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Version 2.4.3 Last updated 04 October 2008 by Ayradyss Installation: Unzip into the World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory.



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Version 2.4.3 Last updated 04 October 2008 by Ayradyss Installation: Unzip into the World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory.

PLEASE NOTE Your data WILL NOT carry over from old versions.

RecipeBook is a mod that allows you to browse tradeskill recipes with one alt and see whether your other alts know it.

For example: I have character BetsyRoss, who is a tailor by nature. She knows Pattern: American Flag, but for some reason, I can never remember this when UncleScrooge goes to the auction house to buy patterns. * Previously, I would have to keep a written or mental list of BetsyRoss's known patterns so that UncleScrooge didn't buy her a second copy of Pattern: American Flag on accident. * Now, with RecipeBook, UncleScrooge can mouse over Pattern: American Flag and see 'Already known by: BetsyRoss' right there on the tooltip - or, if he chooses, in a special chat tab just for RecipeBook information.

It's fun! It's helpful! It's easy to use! It's also still in development, so there are a few known issues and some miscellaneous housework to be done.

RecipeBook loads defaulted to on, tooltip output, not parsing the current alt, same faction, showing known/learn/future recipes. Banked data loads defaulted to off. Usage: /recipebook or /rb or /rbook (there are some options which have been deprecated or are more easily accessed through the GUI, which have been removed from this list.) === General: === · /rb help : Displays a help message

=== Sharing: === [ul]· /rb send to : Sends your RecipeBook data for a given tradeskill to another player. Use 'me' as your alt to send the current character; you can also update your entire guild with 'guild' as the player.

=== Banking: === · /rb bank: Displays your banked items and options for banking.

=== Skill Display === · /rb skill : Use /rb skill to open a window with a list of known recipes by alt and tradeskill. So, just in case UncleScrooge were curious, he could type '- /rb skill', select BetsyRoss, and find out every tailoring recipe BetsyRoss knew as of the most recent update.

=== Searching === · /rb search : Opens the RecipeBook Search Window. (You can also bind this to a key) · /rb search : Searches for items containing the given string. · /rb searchmats : Searches for items using materials which match the given string.

=== Configuration: === All of the configuration options can be more easily accessed through the RecipeBook GUI: use /rb config to open this, right-click on the minimap button, or bind a key to it using the 'keybindings' button in your main menu. · /rb config : Opens the graphical config window.[ul] · General - /rb on|off : Turns RecipeBook's data display on or off. It will continue to update alts' tradeskills when the tradeskill frames are opened, so you have the best list possible. · Auction House Options (only available via /rb config) - Color Recipes based on status: This will shade the icons for recipes you see in the Auction House based on whether other alts can learn them. - Current color scheme is as follows (in order of precedence): * Normal : Current alt can learn the recipe * Green : Another alt can currently learn the recipe * Orange : Current alt is the only character who will be able to learn the recipe (requires /rb self on) * Cyan : Some alt or alts will be able to learn the recipe (may include current character) * Red : No alt/alts will be able to learn the recipe, based on current data * Dark Red : All available alts already know the recipe - Blackout Banked Recipes: This will shade the icons for recipes that you have banked black in the Auction House so that you can tell you already have a copy.

Housekeeping: * Hopes for next phase: Updating your recipe list when you learn items (in progress). Better colour-coding customization.

Compatibilities: The easiest way to add RecipeBook compatibility to *your* mod is to call the following in your tooltip output: RecipeBook_DoHookedFunction(tooltip, link); Where tooltip is the tooltip (or tooltip name) you're using and link is the item link itself. That will add RecipeBook's data lines.

Compatibility updates will follow - please let me know what's broken.

Currently working with: Armory ArkInventory Auctioneer and Auctioneer Advanced

Special thanks to: Curse Gaming's Pentarion and Ghandi, for some hard work helping me debug the German client version. Particularly to Pentarion for ongoing translation work.

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