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Ninja Alert

ninjaalert_0.3.exe —


This is a neat raiding mod that calls from a database with info on ninjas - players who raid and steal drops before the group decides who gets them (if you didn't know). The player database is still growing and there's not too much info yet, so if you ever encounter a ninja, submit it! Head over to the website for more info and to check the whole list.





This is the Ninja Alert add-on. We are working hard to optimize the add-on and the website.

It use the list from http://list.ninjalooter.net to warn players about potential ninja looters on the realm, when joining a 

party/raid or when inviting a ninja looter.

The ninja rating is based on member votes on our website. Screenshot evidence is required to submit ninjas.

When you group with a player that is listed on the website, you will receive a message in the chat-window, telling you his 

class and rating.
Changes :
Features in this version:
Install add-on
Uninstall add-on
Update ninjalist
Update add-on alert (will give an alert, when a new version is released)
Launch Warcraft
Optional autoupdate ninjalist.
Optional autolaunch warcraft.

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