Wardrobe allows you define up to 30 distinct equipment profiles (called "outfits") and lets you switch among them on the fly. For example, you can define a Normal Outfit that consists of your regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of what you'd like to wear when inside a city or roleplaying, a Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best stam gear, etc. You can then switch amongst these outfits using a simple slash chat command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), using a small interactive button docked beneath your radar (Moveable), or define hotkeys in key configuration.

  • /wd - help
  • /wd list - List your outfits
  • /wd wear - wear outfit
  • /wd reset - erase all outfits
  • /wd lock/unlock - For moving Button/Menu.
  • /wd click/mouseover - For method of displaying menu.
  • /wd scale [0.5-1.0] - For scaling the DropDown Menu.
  • /wd auto 1/0 - Toggle auto-swapping

Full Documentation: http://www.wowwiki.com/Wardrobe Change Log: http://www.wowwiki.com/Wardrobe/ChangeLog



Wardrobe - An Equipment Management AddOn for World of Warcraft

Wardrobe allows you define up to 20 distinct equipment profiles 
(called "outfits") and lets you switch among them on the fly.  
For example, you can define a Normal Outfit that consists of 
your regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of 
what you'd like to wear when inside a city or roleplaying, a 
Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best +stam gear, etc.  
You can then switch amongst these outfits using a simple slash chat 
command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), or using a small 
interactive button docked beneath your radar.

/wd - help
/wd list - List your outfits
/wd wear <name> - wear <name> outfit
/wd reset - erase all outfits
/wd lock/unlock - For moving Button/Menu.
/wd click/mouseover - For method of displaying menu.
/wd scale [0.5-1.0] - For scaling the DropDown Menu.
/wd auto 1/0 - Toggle auto-swapping

Titan - A Bar and Menu framework for WoW mods.

FuBar 2 - A Bar and Menu framework for WoW mods.

Khaos (For GUI options) - A configuration framework for WoW mods (new gui).

MobileMinimapButtons - Shift-drag buttons around the minimap at a constant radius.

1. Unzip Wardrobe.zip into your WoW addon folder. 
   (World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons)
2. Answer YES to the prompt about replacing any duplicate files. 

Wardrobe 1.4-AL and greater are written by AnduinLothar
Wardrobe 1.21-lix -> 1.3.1-lix was written by Miravlix
Wardrobe 1.21 and lower was written by Cragganmore

AnduinLothar - [email protected]


Version 2.54-AL
o Updated WearMe to fix taint and swapping bugs

Version 2.53-AL
o Re-Fixed Wardrobe.Print
o You can no longer move outfits above or bellow the top or bottom of the list

Version 2.52-AL
o Fixed Wardrobe.Print

Version 2.51-AL
o TOC to 20003
o Fixed issue with SetDropDownScale and Khaos on first load

Version 2.5-AL
o Fixed a bug where moved outfits would be put in the virtual list (those outfits will be restored, tho the order may have changed)
o Fixed a bug where outfits were being marked as virtual when swapping back
o Fixed a bug where virtual outfits weren't being deleted
o Cleaned up the SV by removing the sort numbers and using only the list order
o You can now store an unlimited number of outfits (but you might want to stop when your drop down list is larger than the screen ;)
o Fixed a bug with the colored outfit chat printout
o Fixed &quot;/wd list items&quot; 

Version 2.41-AL
o Fixed Main Menu entries not showing if you had less that 10 outfits
o Fixed reference to separator image
o Fixed Main Menu separator to only show when the mouse is over a legitimate drop zone for the entry on the mouse (Dropping immediately above or bellow the original entry does nothing)
o Fixed Main Menu entry highlight to only show when there is an outfit associated with that entry

Version 2.4-AL
o Fully compatible with WoW 2.0
o Main Menu now closes on escape
o Main Menu now uses a highlight bar instead of color changing text (more visible)
o Main Menu entries are now draggable to reorder
o Repositioned the Main Menu little (10 outfits are now visible, instead of 9)
o Right-click on the Minimap Icon now opens the Main Menu
o Virtual outfits are now stored in their own table (so they wont show up in the normal outfit list)
o Added Swimming auto-swap (shark fin icon)
o Because IsSwimming() and IsMounted() are now asynchronous, they are now handled by a timed OnUpdate
o Colorized &quot;/wd list&quot; and made it print all the outfits on the same line so as not to spam the chat frame
o No longer uses ColorCycle

Version 2.3-AL
o Updated FuBar plugin (Alex Courtis)
o Removed erroneous debug print

Version 2.2-AL
o Updated to use IsMounted()
o Updated UnitBuff syntax use

Version 2.1-AL
o Updated for Lua 5.1
o Updated to WearMe v1.6 (with SeaHooks v1.0)
o Titan Panel and FuBar Plugins added and updated for Lua 5.1

Version 2.0-AL
o Titan Panel and FuBar Plugins Have been temporarily removed
o Updated for Lua 5.1
o Using hooksecurefunc for HideUIPanel hook
o Updated to WearMe v1.3 (with SeaHooks v0.81)
o Updated to Chronos v2.10
o Updated to IsMounted v1.8

Version 1.94-AL
o Updated WearMe to fix bank error

Version 1.93-AL
o Fixed order of outfit dropdown menu

Version 1.92-AL
o Updated WearMe to v1.1.
- Should fix a problem with duplicate items not equipping correctly
- No longer breaks when encountering special bag types

Version 1.91-AL
o Added FuBar 2.0 support with similar functionality to Titan Panel support
o Restructured Titan plugin files
o Neither bar plugin code will execute if their respective dependancy is not loaded

Version 1.9-AL
o Now uses the WearMe Lib for item swaps (abstracted lib for equipment swapping)
o Upped Max Outfits to 30 (abstracted the button creation code, but limited now by WoW's max dropdown menu size)
o Fixed bug with menu not scrolling the first time you open it
o Fixed bug with Titan tooltip, text and dropdown not working
o Rewrote swap automation code:
- Undead zone swap now occurs when you dismount, zone in unmounted or swap outfit when in the plaguelands
- Wont swap immediately when mounted
- Swaps back to gear you had on before you mounted before swapping into undead outfit when dismounting after zoning
o Added slash command, binding and khaos option to temporarily toggle/dissable/enable auto-swapping (only stored across sessions if you have Khaos)
o Added an &quot;Update&quot; button and drop down menu to the character window for updating or creating outfits __without swapping to that outfit first__.
o Removed required Localization Lib usage
o Embedded WearMe, IsMounted and Chronos. If you have multiple copies the newest one will be in effect.
o Sky enhanced slash commands updated to use the Satellite lib instead

Version 1.87-AL
o Fixed bug that was causing Titan Button text to not show up. (Silly Titan doesn't take direct functions, only global function names)

Version 1.86-AL
o Titan text typo fix

Version 1.85-AL
o Fixed some frame errors due to the recent xml changes
o Updated embedded Localization to v0.07

Version 1.84-AL
o Added Naxx to the plaguezones
o Updated Outfit Swapping to correctly identify 1-way swaps between items in a similar inventory slot
o Enabled soft matching to find items in bags with a different enchant if an exact match is not found
	(these outfits will still show grey until you update them with the correctly enchanted items, 
	but it will swap the newly enchanted items regardless)
o Removed experimental tabularization of XML frames, fixes a bug with some tooltip hooking addons
o Made DragLock save accross sessions. (MustClickUIButton already saves)

Version 1.83-AL
o Fixed nil 'color' error
o Readded '<no outfit>'

Version 1.82-AL
o Fixed nil error
o Duplicate virtual outfits now delete themselves
o Virtual outfits no longer show up on the list

Version 1.81-AL
o Fixed Sea error

Version 1.8-AL
o Implemented Localization to allow for locale switching and assist future translation.
o Warlock summonable/equipable items are no longer remembered specific to id suffix.
o Removed outdated Cosmos support
o Added options to the Khaos config
o Rewrote the DropDown code to use the built-in DropDowns, reduced a lot of code.
o Updated Titan config to be more colorful
o Fixed Titan minimap button hiding
o Added option to rescale the global dropdown menu (0.5-1.0) ('/wardrobe scale #')
o Removed Titan small menu option (incompatible with DropDown format)
o DropDown no longer uses ColorCycle
o Made the help text easily localizable
o Added MyRolePlay support for outfit swap events

Version 1.71-AL
o Added option to move swapped offhand to the rear bag if swapping to a 2h, requires Chronos.

Version 1.7-AL
o Saved Variables now auto-clean extra unused item tables and old temp outfits
o Now correctly handles swapping of a 2h weapon on top of 2 1h items regardless 
  of offhand check
o Fixed OnLoad error when titan isn't installed
o Fixed a few unintentionally global variables
o Moved swap status variables into the saved vars so that mount swaps now 
  correctly occur on log in after logging off mounted.

Version 1.61-AL
o All files converted to unix standard LF line breaks for uniformity
  Also fixes a localization.de.lua loading error.

Version 1.6-AL
o Added German Localization: Thanks Gillion!
o Fixed duel slot swapping (offhand, 2nd trinket, 2nd ring) for all possible
  swaps that I could think of.

Version 1.5-AL
o Equipment saving now uses ItemID's (perm enchants, but not 
  temp enchants)
  Old outfits will still use names until editted.
o Fixed offhand swapping out with two-handers
o Fixed forced empty slots and outfit detection
o Fixed item swapping for two inventory items (rings, trinkets, 
 -Note: When equipping a bag item to an inventory slot currently 
  occupied by another item used in the same outfit,
  the item currently equipped will be bagged instead. 
 -The only solution I can think of is to scan the rings, trinkets, 
  and weapons again after a delay.
 -Of course, equipping the outfit a second time will equip any 
  skipped items, but is a little excessive.
o Added click/mouseover to the help print out
o Added optional Khaos enable/disable
o Added optional Sky slash command help
o Added optional Chronos dep to eliminate redundant aura and 
  equipment scans. More efficient, but optional.
o Mount/Plague/Chow special status is no longer removed when updating an outfit.
o Fixed Button Graphics

Version 1.43-AL
o Added click/mouseover to help printout.

Version 1.42-AL
o Added click/mouseover option for the menu. Default menu shows on
  mouseover of minimap button or titan button. Use &quot;/wd click&quot; to
  require click for menu.
Version 1.41-AL
o Equiping now uses AutoEquipCursorItem except for rings, trinkets
  and weapons which now use EquipCursorItem
o Minimap hiding option now correctly remembers if you are using
  Titan without the TitanWardrobe option and is stored per player
  in the Wardrobe_Config.

Version 1.4-AL
o Removed Sea dep
o Removed Chronos dep
o Added IsMounted dep for efficiency:
 -Fixes Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack incorrect
  mount detection,
 -Required for mount auto swap (Wardrobe will still work w/o it,
  you can still assign mount sets, but it wont swap)
o Removed tooltip scanning
o Added Delay to DropDownMenu hiding
o Minimap button uses MobileMinimapButton when availible
o Included Titan Support, thanks to Nemes for TitanWardrobe
o Converted code to more object oriented style. Most everything
  is within the Wardrobe table, even the XML frames

Version 1.3-lix
o Stopped using playerName as a global variable name.

Version 1.3-lix
o Fixed the bug that prevented equiping two identical items.

Version 1.21-lix
o Updated configuration to save based on realm and char name, so you can
  have chars with the same name on multiple realms.
o Removed some unessesary chat messages.
o Fixed Tigers Fury being detected as a mount.

Version 1.2:

o Increased the maximum number of outfits per character from 10
  to 20.
o Rewrote much of the outfit manipulation code to make it more
  efficient and to remove the slow-down that the previous
  version was causing.
o Added entirely new UI system for managing your outfits: allows
  you to easily reorder, rename, edit, delete, update, or change 
  the color of the outfit name.
o Outfits may now consist of intentionally blank item slots.
o Outfits can now consist of only certain item slots, ignoring
  those slots that you don't want to mess with.  For example,
  you could have an outfit that consists of only your &quot;Carrot
  on a Stick&quot; trinket.  Equipping this outfit wouldn't interfere
  with anything worn in any other item slot except that one
  trinket slot.
o You may now specify outfits to auto-equip and un-equip on certain
  conditions: whenever you mount (useful for automatically wearing
  the &quot;Carrot on a Stick&quot; and Mithril Spurs), whenever you enter 
  the Plaguelands (so you don't forget to equip the Argent Dawn
  Commission), and whenever you're eating/drinking (useful if you
  have certain items that affect regeneration or spirit).
o Added keybindings for all 20 outfits.

o More Automatic equiping triggers, entering a zone, being PvP 
  flagged, not being PvP flagged and stance/form triggers.
o Supporting StanceSet/WeaponSwitch or building the feature into
o Add support for weapons with two forms.

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