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Titan Roll

titanroll.zip —


This Titan Panel plugin catches dice rolls from the chat system. It displays the last roll (performers name and roll value) in Titan Panel, and hovering the plugin brings up a list of the latest catched rolls. Dice rolls with the range of 1-100 are displayed in green, others in red with the minimum and maximum of the roll after the actual value. Clicking on the text displayed performs a roll set up by the player. Shift-clicking will erase the list. Ctrl-clicking will erase the last roll. Alt-clicking will announce the current winner. Announcement can be set up individually.



Patch notes for Titan Panel [Roll]
version history:
-changed toc version to 3000 (wotlk)
-bugfix for new titan panel

-changed toc version to 20000

-changed toc version to 11200
-timestamps can now show the time of roll (hour:min) insteed of a timer. (look
for 'change timestamp style'.)
-tooltip popup can now be disabled ('popup tooltip when roll registered').
-bugfix: time passed since roll doesn't 'jump' anymore (thanks to vetinari).
-added: show lowest roll. thanks to atthena. ($d begins lowest roll
announcement, $y is the lowest rolling players name, $z is her roll's value.)
-added keybindings. thanks to atthena.
-bad announcement texts are always replaced with the default announcement. (a
valid announcement text has $a, $b, $c and $d in it. this means your
announcement will be replaced at the first announcement, since you had no $d tag
-bad rolls (not 1-100) can now be ignored.

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