Pawn performs item value assessments to make it easy to decide which items are better than others. It's similar to mods such as Tank Points, but much more general, and applicable to any class and situation. You can use it to help create multiple gear sets, or decide whether to give up those ten points of stamina for two more points of fire resistance.

Pawn is a mod for hardcore World of Warcraft players. You're probably not going to like it if you're not the sort of person who agonizes over stats and itemization. But, if you're the kind of person who goes through Thottbot looking for exactly the items you want for your gear sets, builds Excel spreadsheets, installs TheoryCraft... well, Pawn might just be right up your alley. If you can't bear the thought of hand-editing configuration files in Notepad, turn back now.

Pawn is still in development, so it doesn't have a configuration UI yet, but you can share your scales (Pawn options) with other people using Pawn 'scale tags,' and you can build your own scales by editing a text file.

See the Pawn readme file included with the mod for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

Check out the unofficial Pawn forums at http://pawnmod.trenchrats.com/index.php .

For a partial German translation, see Pawn(ger): http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=4171 .




Pawn performs item value assessments to make it easy to decide which items are better than others.  It's similar to mods such as Tank Points, but much more general, and applicable to any class and situation. You can use it to help create multiple gear sets, or decide whether to give up those ten points of stamina for two more points of fire resistance.

Pawn is a mod for hardcore World of Warcraft players.  You're probably not going to like it if you're not the sort of person who agonizes over stats and itemization.  But, if you're the kind of person who goes through Thottbot looking for exactly the items you want for your gear sets, builds Excel spreadsheets, installs TheoryCraft... well, Pawn might just be right up your alley.  If you can't bear the thought of hand-editing configuration files in Notepad, turn back now.

Pawn is still in development, so it doesn't have a configuration UI yet, but you can share your scales (Pawn options) with other people using Pawn "scale tags," and you can build your own scales by editing a text file.

I welcome your feedback—see the Notes section.
Installing Pawn

Pawn is installed like pretty much every other World of Warcraft mod on the planet.  Extract the contents of the zip file to your Add-ons folder, generally located here:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons
How Pawn works

Pawn works by reading the tooltips for items in-game, and annotating them with some useful information, based on your personal preferences.  Let's say that you're a shaman, and someone links the popular Molten Core level 60 tank shield Drillborer Disk in trade chat.  With Pawn installed and set up, you might see the following when clicking that link:
Drillborer Disk
Binds when picked up
Off Hand     Shield
2539 Armor
46 Block
+10 Stamina
Equip: When struck in combat inflicts 3 Arcane damage to the attacker.  (*)
Equip: Increases your block rating by 10.
Equip: Increases the block value of your shield by 23.
* Pawn was unable to assign a value to some stats.
Healbot: 31
PvP: 292

There are a couple differences between a Pawn-enhanced item tooltip and the normal one.  The most obvious is the set of numbers at the bottom.  I've set up Pawn to calculate two different values for each item I come across: one for my "healbot" gear set, and one for my "PvP" gear set.  When I'm healing in raids, I don't care too much about my armor, or my block stats.  So, this tank shield isn't very useful to me; it got a rating of 31 points.  In contrast, in PVP and solo combat, I'm a dagger-and-shield kind of girl, so I care a lot about armor and block.  The value of this shield to me in a PVP situation is considerably higher: 292 points.

What are these points?  They're exactly what I like them to be.  Pawn lets you set up arbitrary valuation "scales" for every item you come across.  For each scale, you get to assign a point value to each of a wide variety of stats.  Pawn will then analyze the item for you, and quickly come up with a number score based on the criteria that you've set up.  Without having to configure anything, Pawn will create a scale for you called "Pawn value" that mimics the way that Blizzard values the items.  If you just want a quick overview of how many stats an item has, the default scale might work well for you.

Not every possible property of an item can be given a value.  For example, the Drillborer Disk reflects 3 arcane damage to each enemy who hits the shield.  This isn't a common property for items in World of Warcraft to have, and Pawn doesn't know how to value it.  It tells you this by adding an asterisk (*) to that stat on the tooltip, and then adding a helpful message to the bottom.  When making the decision of whether or not to use Drillborer Disk, you'll need to keep that in mind; if you find another PvP shield that also gets a rating of about 292 points, then you should choose Drillborer, because it has an extra stat that wasn't taken into account for the rating.

Let's get started.  First, log into your character, making sure that the Pawn mod is enabled.  Make sure that VgerCore (another mod that Pawn depends on), is enabled too.  Once you log in, start hovering over items in your inventory, or click links in the trade channel.  When you hover over things like herbs and ores and quest items, you'll notice that the tooltip doesn't look any different than it used to; that's because those items don't have stats.  When you hover over equipment that you're wearing, though, you should see a new line at the bottom that lists a "Pawn value."  Without any input from you, Pawn is assigning a score to every item in your inventory, using a formula somewhat similar to what Blizzard uses when creating the items in the first place.  (For more information on item level, check out the extensive WoWWiki page on the subject, which I used when developing these default settings.)

It's possible to use Pawn right "out of the box," but it's more likely that you'll want to customize its behavior after you try it out for a minute.  So, without further ado, let's talk about customizing Pawn.

Each of your characters has a unique set of options for Pawn, and can have any number of valuation scales, which often (but not always) represent different sets of gear or situations you find your character in.  A valuation scale has two things: a name, such as "Pawn value", and a list of stats and how many points each stat is worth.

The first thing you'll need to do is decide what you'll do with Pawn.  The important thing to remember is that Pawn doesn't decide which stats are best for your character!  You need to make this decision for yourself, and tailor it to the way that you play.  Once you "tell" Pawn which stats you like, it does all of the math to tell you which items are better than others, exactly according to what you think of each stat.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

    * One possibility is just having Pawn calculate the total attack power that an item will give you.  A feral druid in cat form gets two points of attack power per point of strength, one point of attack power per point of agility, one point of attack power per point of attack power on the item (of course), and no benefit from ranged attack power.  This druid could set up a scale called "attack power" that adds those numbers up automatically: Strength = 2, Agility = 1, Attack Power = 1, Feral Attack Power = 1, and Ranged Attack Power = 0.
    * Healers need to balance a variety of different stats to maximize their healing output: intellect, spirit, +healing, spell power, and mana per five.  They don't care about strength and agility.  So, a "healbot" valuation scale could be Strength = 0, Agility = 0, Stamina = 0.5, Intellect = 1, Spirit = 1, Healing = 0.5, Spell Power = 0.5, and Mana per Five = 3.5.
    * Many people have a set of fire resistance gear, but deciding between an item that has 15 fire resistance and another that has 10 fire resistance but a bunch of nice stats can be hard.  You can set up a scale that helps you decide whether those extra few points of fire resistance are worth sacrificing all of those stats.
    * Similar mods to Pawn exist for more specialized roles.  For example, Tank Points is a popular mod for warriors that helps balance different types of gear.  TP has different functionality from what Pawn provides, but you can make similar sorts of decisions about tanking gear in Pawn using the same system that you'd use for all of your other characters.  Remember, Pawn does a lot of math for you, but it won't tell you which stats are more desirable than others; that's for you to decide.

Or, maybe, someone has already shared a Pawn scale tag with you, so that you can use a scale that they created or found themselves.
Pawn Scale Tags

Scale tags are a handy way that you can share your Pawn scales with other people, similar to how you can share talent specs with others just by giving them a link to the WoW talent calculator.  A sample scale tag looks like this:

( Pawn: v1: "Total healing": Healing=1, SpellPower=1 )

Generally, they're considerably longer than that, but the overall format is still the same.  A scale tag includes the parentheses ( ) on the ends and everything in-between.

It's possible to use Pawn along with scale tags that other people have created and never have to do any custom calculations or work yourself.  Here's how you can use scale tags to share Pawn scales.
Adding a Pawn scale that someone shared with you

You can easily add Pawn scales that someone else shared with you as a scale tag to your own copy of Pawn.  Type the following slash command:

/pawn import

A window will appear where you can paste the entire scale tag that you got from someone else.  Press Ctrl+V to paste a scale tag from the clipboard into this window.  Once you're done, click OK, and that scale will be added to your copy of Pawn.

    * You can't import a scale tag if the scale has the exact same name as a scale you already have.  For example, if you have a scale named "Pawn value", you can't import a new scale tag named "Pawn value".
    * To copy a scale tag from your web browser, highlight the entire scale tag with your mouse, and then press Ctrl+C to copy it.  Make sure that you get the whole thing, including the "(" at the beginning and the ")" at the end.

Sharing a Pawn scale with others

To create a scale tag so that you can share one of your Pawn scales with others, type the following slash command:

/pawn export Pawn value

Replace "Pawn value" with the name of one of your scales, exactly as you originally spelled and capitalized it.  There should be one space between "export" and the name of the scale.

A window will appear containing your entire scale tag, but most of it will be scrolled off to the left where you can't see it.  Press Ctrl+C to copy the scale tag to your clipboard.  Then, switch to your web browser or an instant message window, or wherever you'd like to share your Pawn scale, and press Ctrl+V to paste the tag to that window.
Finding more Pawn scales

You can find more Pawn scales on the unofficial Pawn Scales Resources Forum.  Or, try the Pawn page at WoWUI.IncGamers.
Setting up a custom Pawn scale for one of your characters

(As a fair warning before you read too far, customizing your Pawn scales requires you to open up a Pawn text file on your computer and make changes there.  You can't easily customize in-game in this version of Pawn.  If the thought of this terrifies you, Pawn probably isn't for you, at least not right now.  Or, you can stick to using scale tags that other people have created)

Nobody thinks all statistics are created equal.  Tanks don't care about intellect and spirit.  Priests don't care about strength.  You can customize Pawn to only look at the stats that you care about.  Let's do it now.  First, it's important that you've logged into your character at least once, and then that you log out of your character before making changes.  You don't have to shut down World of Warcraft if you don't want to, but you have to log out.

Once you've logged out, open your character's SavedVariables folder. You'll find it here on most systems:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\account name\server name\character name\SavedVariables

For example:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\VgerAN\Azjol-Nerub\Vger\SavedVariables

Once you've logged out with Pawn running at least once, there will be a file in here called "Pawn.lua" (it may just show up as "Pawn" on your system).  This is the file that you'll edit to change your Pawn settings.  You'll need to open it up in a text editor.  The exact procedure to do this will differ depending on which version of Windows you have, but if you have Windows XP, here's what you'll need to do:

   1. Double-click on the file.
   2. Choose "Select the program from a list" and click OK.
   3. Choose Notepad from this list.  Click OK.

After doing this, you can just double-click on the file to open it up.  It should look something like this:

PawnOptions = {
["Scales"] = {
["Pawn value"] = {
["Values"] = {
    ["Intellect"] = 1,
    ["SpellCritRating"] = 0.4,
    ["CritRating"] = 0.57,

Whoa.  Now, not to scare you, but you need to be careful not to screw around with the way that this file is set up, because World of Warcraft needs to be able to read it, and it's not as smart as you; if you're missing a bracket somewhere it won't be able to understand it anymore, and it will start you off with no Pawn settings at all next time you log in.  That would be sad.  Make backup copies, and start small.

Here are the important parts: Inside the "Scales" section are the different valuation scales that Pawn will use.  Right now it only has one, named "Pawn value."  Inside that is a list of the values of all of the stats.  Each line inside of "Values" names one stat, and one value for that stat.  For example, in the sample above, each point of intellect is worth 1 point, each point of spell crit rating is worth 0.4, and so forth.  Note that here it's called "SpellCritRating" with no spaces.  The names of most of the things in this file need to be spelled and capitalized exactly as they are.  (The only real exception is that "Pawn value" can be changed to give the scale a new name.)

So, let's make some changes.  Let's delete the stats that we don't care about.  If you're a melee class, you can get rid of the lines that give points to intellect and spirit.  Go ahead, just delete the whole line.  If you're a caster, you can do the opposite; get rid of strength and agility.  Maybe you don't care about arcane resistance (I certainly don't!), so you can get rid of that line too.  Make sure you only delete entire lines, and only lines that give points to stats.

Cool.  You don't have to do anything complicated just yet; that should be fine.  Click File and then Save to save your work, and then close the file.  Then, switch back to World of Warcraft and log in.  Now, when you hover over certain items, you'll get different values.  It's customized to exactly what you care about in items.  Many people can get exactly what they want just by deleting lines from the default Pawn options.  If that's you, great.  Some people, on the other hand, will want to tweak the numbers quite a bit, and Pawn's great at that too.

Just remember: only change this file when you're logged out of your character.  World of Warcraft only reads your changes to this file when you log in (so if you change it while the game is running it will miss them), and it saves over the old version every time you log out (so it will write over your changes if you modified the file while logged in).  If you ever manage to really screw things up and want to start over, you can either delete the Pawn.lua file in your SavedVariables folder (not the one in Interface\Addons!), or while you're playing, just use the command /pawn resetscales.

Well, hopefully that's enough to get you started.  If you're interested in customizing Pawn further, check out the "more advanced setup" section below.
Contacting the author

I'm very interested in knowing what people think of the mod, and what you use it for.  The best way to contact me is on the Pawn page at IncGamers.  You can also contact me through in-game mail: Vger on Azjol-Nerub (US), Horde.  (Just make sure that, if you want a reply to an in-game mail, you keep an alt on my server and check mail from time to time.  I won't have a character already on your server, and I don't want to have to create an alt and run to a mailbox just to write back.)  Also, check out my official site, with links to my other mods.
Reporting bugs

When reporting bugs, it's helpful to be as specific as possible.  Does the problem always happen for you, or just sometimes?  Can you think of any mods that you're running that might be related?  Does the problem still occur if you disable all your mods except Pawn and VgerCore?  As of the WoW 2.1 patch, WoW hides interface error information from you by default.  Reenabling it in Interface Options would be helpful; the error text includes useful information about where the error occurred.  Installing a mod like Swatter can provide even more useful error information that can help Vger track down the bug.
Unrecognized stats (*)

It's normal for certain rare stats to be listed with an asterisk (*).  You need to decide how important that bonus is to you yourself.  But, if you come across an item that has a standard statistic, such as intellect, crit rating, or spell power, or fire resistance, and Pawn marks it with an asterisk, you might want to let me know—take a note of which item has the problem, and which statistic on the item that Pawn didn't understand.  You can use the /pawn debug on slash command to learn more about how Pawn is calculating the stats for your item.  Also, be sure to check the "known issues" section at the bottom of this document; I might already know about the problem.
Slash commands

Pawn includes a couple slash commands that you can use to alter Pawn behavior.
Showing unenchanted item values

/pawn unenchanted on
/pawn unenchanted off

For enchanted items, Pawn normally displays both the enchanted value for the item, and the unenchanted value afterward in parentheses.  For example: "Pawn value: 24.5 (22.0)".  You can turn the unenchanted value off with /pawn unenchanted off, or turn it back on with /pawn unenchanted on.  This feature only works on real WoW tooltips, and not certain fake tooltips presented by item database mods.
Showing item levels

/pawn levels on
/pawn levels off

You can use /pawn levels on to turn on an item level display for items you come across.  Every item in World of Warcraft has a hidden level that is used to determine how many stats it can have.  In general, an item of the same type (helmet, cloak) and quality (green, blue) and a higher level will have more, or at least better, stats.  This feature only works on real WoW tooltips, and not certain fake tooltips presented by item database mods.
Showing item IDs

/pawn ids on
/pawn ids off

You can use /pawn ids on to turn on an item ID display for items you come across.  Every item in World of Warcraft has an ID number associated with it.  This information is generally only useful to mod authors.  This feature only works on real WoW tooltips, and not certain fake tooltips presented by item database mods.
Controlling when asterisks (*) are displayed

/pawn asterisks on
/pawn asterisks auto
/pawn asterisks off

By default, Pawn shows asterisks next to item properties that it doesn't understand, if that item has a positive value for any of your scales.  This is /pawn asterisks auto.  You can enable the display of asterisks on all item properties that Pawn doesn't understand, even on items with no value such as Hearthstone or potions, with /pawn asterisks on.  If you don't find the asterisks helpful, you can turn them off completely for all items, even when Pawn doesn't understand part of the item, with /pawn asterisks off.
Changing the digits of precision for item values on tooltips

/pawn digits 0
/pawn digits 1
/pawn digits 2
/pawn digits 3
/pawn digits 4

You can change the number of digits of precision used to display item values on tooltips with /pawn digits.  /pawn digits 1 is the default (shows up as "3.1"), but you can change it with /pawn digits 0 ("3"), /pawn digits 4 ("3.1416"), or any number in-between.
Showing debugging information

/pawn debug on
/pawn debug off

If you're not sure how Pawn is calculating the values for a particular item, you can use /pawn debug on to make Pawn spam all sorts of "useful" data to the console whenever you hover over an item.  This information includes which stats Pawn thinks the item has, which parts of the item Pawn doesn't understand, and how it took each one into account for each of your scales.  This option will fill up your chat log quickly, so you'll want to turn it off with /pawn debug off once you're finished investigating.
Listing your scales

/pawn list
/pawn list Pawn value

You can send a list of all of your scales to the chat window with /pawn list.  You can send a list of all stats in a scale named "Pawn value" with /pawn list Pawn value.  There should be one space between "list" and the name of the scale to list, and you must type the name of the scale exactly, including correct capitalization.
Importing and exporting scales

/pawn export Pawn value
/pawn import

You can copy one of your Pawn scales named "Pawn value" to the clipboard to share with others with /pawn export Pawn value.  (You can, of course, type a different scale name after "export".)  There should be one space between "export" and the name of the scale to export, and you must type the name of the scale exactly, including correct capitalization.  You'll be shown a window where you can press Ctrl+C to copy that scale to the clipboard.  You can then press Ctrl+V to paste it into a different window.

You can add a scale that someone else has shared with you by typing /pawn import.  You'll be shown a window where you can press Ctrl+V to paste a scale that you've copied from somewhere else.  If you import a scale that has the same name as one you already have, your existing one will be replaced by the imported scale.
Deleting a scale

/pawn delete Pawn value

You can delete your Pawn scale named "Pawn value" with /pawn delete Pawn value.  (You can, of course, type a different scale name after "delete".)  There should be one space between "delete" and the name of the scale to delete, and you must type the name of the scale exactly, including correct capitalization.  You can't undo this, so make sure you're sure you want to delete the scale!  If you want to delete all of your scales and get back the default scale named "Pawn value", you can use /pawn resetscales instead.
Renaming a scale

/pawn rename Pawn value -> New name

You can rename a scale named "Pawn value" to "New name" with /pawn rename Pawn value -> New name.  (You can, of course, use scale names other than "Pawn value" and "New name".)  Make sure to type both scale names exactly as you want them, including correct capitalization.  You can add spaces before and after the -> (dash, is-greater-than) if you wish, but you can't add a space in the middle of the arrow.
Completely resetting your Pawn scales

/pawn resetscales

If you've really screwed up your Pawn scales, you can type /pawn resetscales in the chat box to restore everything back to normal, discarding any customization you've done.  This only affects the character you're playing, and it won't reset other Pawn options.
More advanced setup

This section covers some more advanced topics regarding Pawn setup, letting you customize Pawn to better suit your needs.
Setting up a second Pawn scale

You don't have to have one scale called "Pawn value"; you can set up as many as you like.  To do this, duplicate the entire section named "Pawn value" in your Pawn.lua file.  Note that each { in this file matches with a } later on; if these don't match correctly, World of Warcraft won't be able to understand the file.  The first four lines in the file should end in a {, and the last four should include a }.  If the file looks like anything else, you might have duplicated too much or too little.

You'll want to give the two scales different names.  You can type any name you like in the part that says "Pawn value."  Just don't change the names of the "Scales" section or the "Values" sections inside each scale.
Socket bonuses

Socket bonuses are factored into the value of an item, even if the sockets are empty.  Since gems can be readily purchased for very low cost, it's assumed that the player can easily socket the proper gems in order to get the bonus, or get better statistics from socketing different gems.
What the different stats mean

In your Pawn scales, you assign points to each stat, where the stat is referred to as a simple code name.  These code names need to be spelled and capitalized exactly correctly.  Here are all of the different statistics that Pawn recognizes.
Strength 	The primary stat, Strength.
Agility 	The primary stat, Agility.
Stamina 	The primary stat, Stamina.
Intellect 	The primary stat, Intellect.
Spirit 	The primary stat, Spirit.
Armor 	Armor.
MinDamage 	Weapon minimum damage.
MaxDamage 	Weapon maximum damage.
Speed 	Weapon speed, in seconds per swing.
Dps 	Weapon damage per second.
MeleeMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for melee weapons.
MeleeMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for melee weapons.
MeleeSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for melee weapons.
MeleeDps 	Same as Dps, only for melee weapons.
MainHandMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for Main Hand weapons.
MainHandMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for Main Hand weapons.
MainHandSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for Main Hand weapons.
MainHandDps 	Same as Dps, only for Main Hand weapons.
OffHandMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for Off Hand weapons.
OffHandMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for Off Hand weapons.
OffHandSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for Off Hand weapons.
OffHandDps 	Same as Dps, only for Off Hand weapons.
OneHandMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for One Hand weapons.
OneHandMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for One Hand weapons.
OneHandSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for One Hand weapons.
OneHandDps 	Same as Dps, only for One Hand weapons.
TwoHandMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for Two Hand weapons.
TwoHandMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for Two Hand weapons.
TwoHandSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for Two Hand weapons.
TwoHandDps 	Same as Dps, only for Two Hand weapons.
RangedMinDamage 	Same as MinDamage, only for Ranged weapons.
RangedMaxDamage 	Same as MaxDamage, only for Ranged weapons.
RangedSpeed 	Same as Speed, only for Ranged weapons.
RangedDps 	Same as Dps, only for Ranged weapons.
ExpertiseRating 	Expertise rating.
AxeRating 	One-handed axe skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
2HAxeRating 	Two-handed axe skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
BowRating 	Bow skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
CrossbowRating 	Crossbow skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
DaggerRating 	Dagger skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
FeralRating 	Feral combat skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
GunRating 	Gun skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
MaceRating 	One-handed mace skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
2HMaceRating 	Two-handed mace skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
SwordRating 	One-handed sword skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
2HSwordRating 	Two-handed sword skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
UnarmedRating 	Unarmed combat and fist weapon skill rating.  (Deprecated in WoW 2.3.)
HitRating 	Melee and ranged hit rating.
CritRating 	Melee and ranged critical hit rating.
SpellHitRating 	Spell hit rating.
SpellCritRating 	Spell critical hit rating.
Resilience 	Resilience.  (Resilience decreases the chance and effect of enemy critical hits.)
HasteRating 	Haste rating.
SpellHasteRating 	Spell haste rating.
Ap 	Attack power.
FeralAp 	Attack power in feral forms (druid only).
Rap 	Ranged attack power.
Mp5 	Mana per five seconds.
Hp5 	Health per five seconds.
Mana 	Mana.  (Mostly only appears on enchantments.  Doesn't include Intellect.)
Health 	Health.  (Mostly only appears on enchantments.  Doesn't include Stamina.)
BlockValue 	Block value.  (Increases the amount of damage absorbed with every successful shield block.)
BlockRating 	Block rating.  (Increases the chances of blocking with a shield.)
DefenseRating 	Defense rating.
DodgeRating 	Dodge rating.
ParryRating 	Parry rating.
SpellPower 	Spell damage and healing.
Healing 	Healing.  ("Increases healing done by magical spells and effects..."; doesn't include SpellPower.)
ArmorPenetration 	Armor penetration.  ("Your attacks ignore X of your opponent's armor.")
SpellPenetration 	Spell penetration.
FireSpellDamage 	Fire-only spell damage.  (Doesn't include SpellPower.)
ShadowSpellDamage 	Shadow-only spell damage.  (Doesn't include SpellPower.)
NatureSpellDamage 	Nature-only spell damage.  (Doesn't include SpellPower.)
ArcaneSpellDamage 	Arcane-only spell damage.  (Doesn't include SpellPower
FrostSpellDamage 	Frost-only spell damage.  (Doesn't include SpellPower.)
HolySpellDamage 	Holy-only spell damage (rare).  (Doesn't include SpellPower.)
AllResist 	All resistances.
FireResist 	Fire resistance.  (Doesn't include AllResist.)
ShadowResist 	Shadow resistance.  (Doesn't include AllResist.)
NatureResist 	Nature resistance.  (Doesn't include AllResist.)
ArcaneResist 	Arcane resistance.  (Doesn't include AllResist.)
FrostResist 	Frost resistance.  (Doesn't include AllResist.)
RedSocket 	An empty red socket.
YellowSocket 	An empty yellow socket.
BlueSocket 	An empty blue socket.
MetaSocket 	An empty meta socket.

    * The stat "Healing" only gets points from items that only increase healing.  For example, an item that just says "Increases healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 100" would have 100 SpellPower and 0 Healing.  The same goes for FireSpellDamage and the other spell damage stats; they only get points from items that specifically affect that school.  So, you shouldn't ever value SpellPower less than healing or the individual schools of spell damage, because SpellPower increases all of those things.  Similarly, "Increases healing done by up to 300 and damage done by up to 100 for all magical spells and effects" means 200 Healing (not 300) and 100 SpellPower.
    * The same goes for the resistances.  The +3 All Resistances cloak enchantment would add three points of AllResist to the cloak, but no points of FireResist.  If you're putting together a scale for fire resistance, give points to both AllResist and FireResist.
    * Empty sockets in items work a bit differently than other stats.  When the socket is empty, it is valued as a socket of that color, using a stat such as RedSocket.  However, were you to insert a gem into the socket, the socket stat (1 RedSocket) would be lost, and the gem's properties would be added (4 Strength).  In the default Pawn scale, sockets are worth four base stats, since you can easily purchase vendor gems that give you four of a base stat upon first receiving a socketed item.  You may wish to value sockets more highly, since jewelcrafters can produce nicer gems for a nominal fee.  Meta sockets are harder to value, since meta gems are considerably more expensive but powerful than regular gems.
    * You won't want to use all of the weapon min damage, max damage, and DPS stats all at once.
          o Do you care about top-end damage only?  Use the MaxDamage stats.  (MaxDamage, RangedMaxDamage, OneHandMaxDamage, ...)
          o Do you care about damage per second only?  Use the Dps stats.  (Dps, RangedDps, OneHandDps, ...)
          o Do you care about only melee weapons in general, but not which hand?  Use the Melee stats.  (MeleeMinDamage, MeleeMaxDamage, MeleeDps)
          o Do you care about the top end damage of all melee weapons that fit in your main hand?  Use MainHandMaxDamage and OneHandMaxDamage.
          o If you use the specialized versions of stats, don't also use the general ones.  For example, if you use MeleeDps, don't also use Dps.  If you use MeleeMinDamage and/or MeleeMaxDamage, you probably don't want to also use MeleeDps.
          o The OffHandDps stat and other off hand-related stats do not take into account the decreased damage and hit rate of off-hand weapons.  The information is, as always, pulled straight from the tooltip.
          o If you care about average damage versus minimum and maximum damage, take the value you would have assigned to average damage if it existed as a stat, and add half to minimum damage and half to maximum damage.  For example, if you wanted to set RangedAvgDamage to 10, but then found out that RangedAvgDamage doesn't exist, set RangedMinDamage to 5 and RangedMaxDamage to 5 instead.

Configuring Pawn while World of Warcraft is running, for the truly desperate

Pawn has a few APIs (application programming interfaces... functions) that can be called from script that you can use, if you're really desperate to change Pawn settings while you're still logged in, and you don't want to use a scale tag.  Changes made through these APIs take effect immediately, and will be saved when you log out.

Let's start with an example.  Let's say that you already have the default Pawn scale set up the way you like it, but you want to set up a new scale that only counts spell healing, giving each point of healing and spell power a value of 1.  Here's a series of commands you could run to set one up:

/script PawnAddEmptyScale("Healing value")
/script PawnSetStatValue("Healing value", "Healing", 1)
/script PawnSetStatValue("Healing value", "SpellPower", 1)

Wow.  Ugly.  Anyway, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

    * These are script functions meant to be called from code, not that chat box.  So, you have to precede each command with /script and a space.
    * It's helpful to type /pawn debug on before starting.  This will cause Pawn to provide helpful feedback to the chat window as you run the commands.  Without this command, you'll only get messages if there are errors.
    * Everything is case-sensitive.  Pawnsetstatvalue won't work; it needs to be capitalized exactly as shown.

After running those commands and hovering over an item that has spell power or healing, you'll see a second value below "Pawn value," "Healing value."  If you hover over an item that doesn't have either of those properties (so its healing value would be 0), then you won't see any difference.

Here's a list of the Pawn APIs that you might be interested in:
PawnAddEmptyScale("ScaleName") 	Creates a new Pawn scale that doesn't have a value for any item properties.  (This scale won't show up for any items until you start adding stats to it.)
PawnAddDefaultScale("ScaleName") 	Creates a new Pawn scale with the same default values that Pawn initially started with.
PawnDeleteScale("ScaleName") 	Deletes a Pawn scale.  (You can't undo this!)  (This is the same thing as /pawn delete ScaleName.)
PawnRenameScale("OldScaleName", "NewScaleName") 	Renames a Pawn scale.  (This is the same thing as /pawn rename OldScaleName -> NewScaleName.)
PawnSetStatValue("ScaleName", "StatName", Value) 	Changes the value of a stat in a scale.  See "what the different stats mean" above for a listing of all of the possible StatNames.  To remove a stat from a scale, use a value of 0.
PawnListStatValues("ScaleName") 	Lists the values for every stat in a scale.  (This is the same thing as /pawn list ScaleName.)
PawnListScales() 	Lists all of the scales that you have set up.  (This is the same thing as /pawn list.)

These APIs are designed to be used with the Pawn configuration UI I'm building, so they're subject to change at any time as I progress through that task.
Changing the color of a scale

Pawn allows you to change the color that your scales will be printed in.  This is an advanced feature and has no UI or slash command.  To do so, you need the 6-digit alphanumeric code that represents your color in RRGGBB format.  You can change the color of your scales using a script command from the chat window like this:

/script PawnOptions.Scales["Pawn value"].Color = "f79646" PawnOptions.Scales["Pawn value"].UnenchantedColor = "fbcaa2"

The example above will cause your scale named "Pawn value" to show up in orange text.  If you want to cancel the customized color and go back to the default colors, use nil in place of the quoted color.  Don't put quotes around nil.  By default, Pawn uses "8ec3e6" for Color and "6a92ac" for UnenchantedColor, and you can get those colors by using nil instead of specifying them explicitly.
Known problems

Pawn is still in development, and as such there are some known problems.  Overall, though, Pawn is quite stable.  These probably won't impact you too much, but check here first if you think you've found a new bug:

    * Sometimes the display of unenchanted values on tooltips stops working after you've been playing for a while.  As far as I can tell, this is a Blizzard tooltip bug, and I haven't been able to work around it.  I'll continue investigating the problem and hope to have a fix in a future version.  In the meantime, /console reloadui can work around the issue.
    * "Healing and Spell Damage" stats on items and enchantments work, but not socket bonuses.
    * There are a few items with stats that Pawn doesn't understand for which Pawn will add the (*) to the wrong line. Stalker's Helm of Second Sight is one—the equip bonus allowing the wearer to see the spirit world is what Pawn doesn't understand, but Pawn shows the (*) on the previous line, making it appear as if it doesn't understand MP5.
          o This problem affects any item that lists durability above the line that Pawn doesn't understand.
          o The problem here is that Pawn uses a hidden copy of the item's tooltip to read the stats. The copy of the tooltip that Pawn has doesn't include durability information or temporary item enchantments, so it remembers something like "I didn't understand line 10," but when it goes to update the real tooltip, it should have updated line 11, because the durability line was added between the original reading and the annotation.
          o The fix for this (warning: technical stuff you don't care about) is to probably to change PawnUpdateTooltip to take in a tooltip name, a function name (SetHyperlink), and a parameter to that function, rather than just a name.
    * Pawn doesn't annotate item tooltips for patterns that can be bought at a trainer—for example, the blacksmiths in Shattrath.

Things that are really intentional, or maybe can't be fixed

    * Pawn ignores items with negative stats, such as -10 Intellect.  It counts those items as if they didn't have that stat at all, and will mark them with a (*) accordingly.  Since an item that reduces intellect is normally only used by a character that doesn't care about intellect, this isn't a problem for most people.
    * To use Pawn effectively, you can't use an item database mod such as ItemSync, and a mod that modifies stats on a tooltip such as Rating Buster, at the same time.  Many item database mods work by creating fake item tooltips, and Rating Buster changes the stat text on the tooltip.  Pawn can work around fake item tooltips, and it can work around mangled tooltip text, but it can't work around both at the same time.  Mods that add text to the tooltip without changing existing text are generally fine; the worst that you'll see is that tooltips will have (*) marks on lines that were added by other mods.

Mod support

Have a favorite mod that doesn't seem to work with Pawn?  Let me know.  I may not be able to add support for your favorite, but I might be able to suggest a replacement, or update Pawn to work better in a future version for popular mods.
Mods that have been tested and work with Pawn

    * AtlasLoot
    * EQCompare
    * EquipCompare
    * ItemSync
    * Link Wrangler (only the main tooltips, not the currently equipped tooltips—LinkWrangler currently doesn't support letting other mods change those tooltips)
    * Mendeleev
    * MobInfo-2
    * MonkeyQuest
    * MultiTips
    * Outfitter
    * Rating Buster

Mods that don't work with Pawn

    * LootLink
    * tekKompare—suggestion: use EquipCompare or the default Blizzard compare functionality

Mods that need investigating

    * Character Profiler in conjunction with EquipCompare

Release history

In addition to the fixes and improvements explicitly listed, each release of Pawn comes with an updated file to help it read and understand the latest item tooltips, so there are fewer (*) marks with each new release.
Version 0.6.2

    * Fixed a script error that appeared the first time a recipe was clicked since logging in or resetting your UI.
    * Pawn now includes VgerCore 1.0 embedded within the mod; you don't need a separate VgerCore folder in your AddOns folder.

Version 0.6.1

    * Supports the 2.2.x live realms and the 2.3 PTRs.  (Healing-to-spell-damage and expertise require 2.3, of course.)
    * Support for the healing to spell damage conversion.  Items that say that they increase healing by 300 and spell damage by 100 will be reported as Healing = 200, SpellPower = 100.  Recall that SpellPower includes healing, thus your scale's value for SpellPower should always be equal to or greater than the value for Healing.
    * A new value of .255 was picked for the value of Healing in the default scale, down from .455.  With this value, items that had 1/3 of their Healing converted to SpellPower (default value .855) in 2.3 will have the exact same values in 2.3 that they did with the old scale in 2.2 (ignoring rounding errors).  Of course, you can and should customize your Pawn scales to fit your needs; generally, healers should not adjust their scales to deal with this change.
    * Support for the new ExpertiseRating stat, valued at 1 in the default "Pawn value" scale, same as the existing weapon skill stats.  Existing scales will not be adjusted to include this stat.  If you haven't customized your scales and want to reset them, use /pawn resetscales.
          o Weapon skill ratings are currently still supported so you can use Pawn 0.6.1 on the live realms too.  They'll be removed in a later version.
    * Support for many more healing enchantments, inscriptions, spellthread, and so forth.
    * Craftable items for which you can learn recipes from trainers will now get Pawn values.

Version 0.6

    * Fixed a problem introduced in beta 1 where Pawn would display an error message in the chat window whenever hovering over a ring with Enchant Ring - Weapon Might.
    * Added the ability to customize the colors that your scales will use when printed.  For example, you could have your DPS value show up in orange, and your healing value show up in green.  This is an advanced feature that probably will never get its own UI or slash command.  See the section titled "Changing the color of a scale" for more information.
    * Importing a scale tag that has the exact same name as a scale you already have will update the old scale to match the values in the scale tag.  All of the values in the old scale will be deleted.  (In previous versions, Pawn would just fail and warn you that you can't overwrite an existing scale.  There is no longer a warning.)
    * Weapon stats have been overhauled!  Old scales will work, but now advanced users have a variety of new options for assigning values to weapons.
    * New stats: MeleeMinDamage, MeleeMaxDamage, MeleeSpeed, MeleeDps, MainHandMinDamage, MainHandMaxDamage, MainHandSpeed, MainHandDps, OffHandMinDamage, OffHandMaxDamage, OffHandSpeed, OffHandDps, OneHandMinDamage, OneHandMaxDamage, OneHandSpeed, OneHandDps, TwoHandMinDamage, TwoHandMaxDamage, TwoHandSpeed, TwoHandDps, RangedMinDamage, RangedMaxDamage, RangedSpeed, RangedDps.  Generally, you'll only use a few of these, and not give values to all of them.
    * New stats: MinDamage, MaxDamage, Speed.  If you don't care about which slot or weapon type it is, just use MinDamage, MaxDamage, Speed, and/or Dps.  Dps is now calculated to full precision (say, 41.333 instead of 41.3) instead of rounded to one decimal place.
    * Added support for weapon damage enchantments (Striking and Impact).
    * Added support for ranged weapon scopes.
    * Fixed a problem where certain items with suffixes would show unusually low unenchanted values (their stats would be read as 0). For example, Chimaerascale Legguards of the Bandit exhibited this problem.
    * Added support for Black Morass instance-bound items (beacons).

Version 0.5.4

    * Added support for haste rating and spell haste rating, which were added as passive item bonuses on Black Temple equipment. (Iron Counterweight is also supported.) These two stats (HasteRating, SpellHasteRating) are valued at 1 each on the default Pawn scale; existing Pawn scales won't be affected. Use /pawn resetscales to delete all of your scales and replace them with the default one.
    * Added support for armor penetration ("Your attacks ignore X of your opponent's armor"). This stat (ArmorPenetration) is not valued in the default Pawn scale.
    * Added support for Karazhan, Stratholme, and Tempest Keep instance-bound items.

Version 0.5.3

    * Added support for the new gold profession recipe links in WoW 2.1.  (Pawn won't try to read them or put asterisks all over them.)

Version 0.5.2

    * Added working support for the Savagery weapon enchantment, and untested support for Potency, Soulfrost, and Sunfire.
    * Added support for EquipCompare 2.10.  (This may break compatibility with older versions of EquipCompare; please use the latest version.)

Version 0.5.1

    * Updated for WoW patch 2.1.
    * Added support for Blizzard's new Currently Equipped functionality (shift-hover an item).
    * LinkWrangler support.
    * Fixed a bug where stats in certain situations (gems with multiple stats on one gem, socket bonuses, etc.) wouldn't get shown in the /pawn debug on output.  This did not affect calculation; it was just a debug display error.
    * Expanded the amount of information Pawn returns in the debug output.
    * Added support for Enchant Boots: Vitality.
    * Slightly updated a few of the default "Pawn value" scale's numbers.  This will not affect existing scales, even if you haven't changed any of the defaults.  If you want to get the new scale, you can wipe out your existing scale(s) with /pawn resetscales.

Version 0.5

    * Requires VgerCore 0.4. (This is included with the mod. Pawn will warn you if you are using an older version of VgerCore.)
    * Pawn can now show unenchanted values for items in addition to the regular enchanted values, and this is enabled by default.  You can turn it off with /pawn unenchanted off.  This feature only works for real tooltips, and not fake tooltips from an item database mod.
    * Added an option to control the number of digits of precision Pawn uses to display item values in tooltips.  By default this is 1 ("3.1"), but you can set it to any number between 0 ("3") and 4 ("3.1416") with /pawn digits #.
    * Corrected the value of frost resistance in the default Pawn scale to 1 (was 4).
    * Pawn scale tags now have spaces inside of the parentheses by default.  This is to prevent certain scale tags from turning into emoticons when posted to certain forums.  (For example, if your scale tag ended in "RedSocket=8)", the 8) would turn into an emoticon on certain forums.)  Old and current versions of Pawn will accept the scale with or without the extra spaces.
    * Lots of work was done to prepare for Pawn translations into other languages.  I may have made a mistake in this conversion and introduced cases where (*) shows up where they didn't before; hopefully not.

Version 0.4.1

    * Added support for gun, bow, and crossbow skill ratings.
    * Added support for MultiTips.
    * Added support for items that list stats as "Stat +X" instead of "+X Stat", namely the epic gems.  Gems that only provided primary stats, such as Seer's Chrysoprase, already worked, but others such as Rune Covered Chrysoprase didn't work until this change.

Version 0.4

    * Added scale tags!  Scale tags are chunks of text that you can use to share Pawn scales with friends, guildmates, and others on forums, similar to how you can share talent specs today by passing around a link to the WoW talent calculator.  You can copy a scale tag and then post it on your guild forums, and then another player can copy that tag and paste it into their game to automatically add your scale to their copy of Pawn, without logging out of the game or changing files in Notepad.  To export a scale tag so you can share it with others, use the /pawn export command.  To import someone else's scale tag and add it to your own scales, use the /pawn import command.
    * Added new slash commands: /pawn list, export, import, delete, and rename.  See "Slash commands" in Readme.htm for more details.
    * Added support for weapon skill ratings (including unarmed and feral combat).  (They have been added to the default Pawn scale, but if you care about weapon skill ratings you must add them to your custom scales manually.)
    * Fixed the /pawn resetscales command so that it would delete all of your scales before recreating the default one named Pawn value, as was intended.

Version 0.3.1

    * Hovering over an enchanted Item X immediately after hovering over an unenchanted Item X will now recalculate the values for the second item instead of just displaying the ones for the first item.  This should work for all pairs of items that differ only by enchantments and gems.

Version 0.3

    * To read statistics, Pawn now makes a copy of the tooltip and reads from that whenever possible, which allows it to read tooltips that have been mangled by other mods.  Examples of mods that do this are Mendeleev and Rating Buster.  (Certain mods that use custom tooltips, such as ItemSync, don't support this; Pawn may still conflict with mods that modify those custom tooltips.)

Version 0.2.2

    * ItemSync support, including using ItemSync with AtlasLoot.  Pawn will calculate and display values for ItemSync's tooltips.
    * EQCompare support.  Pawn will calculate and display values for EQCompare's tooltips.
    * Item level display should work just about everywhere now, instead of just in certain places.  (In previous versions, it worked for inventory items, but not chat item links.  Now it works on both.)
    * A new option has been added to display the item ID for items you come across, /pawn ids on.
    * The default is now to hide the asterisks (*) from items that don't have any values for any of your scales.  So, for example, Hearthstone and potions won't display the asterisk.  You can change this behavior using /pawn asterisks [ on | auto | off ].

Version 0.2.1

    * Fixed a problem in 0.2 where Pawn wouldn't work if you'd never used version 0.1 before.

Version 0.2

    * EquipCompare support.  Pawn will calculate and display values for EquipCompare's tooltips.
    * AtlasLoot support.  Pawn will calculate and display values for instance drops when Atlas and AtlasLoot are installed.
    * Outfitter support.  Pawn will no longer conflict with the lines that Outfitter adds to tooltips of items used in one or more gear sets.
    * MonkeyQuest support.  I haven't actually observed it happening in the past, but this change should prevent MonkeyQuest's item tooltip annotations from affecting Pawn.
    * MobInfo-2 support.  Pawn will no longer conflict with the drop rate information that MobInfo-2 adds to items.  (This problem manifested itself both as unnecessary asterisks added to tooltips, and also as an "attempted to concatenate a nil value" error.)
    * Added APIs to create and change Pawn scales while you're still logged in.  These will eventually be used to build a configuration UI.  If you really want to, you can use them from the chat box to change Pawn scales while logged into the game.
    * Included a new file "Sample scales.htm" containing (you guessed it) some sample scales that you can use to get started creating your own. I'll add to this over time.

Version 0.1

    * The first released beta version of Pawn.  The code is stable and the remaining bugs are mostly just to-do items.  I'll get around to them eventually.
    * Not heavily optimized for performance.
    * No configuration UI.  (Hope you like Notepad!)

Future versions

There are many features that I'd like to add in future versions of Pawn, besides fixing issues listed in the "known problems" above.

    * I'm currently working on a configuration UI for Pawn, so you won't need to hand-edit files in Notepad or run /script commands to change settings.
    * I may enhance the "show item IDs" feature to allow you to get IDs for enchantments, gems, and suffixes too.  Almost nobody would want this except me.
    * A possibility is that I could add a feature to let you set a baseline value for a stat other than 0.  This would allow you to do such things as giving 1 Pawn point for every tenth of a second of weapon speed faster than 2.9.  You could give a baseline of 29 to your scale, and then set weapon speed to a value of -10.  A weapon (with no damage or other stats) of speed 2.9 would have a value of 0 (29 + -10 * 2.9).
          o This is really only useful for weapon speed, though, so I could add a speed-specific solution.  A scale could include a baseline speed, and then you could add or remove points for each second above or below that baseline.
    * I could add a few more weapon stats: average damage per swing, and attacks per minute.  Average damage per swing isn't actually important, since you can just take the value you would have given that stat, divide it by two, and add it to both MinDamage and MaxDamage to get the same effect.  Attacks per minute might be useful if you like faster weapons and want to value them higher.
    * It would be nice to have a single slash command that would calculate Pawn values for all equipped gear and then display the totals.
    * Pawn has a caching system so that if the currently displayed tooltip is the same one that was last shown, values aren't recalculated.  This isn't sufficient, however, for the auction house; there are two or three tooltips visible, so the cached item is always wrong, and thus the performance enhancement doesn't work.  I need to improve the cache so that it can hold more than one item.
    * I'd like to special-case the way that socket bonuses work in the future so that if you fully socket an item (there are no open sockets left), and don't meet the requirements of the socket bonus, it no longer counts towards the item's value. The only way I can tell this, though, is based on the color of the text.
    * There's a library called ItemBonusLib that already does a lot of what Pawn does to read in item tooltips, it turns out.  It doesn't have all of Pawn's functionality, such as the ability to return a list of lines that weren't understood, so it would need a bunch of work to be used with Pawn, but it does have functionality that Pawn doesn't, namely translations into other languages.
    * One very cool feature would be a way to automatically share Pawn scale tags with another player through an in-game whisper.  Something like /pawn share Vger <scale name>.
    * Pawn could keep track of the best item of each type (Helm, Bracers, Trinket, ...) that you've ever equipped, and then show you how the item you're hovering over compares to that.  There would be one &quot;best item&quot; per scale, per item type.
    * Maybe I could make Rating Buster work with item database mods by just filtering out anything that appears in Rating Buster's color, such as replacing &quot;|cffxxxxxx.*|r&quot; with &quot;&quot;.
    * A couple people have expressed that they'd like to see an option to normalize values. One thing that Pawn could do is, after calculating the rating for an item, divide it by the sum of all values for a particular scale. This could be a numeric setting—/pawn normalize 0 would disable the feature, /pawn normalize 1 would give the behavior mentioned previously, and /pawn normalize 100 could give that number times 100.
    * I may add support for the Fiery Weapon enchantment since it has a known conversion to DPS (it works out to be 4 dps averaged over time).  I won't add support for Lifestealing since its effect decreases with your level.

The fine print

This mod is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license.  In short, this means that you can use it, copy it, and share it, but you can't sell it or distribute your own altered versions without permission. By using the mod you agree to the terms of the license. For more information, click the link.

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