Please note: You must have your WoW client updated to at least the 3.0 patch to use QuestGuru 0.9.5 or higher.

QuestGuru is a Quest Log r...


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Please note: You must have your WoW client updated to at least the 3.0 patch to use QuestGuru 0.9.5 or higher.

QuestGuru is a Quest Log replacement that includes a Quest History, showing all quests that have been completed since installing QuestGuru. It uses a side-by-side quest log format to show you more quest titles than the built-in quest log. It also enhances the quest tracker, giving it more options and a better look.

Features include: - Displaying quest starters and finishers - Coloring of important names and places in the quest description - Built-in announcer with customizable messages - Abandoned quest log - View progress of your alts, party members, and guild members on quests you have in common

QuestGuru is now available on GoogleCode. Click here to view QuestGuru's Google Code page. I will keep WoWUI updated like I always have, but GoogleCode is the place to go if you want pre-release versions.

LATEST RELEASE: Dec 18, 2008 Version 0.9.7 * Added French localization * Added quest count to Quest Log and History Log headers, with option to disable * Added option to change objective item bullet symbol in tracker * Fixed bug that the quest "Northern Cooking" exposed * Upgraded ChatThrottleLib to version 20 * Code cleanup to hopefully improve performance * Other minor bug fixes


F A Q Q. Why can't I see the History, Abandon, etc. tab? A. All tabs other than "Current" will ONLY be shown if there is something to display on that page. For instance, if you don't have any abandoned quests, the Abandon tab will not be visible.

Q. Can I import my history from QuestHistory? A. Unfortunately, QuestHistory didn't save the information that QuestGuru would need to properly import the history.

KNOWN ISSUES For LightHeaded users: Please make sure you are always using the latest version of LightHeaded. Especially as WoW patches are released, both QuestGuru and LightHeaded get updated, and can become incompatible if either is too out of date.

For other known issues, see the Known Issues tab above.

WHEN POSTING A BUG REPORT - Please include the version of QuestGuru you are using and copy/paste the error message you receive.

Pleast note: If you are currently using another quest log replacement, such as Bayi's EQL, you MUST disable it when using QuestGuru. Using multiple quest log replacements will cause errors.

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