Finally, someone has updated ShardTracker and it actually WORKS with the 1.9 patch! This is one of the best addons for warlocks. It manage...


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Finally, someone has updated ShardTracker and it actually WORKS with the 1.9 patch! This is one of the best addons for warlocks. It manages soulstones/healthstones and has convionent buttons that show you everything you need to know. Definitely download for your lock!

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This is an updated version of Shard Tracker NCS, that will most likely go through several phases during its initial release. The author has given me to permission to continue his work. Thanks to all who have helped with the development of this addon.

Recommended addons:

Servitude Resurrection:

CountDoom Resurrection: (you will probably want to turn off ST timers)

Shard Button:
Left click - Sort Shards into selected bags
Right click - Enable|Disable auto sort

Soulstone Button:
Left click - Soulstone functions (summon/use)
Right click - Summon mount

Spellstone Button:
Left click - Spellstone functions (summon/wield/use)
Right click - Firestone functions (summon/wield)

Healthstone button:
Left click - Healthstone functions (summon/use(or trade)
Right click - Summoner Menu

Usage: /shardtracker or /st
/st version. Shows you what verson of ShardTracker you are using.
/st on|off|toggle. Turns ShardTracker on or off, or toggles on/off. /st sort. Sorts all the shards into the default bag.
/st bag [0-4]. Sets the default bag for shards.
/st sound on|off. Turns sound effects on or off.
/st channel on|off. Turns channel joining on or off. (Group healthstone data)
/st refresh. Force a channel update and refresh to ensure you are in the correct channel,.
/st update. Request Healthstone status update.
/st flash [number]. Sets no. of shards to start flashing at.
/st lock|unlock. Locks or unlocks the minimap icons, and the spell timer area, so they can be moved.
/st scale [number]. Sets the scaling size for buttons and summoner menu. The number is the percent, with normal scaling being 100.
/st reset. Resets the icons and spell timer back to their default positions.
/st soulmessage on|off. Turns the soulstone message on or off.
/st soulmessageto raid|party|whisper|self. Directs the channel of the soulstone message, when enabled.
/st summonmessage on|off. Turns the summon message to party/raid on or off.
/st healthsizing on|off. Sizes the healthstone icon according to health.
/st customsoul <message>. Set the Soulstone message when used in party/raid. The target name is always added to the start of this message.
/st customsummon <message>. Set the summoning message. Use %T in the message and it will get updated with the name of the person you are summoning. eg. /st customsummon Summoning %T.
/st timer on|off. Turns the timer display on or off.
/st timersize small|normal|large. Sets the font size of the timer.
/st shorttimertext on|off. Turns on and off the abbreviated timer text.
/st healthwarning on|off. Turns on and off the health warning.

Non-Warlocks: get this addon so warlocks in your group can track your healthstones. Just install this addon and they will be able to see if you have a healthstone and when you use in, you even get a nice little icon on your mininmap to click on (or define a key to use) to use a healthstone.

IMPORTANT : Healthstone status communication is totally silent to the user, no whispers, no spam. A channel is joined and not displayed and all healthstone communication is done in that channel, which is totally invisible to anyone using it.
Changes :

If you have a bug to report, post it here, with any information that would be helpful (version number, client language, line number, what caused the bug, is it repeatable, etc).


- reports of buttons resetting, not saving, and general moving around. I hope to have fixed some of these issues in 2.43.

- issues with timertargetonly option not working correctly, will investigate, in the meantime please disable/do not use this option

- French versions not seeing summoning buttons (except imp). I'll have to look into this in more detail, I haven't messed with localization much.

- spell timers are flaky, especially for banish. considering revamping code or discontinuing support in favor of CountDoom Resurrection, once that gets updated to my (and the community's) liking.

- channels can take the place of other channel numbers, making it difficult to keep them persistant.



- spell timer enhancements
- option menu (will definitely do this)
- opening summoner menu upon Fel Domination cast. possibly even making assignable keys to aid in this (input desired)
- general cleaning of code




- Misc. fixes for 1.9. It's still not perfect, but I will be making some more changes in the near future. This version should at least get it working. You will notice that the scaling is different, which is an effect of a few of the UI changes Blizzard made.
- Misc. localization fixes. Still missing a few fixes regarding the German client and fire-making materials.
- Added hook for CastSpellByName so it triggers the spell timers.
- Added Soul Link to the Summoner Menu


- fixed bug involving tabletypematch() function (it did not exist... doh)
- button positions should now be reset to default positions upon first run of the new version


- IMPORTANT: all saved variables have been reset to defaults, so you will need to update them to your liking after the initial install. I might have to release another version if future updates to not re-use your changes, as I was too tired to do any more testing.

If you have problems, please use &quot;/st reset&quot; after loading the game for the first time.

- Fixed UI scaling bug in which button positions were not getting saved (I had a hard time testing this, since it was never broken for me, someone please confirm)
- Fixed UI scaling display bug in which setting the UI scale would display it as 1/100 of it's actual percent
- Fixed localization issues which prevented Shadow Trance warning from firing, in both localization and sorting files
- Fixed a bug involving using the SS via the SS button when no target was selected (untested: using the SS from your inventory, without a target selected)
- Fixed the bug &quot;whisper message missing target player&quot; (related to above SS bug)
- Updated variable saving code, and a missing semicolon I found in the process (thanks Graguk :)


- Fixed bug preventing shard button from functioning (toggling on/off auto-sort and sorting shards)


- Changed event firing code order, hopefully this will fix the issues that people have with the buttons moving around after login/logout, zone change, etc.


- Fixed error with warlocks who do not have Fel Domination, Demonic Sacrifice, or Master Summoner

- Fixed bug on summoner menu cooldown timers for Inferno and Ritual of Doom, in which the timers were displaying 1 and 0 seconds after any spell was cast, regardless if the spells weren't used.


2.4b (not released)

- Updated TOC version for 1.8
- Fixed bug regarding UNIT_NAME_UPDATE event, as given in the curse-gaming NCS comments dated in October.
- Updated timers on CoA and Corruption
- Added option to direct soulstoning message. I found this useful in places like MC to avoid cluttering of raid chat, only the warlocks and priests need to know who's getting the SS. It just confuses the rest of the raid. The less SSs are mentioned, the less stressful your gametime will be :)

usage: /st soulmessageto self | whisper | party | raid (default: raid)
* raid: announces the SS to the raid. if you are not in a raid, it will announce to the party. if not in a party, it announces it via whisper. if you are SSing yourself, gives you a console message
* party: same as &quot;raid&quot; except starts at the party level. does not announce to raid if you are in one.
* whisper: sends a whisper to the person that they are SSd. for MC (and elsewhere, if you have more than 1 warlock), you may want to follow up with whether or not they are wipe-protection, or if they can combat rez)
* self: sends you a console message only

- Added ability to see status of soulstone and summon messages (whether they are on/off) by just typing in /st soulmessage or /st summonmessage. Previously, nothing would happen if you left out the &quot;on&quot; or &quot;off&quot; part.

Updated summoner menu:
- Moved Inferno and Ritual of Doom to the bottom
- Added Sense Demons to the bottom.
- Removed Curse of Doom (it's a curse, put it on your hotbar with your other curses).
- Fixed backgrounds of a few of the images, so that when you click them it no longer displays the Enslave Demon icon.
- Added Demonic Sacrifice to the top left.
- Added timers to the pet summoning buttons if you have Demonic Sacrifice, such that if you summon a pet, it will leave the menu open for a few seconds in case you want to sac it right away. The time left open is determined by checks for talents (Fel Dom, Master Summoner), in order to set the timers appropriately.
- The summoner menu will remain open after casting Eye of Kilrog and Ritual of Summoning, in case you need to summon additional people, or use the eye of kilrog again after it disappears (may tweak or disable this).

- Summoning message now reports when cast, instead of when the portal opens, to avoid confusion if there are multiple warlocks summoning ... if two warlocks are summoning the same person, you can see the message and abort, saving time. It also gives the summoned person some time to react, and to avoid sending the message if spell is interrupted (will update in a later version to hopefully correct this issue). Some may not like this change, but give it a try. I may add an &quot;aborted&quot; message, but I think that's just extra clutter.

- Fixed misspelled variables with &quot;summoun&quot; in them (yeah, I know, but it bugged me)

- Fixed anomaly with soulstone icon timer text, where it would switch from minutes, to seconds, back to minutes again (may need to tweak)

- Fixed timer text on healthstone button, should now be properly displaying the cooldown if you have a healthstone created

- Reverted soulstone ready sound to &quot;heartbeat&quot; by default. If you want to revert to the original sound, you can overwrite the SoulStone.mp3 file in the &quot;sounds&quot; folder with the backup copy of that file, which I left in that same folder.

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