Palanoob v1.1



This add-on makes the process of casting Greater blessings easier for the paladin.

To install it, extract the .zip file in InterfaceAddOns.

The inteface is divided in 4 parts :

* The "+" sign : a left-click on it switches the interface between "horizontal" and "vertical" mode. A drag-'n-drop with the right mouse button moves the interface.

* The left column (vertical) or lower row (horizontal) : it contains 8 icons for the Alliance's classes on which you'll click to cast the Greater blessing associated to this class.

* The right column (vertical) or upper row (horizontal) : it contains the Greater blessings icons associated to the class next to them. To change one of the spells, you only have to click on one of these icons : it will "scroll" between the paladin's Greater blessings.

* The counter : it tells you how many Symbols of kings you currently have in your bags.

Your selection of Greater blessings is saved between sessions. Therefor, if you have a static role in the raid (for instance : "blessing of salvation on everyone except warriors"), you'll only have to configure the add-on once.

The /palanoob command hides / shows the add-on's interface.

If the add-on's interface becomes unreachable because of a screen resize or a bug, I've added a command which resets the add-on's position. The command is /palanoobreset.

This add-on is the very first one I put online, available to everyone... I've tweaked a lot of add-ons, but there could be a few stupid bugs remaining, due to a lack of caffein. So, I accept all of your comments, good ones as well as bad ones.


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