Shadow Of Doom Bashful

Here you go first vid (AFAIK) of a shadow of doom solo, and FAST FAST farming to get Reverred->Exalted AD (would take around 20h, ~150 shado...


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Here you go first vid (AFAIK) of a shadow of doom solo, and FAST FAST farming to get Reverred->Exalted AD (would take around 20h, ~150 shadow of doom) i have been farming them since some days, and have been really impressed how fast you can get rep past reverred in this way, i cleared all trash mob to access the Damage necrotic shard, and here you have a potential of 27 shadow of doom to farm = 2700 rep

I have nearly 100 corruptor scourgestone and 12000/21000 reverred AD. It goes really much faster than farming cauldrons in WPL (and faster than instances), and much much more farmer than thoses folks mage aoeing trash to get invaders scourgestone, killing 1 Doom award you 100rep (50+50), and they have to get 20 invader stone to equal this (droprate around 15%) = 100 mobs to get this, really really boring tbh ! concentrating to one target is much more funny :p

Each kill take around 7-8m.

- Remove all your shadow resist (you dont want to resist mind flay) - If he come too close to you, leave the circuit, and just run STRAIGHT, and dont panic, he will use mindflay (even if he melee you he can still decide to use it), when you are safe again, get back to the circuit - Tanaris is the best zone to farm cause mobs are grey so you have an aggro range of only 5 yard, and its the desert :) - Circuits possible : around gadgetzan, or like the vid around the ruin, in the middle

Once the pull is executed, if you follow all the rules you have no chance to die...

Build (7/31/13) Demonic sacrifice + improved corruption required.

ENJOY my dears warlocks, the end of Kel'Thuzal is near ! Båshful-Trofimiuk-1010

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