Creates 5 rings of buttons, allowing up to 10 spells in each ring (Left and Right click on the center button, and 8 buttons surrounding it)....


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Creates 5 rings of buttons, allowing up to 10 spells in each ring (Left and Right click on the center button, and 8 buttons surrounding it). The left and right click spells for all 5 rings can be bound to hotkeys. The rings can be moved by Drag-and-drop via the center button.

The center button also displays a text timer for each totem type. (That is, the Fire ring shows the duration remaining on your current Searing / other fire Totem.) This gives a good idea as to when you would need to use Totemic Call. The center button will also fade in and out between 8 and 0 seconds remaining to add to the visual notification.

(Note: Even though the rings are labeled 'Fire Ring,' etc., any spells can be used on any of the rings.)

Spells can be drag-and-dropped onto each of the outer ring of buttons to place the button. If you wish to remove the spell, simply Shift+Drag to remove it. The center buttons, due to the dual spell nature of them, can only be modified in the UI. Hotkey bindings are also handled through the UI. Click the button below the spell and push the keys to change the binding for that spell. (A text notification is given if the new binding removes an old binding.)

Showing the UI can be done by clicking the FuBar button or typing '/sc'....

This mod comes with the FuBarPlugin-2.0 module along with Dewdrop and others required to make the mod function (even if you don't have FuBar installed). If you don't have FuBar, the Plugin module creates a minimap icon which can be dragged around to the desired position.

Change Log: v0.03 - Error, Line 1317, nil value. Fixed. - Fire Elemental Totem was missing its timer. Added. - Spell not always max rank. Hold Shift *during dragging* to use the rank dragged. If Shift is not held down, it will use the max rank. Also note, ranks will not auto-upgrade when you train a new rank if you set a specific rank this way. - Spells can be removed from a button by SHIFT+DRAGGING from the button. This should prevent an accidental removal. This *cannot* be done during combat. As always, the same rules apply for removing the buttons via the options UI. - Changed some Default totems for the main button of each ring, based on feedback. - Changed number of buttons for each ring to 8 + main button, based on feedback. Might change to a lower number if requested. - Added the option (in FuBar menu) to change text color of countdown texts. - Added the option to Show/Hide individual buttons to FuBar (was already in main UI). - Added a 'Fade' option for expiring totems. It fades the button in and out from 8-0 seconds remaining to visually alert you to expiring totems.

v0.02 - *Major SavedVariables Changes -- All Options Reset* - Fixed Scale to resize mini buttons as well as main buttons. - Added support for Macros in all slots. - Renamed 'Weapon Ring' to 'Utility Ring.' - Added ability to change ring names. UI in Progress. (Finished in FuBar.) - Added support for multiple setups of rings (ex: Solo, Raid, Default). UI finished! - Fixed Keybindings. Woo! UI finished! - Added sliders for Ring button Scale and Radius. - Added FuBar support. o Tooltip shows Reincarnation cooldown, Totem duration remaining, and Reagent count for Ankh, Shiny Fish Scale, and Fish Oil. o Menu allows for almost all functions allowed in the options UI, except for assigning spells. o Add Position slider for each button for FuBar. Still need to do this for the regular UI.

Completed Features List: - Added Show/Hide entire ring checkbox. - Added Ring Scale option. - Created 5 Rings: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Weapon/other. - Added 'Totem Duration' timers for all totem types. - Added 'Reincarnation' timer, shown in 'Weapon/other' Ring. - Added Opacity slider for both in combat (IC) and out of combat (OC). - Added Drag-and-Drop capability to main buttons (must continue to hold button, cannot release and click desired location). - Added Drag-and-Drop capability to Options UI. - Added a 'Reset Position' button to reset a particular ring to center screen (UIParent Center). - Added small button Scale and Radius. - Add Show/Hide checkboxes for individual buttons.

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