vBagnon is a group of addons that improve the way the player manages his or her inventory.


* vBagnon: Displays your invent...


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vBagnon is a group of addons that improve the way the player manages his or her inventory.


* vBagnon: Displays your inventory and bank in single frames. * vBagnon_Forever: Optional, Lets you view your bank from anywhere. * vBagnon_Options: A load on demand options menu for Bagnon.


* A single, customizable display for your inventory and one for your bank * Each display can have item separated by category, like Armor, Weapons, or Quest Items * Color coded item slots and borders: o Ammo and Soul Bag item slots are colored yellow o Profession bag slots are colored green o Keyring slots are colored orange o The borders for items are color coded based by their quality * View bank from anywhere (requires vBagnon_Forever)


* Viewing o When enabled, Bagnon and Banknon should be fully intergrated into the UI. o Keybindings can be set to show or hide the your inventory or bank o The slash commands /bgn bags and /bgn bank can also toggle the display of your bags or bank * Moving o When unlocked, simply click and drag on the title portion of the frame ( ) * Hiding a Specific Bag o

Click a bag within your inventory or bank to toggle the visibility of the items contained within that bag * Categories o Categories are groups of items defined by a specific rule, like Armor, Weapons, or Trash o Adding a category to your bags or bank means that the items defined by that category's rule will show up in your frame separated from the rest of your items. o To get to the menu for adding or removing categories, either right click an existing category tab, or select the categories option from the frame's right click menu o To show the contents of a specific category in a single frame, drag that category's tab away from any other tabs o To toggle the visibility of a category's contents within your bags or bank, click on the category o To swap the position of two categories, drag one category tab over another * Other Customization o Right click on the title portion of your inventory or bank. A menu will pop up with a bunch of options for modifying the appearance of the frame. o From here, you can do things like change the frame's background color, layer, scale, opacity, or add new categories

Slash Commands:

* Commands can start with either /bagnon or /bgn. * /bgn - Shows the options menu, if available. * /bgn bags - Toggle the display of Bagnon. * /bgn bank - Toggle the display of Banknon. * /find - Displays a window showing all items that names contain * /findr - Displays a window showing all items matching . Rules can be found when attempting to add a category and include things like armor, weapons, quest, trade, and food.

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