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As far as I'm concerned, this addon is feature complete. Updates are only likely to appear for things that affect me personally. Feel free to take my code and make it your own tho. Just give credit where appropriate.

Ranger creates a single button that displays an icon + text for every possible range you have abilities for, ie. warlock with 2/2 destructive reach and none in grim reach will see it show different icons for everything OOR, destro spells in range (36yd), affliction spells in range (30yd), shadowburn in range (24yd) and fear in range (20yd). Also shows heal/dispel ranges for classes that have them.

Has built in checks for every relevant talent, ability, class and combination thereof, so should work out of the box for everyone (excluding those of too low level to have the skills required). And it's Ace2'd to boot. Also highly configurable, everything from position to text alpha is modifiable via a functional gui.

If you're unhappy with the default ranges or icons, check out the advanced tab. Id takes a button id with the ability you want checked (0 for none), texture takes valid textures in the internal Interface\Icons\ folder (0 or nil to clear), will use the icon of the corresponding button id if empty.

Bug reports, feedback and feature requests (within reason) are very welcome. This is my first addon so the code is almost certainly very clumsy in places, and I can make no guarantees for efficiency. Still, it does what it's supposed to.

/ranger for options. (the RangerOptions module is entirely optional, can be set up via slash commands if it's not loaded)



Patch Notes


Hopefully made mage talent checks actually work. Also added code to check for the range bonus on shammy/mage pvp gloves. Completely untested tho, so might not work yet.

(If you dl'd this before, please redownload. Fucked up the syntax and broke the entire mod, sorry 'bout that.)

Known Bugs with this version

There's currently no check for Dirty Tricks, as I simply can't be arsed to update the rogue code. Use advanced mode if it bothers you.

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