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What does Personal Sentry do?

Short answer:

It creates a popup menu of Players/NPC's by using your combat log, mouse-over, and/or min...


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What does Personal Sentry do?

Short answer:

It creates a popup menu of Players/NPC's by using your combat log, mouse-over, and/or minimap. You can 'left-click' the buttons to target or 'right-click' to target AND announce to a specified channel.

More detailed answer:

By using 'Sentry Mode' you will get enemy player targets to appear on the popup automatically if they do anything near enough to you that your combat log reports it. Also, the popup does more than just allow you to target and announce things. It can keep track of targets over time and adjust the background color fade to let you know which is more recently active (darker is higher priority). It removes dead targets and adds new targets as they appear. It will also update targetted and moused-over targets health (shown by how filled the colored bar is).

Questions and Answers FAQ:

Q) How does it work?

A) It can sense enemy players by using information from the combat log. It also gathers targets by mousing-over them and by clicking blips on the minimap if you're a tracking class.


Q) I installed it and I see the minimap icon but where is the popup menu?

A) At fresh install your menu will appear as soon as you mouse-over or target any NPC.


Q) Can I move and/or resize the popup menu?

A) YES, both! Click the 'Lock' icon in the corner of the menu to UNLOCK it, then move your mouse above or below the 'Clear Targets' button and you will get a tooltip telling you when you can drag the menu. You can then LOCK it where you want it to stay. Click the minimap icon of Personal Sentry for sizing/scaling options.


Q} Will Personal Sentry function when I'm in combat?

A) Yes and no. During combat you can still use the menu to announce, but no NEW targets can be added until combat ends.


Q) Why are the popup names yellow color with a skull icon and 'UnKnown'?

A) When targets are not yes stored in Personal Sentry's database they appear this way on the popup. Once you target or mouse-over them the data is saved (if you set it this way) and the correct colors and information will appear next time you see this name. With the exception of Battleground player data this data is saved forever.


Q) How do I announce targets to my friends?

A) Just 'right-click' on the target's name in your popup and you will target and announce them to the channel you have set.


Q) Will storing all this information take up too much disk space??

A) No. Even if you stored everything you see in WoW you'd still use very little space. Also, battleground players are stored in the database as temporary. They will be deleted automatically the next time you login into WoW. Players you meet outside of Battlegrounds instead are kept forever.


Q) Can I search the database to find someone I've seen before?

A) Yes. Use /ps search to find all matching players. It will also report the last zone/subzone you last seen them in.


Q) As a tracker; can I add more minimap targets without erasing my current popup?

A) Yes. Just use 'right-click' instead of 'left-click on' the minimap! It will add targets to your current popup (to a total of 10)!


Q) How do I configure Personal Sentry?

A) Use the minimap icon or type /PS OPTIONS to show the options window. You can try different combinations that suit your needs. You can change alot of settings to suit your needs. Here are a few that might need explanation:

* Sentry Mode: Enables the addon to parse your combat log to create buttons for enemy players that you may not have noticed yet [ON by default].

* Sentry Sounds: When Sentry Mode is enabled this makes a quiet sound for each target it adds to your popup and a much louder noticable sound when it's the first/only target to be added.

* Battleground Mouse-over Mode (tracking classes only): Indicates if you want mousing-over the minimap to automatically acquire and display ENEMY targets [ON by default]. You can turn this off and manually cause the same effect by holding down the SHIFT key while moving the mouse over the minimap!

* Tracking or Mouse-over settings: This allows you to decide which type of targets you want the 'mouse-over' to add to the menu. If you're a tracking class this setting also determines how your minimap clicks work.

* Popup display settings: Lets you choose which direction you want the popup to draw from. Ex: If you prefer to have the menu appear at the bottom of your screen you'll probably want to set this to 'Draw from bottom to top'. You can also reset the popup's position here if it should somehow get moved offscreen.

* Popup Clear Timing: This sets the MAXIMUM amount of time you want any target to appear on your popup menu. Each button is timed according to when you last saw activity from the target. As the time runs out the button background will fade out, letting you know they are less of a threat.

* Pingmode Settings (tracking classes only): Lets you define when you want the audible 'party ping' sound to function as you use the minimap to get targets.

* Storage Mode: Personal Sentry works best by creating a database of every character you target. This option lets you choose wich data should be saved.

* Announce Mode: Specify what channel your target will be announced to when you 'right-click' the button.

* Tooltip Mode (tracking classes only): Lets you choose how you want the tooltips on the minimap to be displayed.

* Target Colors: You can define your own background colors for friends/enemies and unknowns!


Q) Can I mark enemy players on my own 'Hit List' and receive extra warning if they appear on the popup?

A) Since 1.14, YES! Just 'SHIFT LEFT-CLICK' an enemy player on the popup and it will toggle them on your 'HIT LIST'! You can also use '/ps hitlist (name)' to toggle them manually so long as you have them in your database already.


Q) Can I set my own customized popup and announcement messages?

A) Since v1.13, YES! Each important bit of information has been converted into variables that you can use to create your own 'look' in both the Popup and the Announcement. The functions to do this are '/ps popupmsg (text)' and '/ps warnmsg (text)'. Here's a list of the variables and examples below how to it works:

Variable What it does

%n - This displays the NAME of the target. %l - This displays the LEVEL of the target. %c - This displays the CLASS of the target. %r - This displays the RACE of the target. %d - This displays the DAMAGE you've taken from the target (to the left of the popup button). nohealth - This disables the healthbar background from displaying on the popop buttons. %w - This adds the 'Detecting/WARNING Friendly/Enemy Player/NPC:' message (whichever part is applicable to your target) to the announcement. %z - This adds the zone or subzone where you seen the target to the announcement. %x - This adds the numeric map location to your announcement in the format x, y. RESET - This resets the popup or announcement to the default message.

Example 1:

/ps popupmsg %n ::%r:: nohealth

displays on the popup as:

| Filche ::Tauren:: | (And would display no healthbars on the popup, making the background almost invisible)

Example 2:

/ps popupmsg [%c] %l %n %d

displays on the popup as:

{Damage numbers appear here} |[Druid] 61 Filche |

Example 3:

/ps warnmsg %w %n the deadly %l %c is close to %z {%x}!Can you smell his %r butt?!

would announce as:

WARNING! Enemy Player: Filche the deadly 61 Druid is close to Azshara {22, 63}! Can you smell his Tauren butt?!

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Download '' (104KB)

Personal Sentry v1.15

- Changed death detection to be 'ON' at initial installation.

- Fixed targets reappearing on the popup if you had your mouse over them when they die (if you had death detection ON).

- Fixed damage over time effects causing dead targets to reappear on the popup after they were removed (if you had death detection ON).

- Fixed errors due to bad localization variables for French and German versions. Thanks to Kabulla for the German translations!

- Fixed '/ps search' function. Last version it was returning no results for everything.

- Your own pet will no longer appear on the popup!

- Improved NPC death detection. Now if someone nearby you kills a creature with the same name as the one you are fighting it will NOT be removed from the popup until your target is really dead.

- Now when you type '/ps hitlist' without a player name after it you will get a display of all your current 'Hit List' targets.

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