Polite Whisper

Suppose you need to find a couple more people to do a dungeon run, but there's no one looking in the automated LFG, your guild is busy, and...


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Suppose you need to find a couple more people to do a dungeon run, but there's no one looking in the automated LFG, your guild is busy, and none of your friends are on. You may even have asked in general chat, on the trade channel, and yelled in a major city, but no one is responding.

The last resort, we all know, is doing a /who and whispering people who would compliment the group you have already. Sending a lot of whispers is easy with cut and paste, but keeping track of the replies is enough to drive you mad. This mod does all of these things and helps you keep organized. It makes sure you don't ask anyone twice and that no response gets lost in the flood of replies.

Other features include:

* A do not invite list, so you don't bother whispering those people you'd rather not group with.

* A drop-down list of dungeons. The mod automatically fills in appropriate levels for each.

* Pops up a warning if you accidentally group with someone on your do not invite list (in case you're not the leader or you join someone else's group).

* Buttons for common responses, like 'No problem. Sorry to have bothered you.' and a description of the classes and levels you have so far in your group.

* A button to remember a custom question you ask everyone before inviting them. Perhaps whether they are attuned or have some needed equipment.

* A small chat window for talking to one user at a time, without the clutter of incoming messages from other respondees.

* Option of viewing a user's guild name instead of their zone (if you prefer that sort of thing).

* (Untested) co-operation with CensusPlus, if you use that mod.


* Type '/pw' to pull up Polite Whisper or click the PW button next to your mini-map.

* Users in dungeons or battlegrounds will not show up in searches, to keep you from pestering people who are busy.

* PW will not pester anyone again who has responded to an earlier whisper. PW will re-add players who do not respond for 10 minutes (5 minutes if they were AFK at the time of the first whisper) to the list and allow you to pester them again.

* Language is automatically detected. If you have the English client but want to use German, you will need to edit the localization.lua file and uncomment the appropriate line at the bottom of the file.


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