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nUI is a user interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It is 100% standalone code designed to feel like Bliz meant the UI to look this w...


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nUI is a user interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It is 100% standalone code designed to feel like Bliz meant the UI to look this way. nUI removes a ton of clutter from the display, provides detailed targeting information, an integrated HUD, cooldowns and more all in one tightly integrated single-source addon that requires no user configuration.

nUI is not a compilation of addons, it is one single mod that provides all of the functionality required to replace the Blizzard default UI. It is small, fast and efficient, easy to install, easy to use and come patch day you only have to worry about updating one mod.

Current Features...

* No dependencies * No third party code, libraries or add-ons * 100% Original stand-alone code * Greatly reduced screen clutter * Integrated unit casting bars w/ latency * Advanced targeting info... Pet Target, ToT, ToTT * Detailed HUD including player casts, harmful auras, cooldowns and more * Integrated in-HUD threat meter (see notes) * Integrated in-HUD health race bar (see notes) * Advanced player casting bar with latency and GCD * Click-casting compatible unit, party and raid frames * Click-to-feed hunter pet happiness indicator on unit frames * Integrated battlefield highlighting of raid group numbers, hits and heals * Integrated player talent build/spec browsing in unit frames * Integrated cooldown counters, OOM and OOR indicators * Integrated range to target calculation * Integrated (de)buff displays for all units * Integrated (de)buff countdowns * Integrated mouse wheel minimap zoom-in and zoom-out * Integrated mouse wheel scrolling of chat and combat log * Integrated world coordinates and in-game clock * Integrated user interface reload "/nui rl" * Integrated support for Recount (damage meters) * Integrated support for Titan Panel and FuBar * Integrated support for Omen3 and KLH Threat meters * Integrated support for Clique * Automatic faction watching * Automatic management of MiniMap buttons * Expanded battlefield map * Adaptive buff/debuff display based on target reaction

Please note, the free download version of nUI (nUI Lite) does not contain all of the features and benefits of the subscriber version of nUI (nUI Pro) -- nUI Lite only supports solo unit panels, party unit panels and 10 man raids among other limitations. The 15, 20, 25 and 40 man raid panels and other benefits are only available in nUI Pro which is only available via direct e-mail to nUI's supporters.

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Download '' (1.16MB)

Known Issues in nUI Pro...

    -- WotLK issues still outstanding
    * When using the mounts that can carry vendors, the dismount button is not being displayed
      in nUI (note: until this gets fix, you can right-click the aura to dismount)
    -- generic issues outstanding

	* Aura tooltips do not appear to work with the "mouse" tooltip option
    * Bag space text is HUGE now with the new scaling

    * Add unit frames to blocked incombat tooltips
    * Fix faction watching to not auto-switch
    * Double casting a spell cancels the casting bar
    * Button bag "x" is not working correctly
    * If you remove a fubar top panel, the nUI top panel redraws to the middle of the screen. 
      It is full width and takes up about 20% of the middle of the field of view vertically.

    * Enabling the "Use UI Scale" option in the Bliz video configuration menu blows up
      nUI's layout and scaling. For now... just uncheck this option until I can fix it.
Known compatibility issues with third party mods...

    * Guild Event Manager is moving its minimap button back to the minimap out of the button
      bag whenever the player clicks on it. A minute or so later, nUI's button bag logic
      will see the button moved and return it to the button bag. 
    * Carbonite is having issues updating the directional arrow when the minimap and/or
      battlefield minimap is hidden in the info panel
    * Poison Pouch mod minimap button is missed by button bag
    * Alpha Map minimap button is not scaling correctly in button bag
    * nUI and Capping are not playing well... Capping's modification of the battlefield
      minimap is interfering with nUI's info panel management of the map
    * Titan Panel is causing an error when the bottom bar is enabled
    * Titan panel mouseover tooltips are not compatible with nUI's fixed position 
      tooltip option
    * not playing well with button bag

Known Bliz / nUI compatibility issues...

    * Right clicking a unit frame and selecting "set focus" taints in combat == this is
      a known bug since WoW 3.0.2 and is beyond nUI's control. Hopefully Bliz will address
      it in the next patch (or two or three or twenty). You can target the desired focus 
      and then type '/focus' to aquire a focus frame until Bliz resolves this issue.
    * Switching between windowed and non-windowed mode breaks nUI's textures and HUD -- this
      is caused by a known Bliz bug in their video driver code and applies only to certain
      graphics cards and video drivers. It is nearly random in terms of which mods it will
      impact... anything from very complex to completely trivial mods are broken by this
      bug but it is always mods that use custom textures. There is no fix. The only 
      workaround is to (a) avoid switching between windowed and non-windowed modes as much
      as possible and use '/nui rl' to reload the user interface when it gets broken. It is
      worth noting this bug affects Macs most often, but also impacts some PCs (such as 
      mine). This bug has been a round a very long time and no telling if or when it will
      ever be fixed.

    * If your mouse buttons 4 and 5 do not work for click-casting on unit frames, make
      sure your mouse driver is sending mouse button clicks and not key presses. You can
      do this by going to the key binding interface and trying to bind autorun to mouse
      button 4. If the key binding does not say "Button 4" or "Mouse Button 4" then the
      issue is your mouse driver or driver settings. Bliz does not support key-presses
      as mouse clicks directly and mods like Clique cannot detect key presses in that way.
To-Do List / Planned features

    * Add XP per hour
    * Add character profiles
    * Add action bar profiles
    * Add key-bind profiles
    * Add an option to disable nUI noob tooltips
    * Add vehicle frame/mode integration to the dashboard

    * Death Knights need a timer for their pet expiration... should also have a ghoul timer
    * Add Threat Bar back
    * Add sorting of raid unit frames by raid group and class

    * Add font size options for Chat and Combat log frames
    * Add totem timers
    * Add audio cues for cooldowns, cc breaks, etc.
    * Add DruidManaBar type functionality to unit frames
    * Add 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 unit frame panels for arena play
    * Add Proximo functionality to unit frames for arena unit panels
    * Add durability, wardrobe manager, ammo tracker and gold tracker to console buttons
    * Add autobar style support for quest items, food/drink/pots, mounts, vanity pets
    * Add option to set location precision to zero decimal places on coordinate display
    * Add target marking tool a la LuckyCharms
    * Add recommended zone functionality to the location box a la FuBar RecZone
    * Add a swing timer
    * Automatic announcement of key debuffs in raid/party chat (i.e. chains of ice)
    * Loot management a la -- maybe?
Version 5.01.00

	* nUI sheds its "beta" status and goes live... /happydance
	* Split nUI into two versions... the public "nUI Lite" free version and the private
	  "nUI Pro" version for nUI's supporters
	* Added linkbacks to nUI's new web site at
	* Fixed a logic error in the '/nui feedback' slash command that threw an error if a
	  bad argument, or no argument, was given to the command.
Version 5.00.03 (Alpha)

	* Yet another fix for the agro logic to prevent complex hard loops (player targets a
	  mob to targets a player to targets a mob who targets the original player for example)
	  which continued to cause WoW lockups.
	* Added a new set of slash commands for the feedback system...
	  /nui feedback curse
	  /nui feedback disease
	  /nui feedback magic
	  /nui feedback poison
	  These options allow the player to individually disable or enable each of the four
	  feedback highlight types so that you can enable only those types you can dispell. By
	  default all four types are enabled.
Version 5.00.02 (Alpha)

	* Fixed a logic error in the determination of who has current agro that caused WoW to
	  freeze if any unit in the target chain was targeting itself (yes, an endless loop)
	* Added a new slash command '/nui showhits' which turns off the red/green background
	  highlighting on unit frames when they are taking damage or receiving heals.
	* Fixed the rotation order in the unit frames to 25 man precedes 40 man
	* Fixed a logic error in the aura bars where the bars failed to resize when the target
	  died or when switching to a new target that had no auras on it
Version 5.00.01 (Alpha)

	* Ported nUI 5.0 to WoW Patch 3.1
	* Added combat feedback to unit frames... shows a red background on unit frames when 
	  the unit takes damage, a green background when it receives a heal
	* Added debuff highlights to unit frames... unit frame borders highlight blue when a
	  magic debuff is on the unit, green when diseased, yellow when poisoned and purple
	  when cursed.
	* Add agro indicator to unit frames... unit frame border highlights in red when the
	  unit is targeted by a hostile unit in the player's target chain or focus chain if
	  no hostile units exist in the target chain.
	* Greatly improved the hit and heal indicator update frequency in the battlefield
	  minimap for PvP/Battleground play
	* Finally found and added a fix for the annoying invisible bottom bar Titan Panel
	  creates. This should prevent that bar from interfering with the bottom of the dashboard
	* Added the slash command '/nui hud focus' which toggles display of the player's focus
	  on and off in the HUD. By default, the HUD ignores the focus frame and displays the
	  player's target and target-of-target (ToT). Enabling this option will cause the HUD
	  to replace the player's target with the player's focus if and when the player sets a
	  focus. In addition, when this option is enabled, the ToT is replaced with the focus' 
	  target if a focus is set. If no focus is set, the HUD will display the target and 
	  the ToT as per normal.
Version 5.00.00 (Alpha)

    * First release

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