Tank Helper

TankHelper v0.1

what it does: displays usefull tanking...


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TankHelper v0.1

what it does: displays usefull tankinggear informations against lvl 70 and 73/boss mobs - % chance to will be hit crushing - total avoidance - mitigation through armor

what to come: - major cosmetic changes - buff(BS/CS)- and debuff(DS/TC/SA)-tracking - monitoring of "oh-****"-buttons such as SW, LS, trinkets and pots

installation: as most wow-addons simply copy the folder "TankHelper" in your 'world-of-warcraftinterfaceaddons folder' and activate in the addons-menu.

how to use: at the moment quite simple :) just type "/th" or "/tankhelper" in your console window is drag'n'drop-able

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