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What Perl Classic is: Perl Classic Unit Frames is a complete rewrite of the original mods by Perl. As you will notice it looks very similar...


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What Perl Classic is: Perl Classic Unit Frames is a complete rewrite of the original mods by Perl. As you will notice it looks very similar to the originals. It has been a high priority to maintain the look and feel while expanding functionality. The mod has been recoded for performance and is built around the Blizzard UI usage of events.

What Perl Classic is not: Perl Classic Unit Frames is not a remake of Nymbia's Perl, AcePerl, or X-Perl. It is a heavily modified version of the original Perl and you would be hard-pressed to find anything from the original left besides the XML (which provides the look and feel).

Why people choose Perl Classic: Perl Classic was written with endgame raiding in mind. The raiding environment is filled with all the video and game lag that can possibly be thrown at the player. Due to this demanding environment, Perl Classic was written to operate off basic game events instead of custom made detection methods. In English, Perl Classic provides basic game information in a clean and easy to read format.

The home of the original Perl mod can be found here:

Slash Commands /perl

Known Issues None!

Todo Optimize code

Q&A Q: I'm seeing double party buffs for some reason, what gives? A: 99% of the time this is caused by CT_PartyBuffs. Simply remove the mod and you will return to having one set of party buffs.

Q: I am having massive dead spots for clicking on some of the unit frames, what's wrong? A: This can be caused by a number of mods, but the most common seems to be CT_MovableParty. Please remove this mod as Perl can be moved without the use of this mod.

Q: The default party frames are showing up with red lightning bolts. What's going on? A: As of version 1.503 of CT_RaidAssist this should no longer be caused by CTRA. The settings for this are now located in the WoW settings under Interface Options -> Basic -> Raid -> Hide Party Interface.

Q: Do you support ArcaneBar? A: Yes, it is available as a separate download on Curse's website located here:

Q: What happened to the buffs below the player frame? A: As of Version 0.76 support for this mod has been discontinued. It was in dire need of a full recode and there is already a mod that does everything and more. I highly recommend you check out Satrina Buff Frame as a replacement and improvement to this mod. It can be found here:

Q: I just switched from Nymbia's, where are my party pets and raid frames? A: They are both also available as separate downloads on Curse's website located here:

Q: Why didn't you just include these extra Perl mods into the main package? A: Due to their OnUpdate and/or optional nature, the possibility of lag is just too great in any situation that is already by nature (raids, ae fights). These mods are available due to their popularity, but I cannot promise good performance from them when used alongside a big list of other mods.

Q: The scaling is all messed up! What do i do? A: I recommend setting the scale to that of the UI if you are having issues. Open the options menu via "/perl" or the Black Pearl icon on the minimap and set the scale accordingly.

Q: I am having an issue not listed in this FAQ, what can I do? A: First, update *every* mod. I do not support ancient outdated and unmaintained mods. If you have double checked that everything is up to date, post on any of the Perl Classic mod pages and I'll be glad to help you narrow down the issue or give suggestions to help find a solution.

Q: Can you add this feature? A: I'm sure it's possible, but the primary purpose of this mod is to 'modernize' the original Perl mod so that it doesn't slow your game down.

Changes 2.04 - February 28, 2007 - All: Added frame debuff coloring support - All: Changed RegisterForClicks to AnyUp - All: Changed RegisterForDrag to use " syntax instead of ' - CombatDisplay: Right click menus work again - CombatDisplay: Removed a duplicate event function - CombatDisplay/PartyTarget/Target/ToT: Updated menu conditions to the latest Blizzard version - Config: Updated Perl_Party_Pet support - Config: Updated the reset position button - Config: Fixed a text typo in the focus options - Config: Removed code and options that were never available for Perl_Focus - Config: Updated Korean translations (Thanks gygabyte) - Focus/Party/Player/Target: Extended the frame to support 5 digit health numbers - Focus/Player/Target: Updated ArcaneBar support - Party: Added Perl_ArcaneBar support - Party: F key display now correctly displays the current key binding for a given party member - Player: Player name correctly clears raid group number when leaving a raid - Target: Minor changes in the XML - Target/ToT: Adjusted default frame positions for the 5 digit change

**Older changes can be found in the ChangeLog**

Dependency Notes Mods that Perl Classic will take advantage of: Clique - Druid Bar - FiveSec - IFrameManager - MobHealth2 - MobHealth3 - myAddOns -

Mods that take advantage of Perl Classic: AceHeal -,403.0.html Benecast Wintrow - GroupHeal - Heart - LunoxGroupTargets - Panza - Perl_ColorChange - Uber Heal -

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