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A compilation that has been around since the early version of the game, and one that I never quite could work my way around, or even like....


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A compilation that has been around since the early version of the game, and one that I never quite could work my way around, or even like. Though here it is, newest version... Leave it to you to try out.

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Download 'uuiv9.7.0original.zip' (5.06MB)

ltimate UI is a compilation of addons that enhance the WoW user interface and make the life of the user easier and more efficient. UUI at this point has been through over 20 versions and had over 100,000 downloads, so do not think that this is just a first time slap-job in the UI business. With the help of people like you, UUI has grown incredibly fast. Despite a few setbacks in the recent weeks, I hope UUI will grow to the number one used mod package in WoW. Remember, I don't get paid for this, nor paid to promote this in any way, but what I do get is the satisfaction in knowing I just helped each and every user of UUI have a much better playing experice. Try UUI yourself, whether you're a "newbie" with UI's or an expert, and witness the great extent to which it can help you.

UUI takes a few minutes to setup in the beginning, this few minutes can be several minutes if you are new. I offer a lot of ways to get help with this, do not hesitate to ask. The first time you setup UUI will be your last time, as everything is saved.

<[ Fixes ]>
- finally fixed the green durability bug! thanks to mello!
- fixed an issue where tacklebox was making a new macro every time the user logged in
- fixed combatstats so you can drag it again (left click to drag, right click to show stats)
- fixed an issue where some people who were using the original version of UUI would get an invisible error when trying to hit the blank button in the UUI quick box
- fixed an issue where more than one chat time stamps would be shown at once
- really really fixed my Pet Bindings addon
- removed all the addon spam when you load up uui from all the addons that have onload messages

<[ New Addons ]>
- added CharactersViewer! Now when you press &quot;c&quot; to look at your character, there is a small dropdown menu at the bottom left hand corner. You can look at the gear your other characters are wearing, their stats, and their inventory. Combine this with Bankstatement, and you have can now look at every item any of your characters own and/or are wearing from any other character.
- added LinkSnag, a simple addon that parses chat and makes links clickable and copiable, so that they may be pasted into a browser window
- Added RangeRecolor which makes your buttons change colors when you go out of range. Default is red, but you can change that color easily.
- Added WatchYourBack, an addon that changes your view 180 degrees instantly at the press of a button, and back again when you release the button.
- Added MozzFullWorldMap, which allows you to view the unexplored areas of the world map
- HUNTERS! Added 5 very useful addons to the Hunter folder in the optional addons section. Just drag them over to your Interface/Addons folder to use them. The new features included:
-- BC_TrackingMenu: Helps you change what you are tracking by adding an icon to the minimap for easy access
-- BC_AspectMenu: Helps you change what aspect you are using by adding an icon to the minimap
-- SmartPet: A very helpful pet addon with many features. A must have to hunters and even warlocks.
-- PetXPBar: Shows an XP bar under your pet, mousing over it shows detailed pet statistics
-- Tracker Assist: With TrackerAssist enabled, clicking on a blip on the minimap will cause the
corresponding unit to be targeted and information about the unit will be
printed in the chat window and appear under the minimap.

<[ New Features ]>
- added a feature to props tooltips that attempts to show the class of a player when you mouseover their corpse. (helpful in raids when you have to ressurect the priests first, yet you dont remember who all the priests were (the default tooltip doesn't show the class). You will need to have props enabled to see this, it is enabled by default in UUI.
- added an option to the uui spellbook to toggle the BGAssist menu (just click the top part of bgassist to see the options for it)
- added a button in the uui spellbook to toggle decursive. its not 100% as effective as making your own macro on your toolbar that does /decursive for you, but it's there to show people that such a feature exists
- added a button to toggle the Defend Yourself menu from the UUI spellbook
- changed the character portrait texture to &quot;elite&quot;, this applies to original uui users only. There is also a button in the UUI Spellbook that allows you to toggle it from elite to rare to none.

<[ Addons Updated ]>
- updated QuuSpellAlert
- updated tooltipsprops and tooltipframe files
- updated Atlas
- updated Perl
- updated Titan panel

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