Note: The zip contains the all-in-one version of prat. If you would like to only load the module which you use, please pull out the Prat_* f...


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Note: The zip contains the all-in-one version of prat. If you would like to only load the module which you use, please pull out the Prat_* folders from the prat directory, and place them alongiside Prat in your addons folder.

Prat is a light framework for chat modules based on Ace2 libraries.

The Prat system consists of the core (Prat/Prat.lua) and a number of integrated Prat modules in the modules folder (Prat_Modules/modules/*). The core only provides a root slash command ('/prat') and registers a data file (PratDB). Each Prat module is a self-contained unit of functionality. You can choose to use some or all of the Prat modules depending on your individual needs. If you do not want to use a particular module, you can delete its file from the modules folder or you can toggle the module on/off as desired from inside the game.

The entire focus of the Prat system is to add chat related functionality to World of Warcraft. If you are looking for a feature or function that is not currently listed here as available or planned, then please take a moment to let the Prat Development Team know.

Why the name Prat?

That's a great question that I've seen asked quite often on the IRC channel. In theory the word Prat loosely translates to Chat in swedish. The system itself has nothing to do with Sweden, however inspiration for the name was drawn from thoughts of The Swedish Chef (Bork! Bork! Bork!), IKEA, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (Mmm..), Swedish Meatballs (Mmm..), and Swedish Swimsuit Models (Mmm..). It may help users to accept the name if they, too, think of these things. ^^

If you are a developer interested in contributing to the Prat project, please contact a team member. Note that there is also a basic skeleton module which can be used as an introduction and template: blank-module.lua, and a library PratPlugin_1.0.

Integrated Modules

These modules are included in the Prat folder:

AddonMessages by Sylvanaar - Toggles display of hidden addon channel messages (default=off).

Alias by Fin - Allows IRC/Unix-like aliasing of slash commands (default=off).

AltNames by Fin - Allows linking of alts to main names for display in chat messages (default=off).

ChatButtons by Prat Development Team - Toggles the chat menu and chat window buttons on and off (default=off).

ChannelNames by Prat Development Team - Shortens channel names in the chatframe.

ChannelColorMemory by Sylvanaar - Allows channel coloring by channel name instead of number (default=on).

ChannelReordering by Sylvanaar and SlackerJer - Reorders channels to your specification (default=off).

ChannelSeparator by Krtek - Separates various channel options in the Blizzard UI (default=on).

ChannelSticky by Prat Development Team - Enables channels to be sticky (default=on).

ChatLangButton by Derkyle - Toggles the language dialog button that displays on the right of the ChatFrame (default=off).

ChatLink by Krtek - Enables item linking in all channels (default=CHATLINKmode).

ChatLog by Prat Development Team - Automatically turns chat/combat logging on/off (default=off).

Clear by Fin - Adds a /clear command for clearing the contents of currently selected chat frame (default=off).

CopyChat by Sylvanaar - Options for editbox position, width, and backdrop alpha (default=attachedTop,widthChatFrame1,visibleBackdrop).

Editbox by Prat Development Team - Options for editbox position, width, and backdrop alpha (default=attachedTop,widthChatFrame1,visibleBackdrop).

EventNames by Roartindon - Toggles appending of the blizzard event name to each chat line (default=off).

Fading by Prat Development Team - Toggles the fading in chat windows on and off (default=off).

FontSize by Prat Development Team - Sets the font size for chat windows (default=12).

History by Krtek - Expands chat history options.

Justify by Curney - Sets the justification for chat windows (default=Left).

Keybindings by Krtek - Adds keybindings for different chat channels.

PlayerNames by Prat Development Team - Color player names by class, set brackets around player names (default=angledBrackets).

PopupMessage by Sylvanaar - Displays chat with your name in a large popup frame. (default=off)

Scroll by Prat Development Team - Enables mousewheel scrolling for chat windows (default=on).

Sounds by Prat Development Team - Plays sounds for certain chat types (default=off).

ServerNames by Prat Development Team - Formats the the server name in player links seen in the battlegrounds(default=off).

Substitutions by Sylvanaar - Provides basic chat substitutions (default=off).

TellTarget by Prat Development Team - Adds a slash command (/tt) to send a message to your target (default=on).

Timestamps by Prat Development Team - Adds timestamps to chat windows (default=on).

UrlCopy by Krtek - Makes URL copying easy (default=on).

First public beta.

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