This interface addon allows a buffer/curer to queue up spell requests from members of thier party.

**Localization: English, German, Fre...


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This interface addon allows a buffer/curer to queue up spell requests from members of thier party.

**Localization: English, German, French, Korean, and Chinese spell/trigger support**

Members of your party send you a whisper with one of the supported buff/cure triggers. i.e. "/tell Sarris fort" will cause "Power of Word: Fortitude" to be queued for cast on you. For the debuffs, just whisper the type of debuff and it will queue the correct cure spell. The trigger matching is configurable to exact match only, match first whole word, or any whole word in a whisper. '/wc announce' will display a message in party/raid chat about how members can use WhisperCast. They can also send send a whisper with 'wc' for a complete list of the spells you have enabled for queueing.

You use the "Cast" button, "/wc cast" macro, or a key binding to cast that requested spell on the requester. You can't just type "/wc cast" into a chat window, it must be run from a macro.

Right click on the "Cast" button or Titan panel plugin to open the options menu.

Supported buff/cure spells and the trigger phrases:

PALADIN 'Purify' = 'purify' 'poison' 'disease' 'Blessing of Sanctuary' = 'sanctuary' 'Blessing of Sacrifice' = 'sacrifice' 'Blessing of Wisdom' = 'wisdom' 'Blessing of Salvation' = 'salvation' 'Cleanse' = 'cleanse' 'dispel' 'Blessing of Kings' = 'kings' 'Blessing of Might' = 'might' 'Blessing of Light' = 'light' 'Blessing of Freedom' = 'freedom' 'Greater Blessing of Kings' = 'greater kings' 'gkings' 'gbok' 'Greater Blessing of Wisdom' = 'greater wisdom' 'gwisdom' 'gbow' 'Greater Blessing of Might' = 'greater might' 'gmight' 'gbom' 'Greater Blessing of Light' = 'greater light' 'glight' 'Greater Blessing of Sanctuary' = 'greater sanctuary' 'gsanctuary' 'gbosa' 'Greater Blessing of Salvation' = 'greater Salvation' 'gsacrifice' 'gbos'

MAGE 'Amplify Magic' = 'amplify' 'Arcane Intellect' = 'ai' 'int' 'Dampen Magic' = 'dampen' 'Remove Lesser Curse' = 'curse' 'Arcane Brilliance' = 'group ai' 'group int' 'brilliance'

DRUID 'Gift of the Wild' = 'gift' 'group mark' 'gotw' 'Abolish Poison' = 'poison' 'Remove Curse' = 'curse' 'Thorns' = 'thorns' 'Mark of the Wild' = 'mark' 'motw' 'Innervate' = 'innervate'

SHAMAN 'Cure Disease' = 'disease' 'Cure Poison' = 'poison' 'Water Breathing' = 'water'

PRIEST 'Divine Spirit' = 'spirit' 'Prayer of Fortitude' = 'group fort' 'group fortitude' 'group stam' 'group stamina' 'Power Word: Shield' = 'shield' 'Fear Ward' = 'fear' 'ward' 'Power Word: Fortitude' = 'fort' 'fortitude' 'stam' 'stamina' 'Abolish Disease' = 'disease' 'Shadow Protection' = 'shadow' 'Dispel Magic' = 'dispel' 'Power Infusion' = 'infusion' 'pinf' 'Prayer of Fortitude' = 'group fort' 'group fortitude' 'group stam' 'group stamina' 'Prayer of Spirit' = 'group spirit' 'Prayer of Shadow Protection' = 'group shadow'

WARLOCK 'Ritual of Summoning' = 'summon' 'Detect Greater Invisibility' = 'invis' 'Unending Breath' = 'water'

WhisperCast features: -Automatic available spell selection based on your class -Smart rank selection based on your targets level -Smart target range and cooldown detection -Doesn't queue up duplicate spell requests from the same person -Can only queue requests from members of your raid/group -Can hide buff/cure request whispers -Can play a sound then queue fills or is empty -Can flash queue count display when it isn't empty -Titan panel support -Dropdown menu to change queue settings, right click on Cast button to access -Small interface, with minimize cabability -Display of what is waiting in your queue -Queued requests have to fail 3 times before being dequeued -Will only queue spells that you really have, no kings if you don't have the talent or never bought a spell -Can limit queue casting to critual spells while your in combat -Hidden automaticly for classes without any group castable spells -Configurable trigger matching on exact, start of whipser, or whole word in whisper -Dump status of queueable spells and their triggers - '/wc status' -Will check cooldown for certain spells before queueing them

/wc Commands are: announce - Advertise WhisperCast availability in raid/party chat enable/disable - enable disable spell queueing from whispers status - display all your queueable spells and the triggers cast - execute one cast out of your queue clear - clear your queue reset - reset all options and standalone gui position match [exact-start-any] - set your trigger matching level: exact=whisper is the same as a trigger, start=whisper starts with a trigger, or any=whisper contains a whole word matching trigger show/hide - set standalone gui visability min/max - minimize or maxamize the standalone gui debug - dump internal info about spells ids and action button ids help - this message

Special Thanks to: Djoraan for German trigger translations and localization fixes Killerking for Chinese spell/trigger localizations Esmir for Korean spell/trigger localizations

Original WhisperCast by Valconeye, then recoded by Sarris. Support picked up by Valconeye again. Minimize and Close graphics borrowed from MonkeyQuest. Spell rank and level data originally from from BestBuff.

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