Niar - Rank14 NE Rogue PvP (Turalyon EU)

This is the last video in the series, Feel the pain - Final by Niar, Rank14 NE Rogue on Turalyon (EU). Hopefully it wont be just another rog...


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This is the last video in the series, Feel the pain - Final by Niar, Rank14 NE Rogue on Turalyon (EU). Hopefully it wont be just another rogue vid.. if you look for just crits, dmg trinket(s) spammage and high damage - this video is not for you. It has plenty of interesting and tough fights and a bit of storyline aswell, so hopefully you'll like it. I wont be quitting the game, but I'm done with moviemaking for now, maybe I return with some new vid/series after 1.12, but have to see that at a later stage.

I want to thank all the people who has been supporting me and giving me the great feedback or helped me in some way, which has kept me making as many videos as I have. Throughout all my 6 PvP videos I've been trying to show my way of beating people and giving best advices I can, in hope to help people get better and maybe learn something too, so if I succeeded with that I'm happy.

I recommend you to download the movie instead of watching the live stream - much better quality


Currently my talents are a bit of my own made 21/8/22 version - this wont work for any other class than NE though due to only 2 MoD, talents and equipment can be seen in my profile link. (I will also be having similar talent build once we get 1.12, was planning to maybe go SF but they made subtlety even better..)

1 point in MoD = 3 points in stealth 1 level in stealth = 5 points NE Racial = 5 points

5/5 MoD = 15 points = 3 levels. 5/5 MoD + NE Racial = 20 points = overkill 3/5 MoD + NE Racial = 14 points = Worse than 5 MoD 2/5 MoD + NE Racial + Stealth cloak enchant = 16 points = better than 5 MoD


I use W A S D for moving, I always hold the right mouse button in combat for strafing around targets. My hotkeys are Q (thorium grenade), E (distract), F (kidney shot), G (cold blood), Y (shadowmeld), V (rupture), T (mount), middle mousebutton (thistle tea) and sidebutton on mouse (pvp trinket use) and 1-0 for my primary actionbar.

AddOns: StunWatch (shows time of CS/KS/gouge/blind/sap/), SpellAlert (shows who is casting and what he is casting), EnergyWatch (energy tick bar), QuickMountEquip (automatic mount/DPS equip when mount/unmount), ScrollingCombatText (damage taken in middle of screen), Trinketmenu (the 2 trinket icons), UI: COSMOS (although I did use photek UI in some scenes but changed back because I am so used to the good ol simple UI ;) )

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