Seal Judge for palladins

This mod, all in all, just makes using seals a whole lot easier.


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This mod, all in all, just makes using seals a whole lot easier.

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This is my first stab at making a WoW addon.

This addon allows you to mash a single button to make sure:
1. You are attacking your target.
2. Your target is judged with a seal of your choice.
3. You have your choice of seals up on your self.
4. Decide when to Judge your combat Seal (stun/never/always...).
5. Cast Exorcism when ready and you have a valid target.
6. Cast Hammer of Wrath when ready and your target is at 20% or less.
7. Cast Holy Shock when it's up and ready.

myAddon support

'/sj config' to setup how you want the addon to work.
Make a macro with this '/sj cycle' and just keep hitting it.
Use the key binding.

Until 1.9 I had be using a few fairly long macros to do my Seal casting and then judging them when it seemed appropriate.
Once 1.9 came out and there where a few more things you could do with Pally seals and judging them I decided to convert my macros into an addon.

To Do:
- Add Multiple Profiles.

As this is my first addon any comments/ideas/criticisms/flames/praise what ever.. It's all welcome.

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