source spell should be the only Event which has to be broadcasted.

* 'pBar' is a new RaidSpell flag similar to 'aBar' but will trigger the defined spell instantly when the source CastBar APPEARS! (e.g. 'Web Spray')
+ CastBars triggered by 'pBar' won't be broadcasted to the raid. As opposed to 'aBar' this one does not check if you are in combat or dead!

* tchange={"SpellName", duration1, duration2} is a new RaidSpell flag that will change the duration of the defined Spell when the CastBar runs out (e.g. tchange={"Inevitable Doom", 30, 15} for '15 sec Doom CD!' Bar).
+ duration1 is applied (reset to default duration) if the EngageProtection is disabled and the player enters combat the next time. (Multiple modified durations will be remembered by NECB.)

* Some minor fixes

* Many thanks to NAMATSAR for the always fast translations of the menue into french :D
* Thanks to the BigWigs Author for some spell names and text strings

* Renamed "CT_RA_readme.txt" to "NECB_Interface_readme.txt" and changed the context to reflect the Introduction of the new patch 1.12 com-system!
* Updated TOC for Patch 1.12

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