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Ever wish you could check out that cool sword or helmet model that guy had without following him around and trying to move your camera just...


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Ever wish you could check out that cool sword or helmet model that guy had without following him around and trying to move your camera just right to get a good look? Ever wish you could get up close and personal with that awsome shield model without having the owner think you are stalking them? Ever wish you could freely view that really cool looking mob from a safe distace? Ever just wanted to view a really nice character model at your leisure without having to navigate your character to do it? SuperInspect is for you....

== What is SuperInspect? == SuperInspect replaces the default inspect window with one that gives you these features: -Inspect your target as long as you can target them 1) -Continue inspecting even if you've lost your target -Show bonuses awarded to your target by the items they have equiped 2) -Colored borders for displayed items that indicate their quality -Freely rotate, pan and zoom the model with your mouse -Display NPCs -Display Hostile Players -Display yourself -Gives each unit a nice background -Toggle the display of inventory items and/or honor information -Draggable, scaleable window -Bind a key to inspect or view quickly -Maximizes the window space for better model viewing

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1) You see Dummy Icons if you not in range. (5 Yards) If you have a Item Database Mod installed and the item is in its Database you see the realicon.
2) You must go to 5 Yards range to see that bonuses

== How to Use ==
Inspect your targets as usual OR if you wish to also check out NPCs (recommended):
Go to 'Main Menu' then 'Key Bindings' and scroll down until you find the SuperInspect entry. Bind a key to 'Inspect Target'. Select a target, hit that key and the SuperInspect window will appear (try targeting NPCs or if you can't find a target, target yourself with F1).

When the SuperInspect window is up, dragging the model with your Left-Mouse Button rotates the model, dragging with your Right-Mouse Button pans the model and MouseWheel zooms in and out.

If you wish to scale the window and/or drag it to some other position, see the slash commands below. Once you've turned off default mode, you can drag the frame around by clicking and dragging on the top part of the frame.

== Options ==
-To show the available options:
/superinspect reset - reset the frame to the center of your screen
/superinspect scale [number] - change the scale of the frame (ex: /superinspect scale 0.8)
/superinspect defaulttoggle - toggle default mode on/off (when on, SI acts like the default inspect window. when off, you can drag and scale the window)
/superinspect itembgtoggle - toggle the art used to display quality color of items
/superinspect durabilitytoggle - toggle durability info that is shown when inspecting yourself
/superinspect sound - toggle the open and close window sound

==== READ ME ====
The item bonus part of SuperInspect relies heavily on parsing the text of items and doing something with that text. English is easy, I speak english and run an english client. But German and French are not that easy. I don't speak either language very well and I don't have those clients. As a result, german and french item bonuses could be incorrect (and probably are...definitely french). So help me out! German and French users, look at localization_UI help me make SuperInspect work perfect for users other than english! Thanks!

---Known Issues
-if you inspect a player who is wearing a set piece that you have equipped, item bonuses for that player may not display correctly
-Some small or large NPCs will show offset in the window frame

chester - SuperInspect base Version
[email protected] (of TitanItemBonuses fame) - parsing code for the item bonuses
Sasmira ( Cosmos Team ) - french translation
g3gg0 - additional itembonus parsing code and german translations
Ghost - additional testing and german translations

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