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WhisperEnhanced(WE) sorts incoming and outgoing whispers in different windows(mIRC style).

I had been thinking about why the Whispers in...


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WhisperEnhanced(WE) sorts incoming and outgoing whispers in different windows(mIRC style).

I had been thinking about why the Whispers in WOW were so ineffective. And I had been looking for an addon, that would do something about this, but i didn't find it anywhere. So about 1 month ago I decided to try and make one myself. So here you have it. Whisper Enhanced v1.0 made by Caldara/Unibus :D

As I said, I've been working on this add on for about a month. This is my first addon, so when I started this I didn't know anything about mod-making :S. So the lua and xml coding might look a bit dodgy. But hey it works :P then who cares. I'll try to clean it up a little in the upcoming patches.


Sorting -It is kind of like mIRC. When someone whispers to you, or you whisper to someone a tab will appear with his/her name on it, above the WE window, and that window will be dedicated to this conversation.

-When you press the tab on the window dedicated to this conversation it will be seen in the WE Frame. If you press the tab again the WE Edit box will be seen. By typing in it, it will automatically whisper to the person in the current conversation.

-When someone new whispers to you, or you whisper to someone new, WE will sort the new conversation into another window and tab

Tabs ---- -Whenever someone whispers to you, or you whisper to them, there name will be put into a tab that controls the conversation.

-If you hold your mouse over the tab, the information will be shown about the person.

-If someone, which you already have a conversation with, whispers to you, and you don't have their window visible. Then their tab lights up.

Chat ---- In the WE window it is possible to turn off these functions Timestamp: ex. [13:25][Nick] Chat text Class Colour: The Nick is coloured in its class colour Level: ex. [Nick:67] Chat text

The 'TO' and 'FROM' witch are in the default whisper are removed, and replaced by standard chat phrases.

Old version: From[Malldor]: What are you doing ? To[Malldor]: Nothing much, you ?? From[Malldor]: Whisper Enhanced Rules :D

New Version: [13:25][Malldor:62] What are you doing ? [13:25][Caldara:67] Nothing much, you ?? [13:25][Malldor:62] Whisper Enhanced Rules :D

Friend Button There is also a Friend button ([F]) to the TOPLEFT of the WE frame. For easy whispers to friends

When pressed, it will show a list of online friends with stats. You can press a friend on the list and it will automatically show the WE Edit box and dedicates a conversation(Window and Tab) to them.

The WE Menu In the WE menu it is possible to turn On/Off almost all the functions

Bindings WE has one binding. When pressed it will Show the Edit Box (Like the enter key in the default chat), and it will be ready to whisper to the current conversation.

Recommend binding a ctrl, Shift or Alt + Key. Because when you only bind a key it will be show as the first letter in the WE Edit box (Trying to fix that problem)

Contact If you want to contact me, then you can send a email to bartalclementsen@hotmail.com Or Contact me in game at Azjol-Nerub(Alliance). My main is Caldara.

Known Errors and upcoming Fixes

-If two new whispers come within 5 sec of each other. The Info, when holding over the second tab, might not be correct

-The WE Edit Box is not resizable like the WE Frame. That will be done in the 1.1 release

-ATM it is only possible to have a maximum of 10 Conversations at the time.

-And more ...

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