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Orignaly this mod was written by a different author and fixed by shadoweos(AKA Blueleaf) to work with patch 1.10+. But with patch 2.0 and BC it has been totaly rebuild from scratch, Rowaasr13 has stepped in as the main programer/coder.

I myself hate the 'I can't carry any more' message, I also hated looking at everthing I had in my bags to decide what was best to drop. Well if you hate it too! THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!!


Itemized deductions is a pluggin for Titan Tool Bar. It's main function is to monitor your bags and list items in order of value and displays the item of least value in your tool bar so it can be dropped with a simple shift-click to make room for a more valuble item.


From Tool Bar On mouse over = Tool Tip and list of items identifed as potential drop Click = Open Bags Shift-Click = Drop Displayed Item Double-Click = Ignore Item Alt-Double-Click = Always Ignore Item Right-Click = Open options Menu

From Menu Drop Item Ignore Item Always Ignore Item Use Auctioneer Buyout for value set item quality limit

At Vendor Sell item Sell All Junk (Grey Items) Sell All Items Listed

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Download 'tpid2.06.7_20070226.zip' (350KB)

v2.6.7 Changes:
(Changed Number system for package version ie. 2.06.7 the first #.## is TPID Version the last # is IDC's Revision number)

-- No Changes just a repack

v2.6b Changes:
-- Repack to include latest IDC updates

v2.6 Changes:
- Complete code rewrite. Scanning, tooltip generation, G/S/C coloring code are optimized for performance and reduced garbage generation with lazy calculations and caching of results. UI generation creates menus only once and keeps them instead of trashing old copies every time. Core bag scanning no longer saves all the data it can find on item on every scan, but now stores only 3 elements: price and bag/slot location - everything else is retrieved as necessary. Bag scanning - both core and new 'combine all' function - reuse all generated tables, since they all happen to be fixed 3-elements width.
- New items database. Itemized Deductions now have dependency on 'ItemDataCache'. It is a new ID-based (and thus, locale-independent, unlike old one) database of item data and dynamic data scanner that I wrote to replace old database. This database will make Itemized Deductions work on any language of client, always have up-to-date prices and use less memory for price data. Old database is still here, but all items that are present in new database are removed from old one, leaving only 1/5 of items in it. Old database will be shrinked every time new one grows and eventually will be removed completely.
- Locked items support. The items are now correctly ignored when they are locked (grayed out in your bag when it is about to sell, be moved or anything like). This will make you see results of selling or dropping immediately when you click command and not when action is complete.
- Added 'combine all' command. It appears in menu when you have at least two incomplete stacks of some item in inventory (which most often happens when you clear your mailbox) and clicking on it will cause all found stacks to be combined together. Since WoW locks items you move until server responds with 'move successful' message, it does not move all items in one go, but finds the best moves until all items are locked, so if you inventory have many incomplete stacks, you may have to click it several times to combine all of them. Items are combined towards last slot of bag because when you use item from hotbar or as ammo, you use first found item in your inventory, so if they were combined towards first slot, you would have new incomplete stack on first use. Another similar command appears for banked items if you have bank window open. BTW, I said 'finds the best moves', but current version sometimes fails to find best move and performs less optimal move instead. This is minor, as you can just click combine again, so I postponed fix to next release.
- Threshold levels are moved to submenu and their names are now automagically localized.
- New options for ignore added: 'Ignore item class' submenu that lists some classes of items that are often carried around for use and not for sale. Those will appear localized in your client language as well. This feature depends on experimental support of item class/subclass IDs in new version of 'ItemDataCache'. Please read notes about possible problems with this feature in 'ItemDataCache' documentation. If everything works well, next versions will have support for more classes requested by users.
- Tooltip with items available for sale now lists total price for all items.
- New option 'Show item price in panel' allow you to turn on display of price for cheapest item in panel near its name. This allows you to immediately see if you should thrash cheapest item in favor of new loot or not without looking at tooltip for current cheapest item price.
- Minor improvement: 'item deleted' message now lists number of items in deleted stack and G/S/C colors its worth.

Some features in this release are experimental and didn't had extensive testing on all languages of client. If you have any problems, especially on non-English client, please report them as soon as possible. Mention if you have any errors displayed and if free slot count is updated correctly on panel even if items are not displayed.

Since Itemized Deductions now have all major features I planed and with new database it should always be compatible with any language of client, it is time for localization. If you interested in translating Itemized Deductions' interface to your native language, feel free to post message on ui.worldofwar.net or Curse Gaming page about that.

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