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Ultimate UI, one of the few compilations that is currently fully working with the 1.8 patch. I have recently begun using it, and let me say, it is very confusing to start. Though if you're looking for a compilation to use now, this would definately be one of your choices. Just remember to turn on extra addons in the addons menu, as by default they don't all come on(some you may not want, I didn't use them all because a lot of them were unneeded.)

Flexbar is very important in this UI, and is probably the most confusing part. Just turn it on in the addons menu though and use the ingame help commands.



RELEASE VERSION B - Very stable, very powerful, very great.

Make sure you enable / disable addons you want or don't want at the character selection screen before you hit "Enter World."

Remember to delete your entire Interface folder before installing this new version.

[ General ]
- range recolor has occasional errors, but you won't ever notice them so I left it alone for now
- fixed a nil value error with titan 2.2
- updated the version number of uui in the spellbook (forgot to last version)
- updated backdrops addon with original tooltip style borders, coloring now works, color/alpha increments reduced to .01 instead of .1
- added an option for MobInfo2 and StunWatch in the UUI spellbook
- added wardrobe icon toggling to interface options in UUI config

[ Updated ]
- CT_RaidAssist
- ReagentData
- ReagentInfo
- Gypsy_Unitbars

[ Fixed ]
- GoodInspect

[ Added ]
- StunWatch
- Gypsy_Buffmod
- Titan Regen
- Titan 2.2

[ Removed ]
- Mobileframes (broken)
- GougeHelper (replaced with StunWatch)
- HideShiftBars (to hide the shapeshift bars just use MoveAnything [DAB can do it as well])

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