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Special Notes Standard NotesUNeed - use to create notes from Items/chat frame links, etc. Alternate NotesUNeed - if the ver...


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Special Notes Standard NotesUNeed - use to create notes from Items/chat frame links, etc. Alternate NotesUNeed - if the version of NotesUNeed you download is post-fixed with '.A', then you have the Alternate version and should use to create notes. NOTE : No matter which version you have, simply use to create notes from Items in Character Sheet slots If you have a NotesUNeed note already open when using the above functionality, then a Link to the item will be pasted in to the open note, rather than a new note created.

NOTE : In the latest versions of NotesUNeed, the MapNote Popup list disappears immediately with the Map Tooltips. To keep the NotesUNeed Popup list visible, hold down the key and you will be able to mouse over the Popup list to see individual NotesUNeed tooltips or open individual Notes.

General Description

Searchable, feature rich Notes database allowing the player to keep notes on Friends, Ignores, Guild Mates, any player you party with or target, or any player at all, whether they belong to your Faction or the Opposing Faction; Or notes on NPCs, Items, Quests, or just General notes on any subject. Share your Friends List between your Alts, and/or keep track of your Characters' Quest Histories. A Very useful Search feature allowing the player to browse all notes, or search for Class, Profession, General notes, particular types of notes, or for any Free Text phrase ! So if you can't remember who it was who needed that Pristine Black Diamond, just search for Diamond and you will find the contact :) Or if you are a Guild Master, now you can list all those members who are Enchanters that have +15 agility chant, or track which characters are alts of which members. Notes can be automatically maintained on Friends and Ignores and shared amongst your alts, allowing you to import your friends list to your brand new alt :) A note for the character you play is also automatically generated, and keeps track of when and where you level up :) Moveable, Scaleable Frames; As well as mouseover tooltips, pin up tooltips, key-bindings, and Shift-Alt-Click note creation.

The default position for the Microbuttons is near the Top Center of the screen.

PLEASE NOTE that you can't drag the Microbuttons if you have actually clicked on one of the buttons - they need to be dragged by the edge. There is a small transparent border surrounding the buttons and you need to click this to drag the frame, not the buttons themselves.

Key Features

- Backup and Restore functionality to save your database

- Import/Export functionality to share notes between Accounts and completely different players

- Fully implemented capability to manage a Global Friend/Ignore list for all your Alts

- New NotesUNeed Button on the Friend, Who, Ignore, Guild, and Quest frames allowing the creation/editing of a note

- A new movable and discrete panel of 4 buttons allowing immediate access via the mouse to the 1. NotesUNeed Options 2. Browse all notes 3. Create/Edit Contact Note, depending on who you have targetted 4. Create new General Note

- Create or Edit notes via Slash Commands

- Browse All notes, or Search by Class, Profession, Note Types such as Item/NPC/Quest, or search for any free text. Searches can be initiated from the NotesUNeed Options frame.

- When browsing, notes are sorted by your current player's Faction, then the opposing Faction, then General notes. Symbols clearly display whether a note is an Alliance Contact, a Horde Contact, or a General note, even detailing what kind of note and whether it is saved at Realm or Account level. Player Notes are kept at the Realm level and all are accessable by any alt of either faction on that Realm. Other notes can be kept at the Realm or Account level.

- Drop down boxes on the NotesUNeed Contact note frame reduce the amount of typing, when entering Class, Profession, Rank, etc. NotesUNeed will also try to automatically fill in as much information as possible for Contacts that are online, noting Race, Class, Sex, PvP Rank, Guild and Guild Rank ( Distance from target will reduce the amount of inormation that can be gathered )

- Use the 'Target Info' and 'Who Info' buttons to manually request a refresh of Race, Class, Sex, PvP Rank, Guild and Guild Rank. Again, this functionality is restricted by the underlying WoW functionality, and distance to target will reduce the amount of information. Target information includes all equipment.

- Allow NotesUNeed to automatically maintain notes on Friends and Ignores, and then use the NotesUNeed database to import Friends and Ignores to other alts.

- Allow NotesUNeed to automatically delete notes when Friends/Ignores are removed. ( Contact Notes will only be auto-deleted when that player is no longer a Friend/Ignore of ANY of your alts, AND the note was created automatically by NotesUNeed; So any note you manually Save will never be deleted automatically, as it is assumed that you will have saved that note for a different reason than simply tracking Friends/Ignores )

- Default headings exist in the Contact Note frame for Guild, Guild Rank, Real Name, e-mail, and Web address. However, these are user definable headings, and you can change these to be phone number rather than web address for example, or whatever you feel is more suitable for your needs; The Default headings can be changed for all your Contact notes, or you can change the headings for an individual Note if need be. Please note that if you change the Guild and Guild Rank headings then the underlying details will NOT be automatically filled in by NotesUNeed.

- NotesUNeed will automatically generate a note for your character and will automatically record when and where you level up

- Allow NotesUNeed to automatically maintain Notes on Quests and Quest History for your Alts

- View mouseover tooltips containg NotesUNeed note details, and control what and how much is displayed.

- Add Timestamps and Location to notes (Location is always YOUR location.)

Slash Commands

/nun : Toggles the NotesUNeed Options window

/nun -h : Displays this list of Slash commands

/nun : Will attempt the following : 1. Fetch a saved Contact note with that name 2. Fetch a saved General note with that title 3. Create a new Contact note if a player of that name is in your party/raid group or is within target range 4. Toggles the NotesUNeed Options window

/nun -t : Fetches the saved Contact note for the current target, or creates a new one, or shows your own characters note if no valid target. Since v2.00.1800, this command will create notes for NPCs and populate some basic information about them.

/nun -g : Creates a new General Note, untitled.

/nun -g : Fetches the existing General note with that title, or Creates a new General note with that title.

/nun -ch : Create a Horde Player Character note for the given name without validating it /nun -ca : Create an Alliance Player Character note for the given name without validating it

/nun -tt : Toggle NotesUNeed Tooltips on/off

/nun -micro : Toggle the NotesUNeed Microbuttons panel hide/show

/nun -x : Tries to execute the specified note as a Lua Script. If no note exists, then will open the Note Search window

/nun -i : to stop NotesUNeed trying to ignore a player

/nun -f : to stop NotesUNeed trying to befriend a player

/nun -resetlists : to reset NotesUNeed's Friend/Ignore lists to those of the currently logged Alt

/nun -purgeexport : to clear Exported records and allow the creation of a newly named set of records

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