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This mod will add more logic to the targeting function. Check out the readme. Lots of features and more coming in the future.


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This mod will add more logic to the targeting function. Check out the readme. Lots of features and more coming in the future.

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Download 'smarttarget11.rar' (10KB)

SmartTarget v1.1
By Tristam and Rapportus, High Caliber, Kel'Thuzad server, alliance.

What SmartTarget does:

SmartTarget adds logic to the built-in tab targetting function in WoW. When you
use the macro described below, it will 'tab' you to the next mob in front of you
that is not currently tanked by a warrior.  This means it will find the next mob
(if there is one) that isn't agro'd on a warrior class type.  Note that hunter
pets count as warriors.  If all mobs in front of you are being tanked, SmartTarget
just tabs to the next mob in your tab rotation.

In addition, SmartTarget will also display a visual warning that will display the
name of who your newly-targetted mob is agro'd on.

Options for turning this on and off may be put in, in a later version.

**New since 1.1** You can now use a tanklist to modify the logic described above.
Add your tanks to the tanklist (should not be case-sensitive) by using the
/stlist <name>  command.  When a non-empty tanklist is present, ST will search
through your tab rotation and should not target any mobs that are agro'd on any
of the tanks listed in the tanklist (unless all mobs are being tanked).

How to use SmartTarget:

1) download this .rar
2) install /SmartTarget to your /Interface/AddOns/  folder
3) Run WoW (if you were currently running WoW, restart the program)
4) Ensure SmartTarget is enabled in your addons list at the character select screen.
5) During gameplay, make a macro ( /macro) with the following line:
         /script ST();
   this is case-sensitive and must be typed exactly.
6) Bind your macro to a convenient key and you're ready to go!

You can view the ST options in-game by typing /st.

/st -- brings up options menu
/stlist <name>  -- adds <name> to tanklist
/stshow OR /stlist show  -- shows the tanklist
/stclear OR /stlist clear -- clears the tanklist

Version History
  Added a primitive form of a tanklist to the logic. (i.e. command-line, no GUI)
  Tanklist options are /stlist /stshow and /stclear (see above for details)
  Updated the current use of /st to display the meaning of these options.
  ST will now display the name of the target your next target is focused on, instead
    of class type.  This will become optional in a future version.
  Began adding in UI functionality for priority logic (not usable yet).
  Began adding in UI functionality for tanklist (not usable yet).

  First release!
  Contains the core logic for choosing the next mob to target.
  Targets based on the class of the target's target.
  Non-working Options Window appears upon using /st in-game.

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