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This addon provides a tool to determine who is most deserving of a given piece of loot based on the work they've done for the guild vs. how...


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This addon provides a tool to determine who is most deserving of a given piece of loot based on the work they've done for the guild vs. how they have been rewarded in previous raids. This will eventually work to be an addon/extension of CT_Raidtracker.

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-- Dependencies:

-- Directions:
The information gathering happens automatically.
/rdkp will bring up the UI.

-- Explaination of the problem this Addon is working to help solve:
Problem: Present DKP systems provides disporportionate rewards to people who are able to raid more often. This means that if someone raids less than 1/2 the time of someone else competing for the same gear, that less-often raider will not be able to spend DKP or get that gear until the hardcore player has everything they want. Insert a new hardcore member into the group before that point, and the casual player will never begin getting gear, even potentially after having multiple raids under their casual-belt. Ideally, the ratio of gear to effort should be the same no matter if you raid 3x/week or 1x/month. How do you reward people according to their contribution?

* Rewards for attendance. This number will be referred to as DKP.
* Keep gear/loot costs but track them separately. This number will be referred to as GR (gear rewards).
* Change the method for determining priority for loot. New system: Priority (P) = DKP/GR
This new number is what sets priority. Since it is a system that compares the amount of loot you've recieved with how many times you've gone on a raid, it sets the priority in comparison to the amount of participation. He/She with the highest priority number gets the loot.
So the idea works like this:
1) Priority is established at the start of the raid (or a pre-determined time before - should we ever get to the point that multiple raids could be going on at one time).
2) A piece of loot drops off of a mob in any instance during a raid.
3) Tells to the Raid Leader for who wants it (establish competive list).
4) Of those on the list, he w/ the highest priority wins.
5) In the case of 2+ people w/ the same & winning priority: Roll.
6) Adjust the GR number of the winner immediately at this point.
7) DKP is added at the end of the raid.
8) Everyone starts w/ a GR value of 1.

Raid loot of 10GR points drop. Bob and Joe both want it and send tell the RL. RL looks at the priority lists and sees:
Bob: 45dkp/9gr = 5.000 priority
Joe: 100dkp/23gr = 4.348 priority

Because he's the highest priority, based on less gear for the amount of effort he's put in, Bob wins the gear! Bobs new adjusted priority is 45dkp/(9+10)gr = 2.368
It might be a few DKP before Bob tops the loot priority list again.

What about rotting gear, gear that no one wants to spend the priority on but could use?
- If someone gets gear, their GR number increases and their priority drops accordingly.

What about an item that no one wants and is DE'd?
- The item is not aquired by anyone and no GR is spent. The shard is available for rolling on or can be sent to the guildbank.

What if someone goes on a large number of raids and the gear they want just doesn't drop?
- Their dkp continues to increase, putting that player in prime position to get the gear once it does drop.

What if the officers want to reward out-of-raid attendance in the form of raid points?
- They can just increase the DKP in someones roster which will in effect raise their priority for their next loot situation.

What about a player with multiple 60s?
- I believe that attendance and total gear should be tracked on a per-player, not per character basis.

The key things is that GR value raises from items received during the raid; and DKP raises for attendance. Neither value goes negative.

Please, please, please let me know if you think this is total crap, if you have questions, etc. I belive this will make things more fair, but I want your questions/feedback/concerns.

Thank you.

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