WoW Instant Messenger



WoW Instant Messenger (WIM) puts your whisper conversations into seperate tabs.

Note: Currently only had basic functionality. See upcoming changes at the bottom here to see what else is planned.

Options: /WIM on - Turns on whisper sorting. /WIM off - Turns WIM off. /WIM status - Shows you the version number and status of WIM. /WIM help - Shows WIM help screen.

Bindings: WIM Reply - Replies to the person who's tab you currently have selected. If you're not on a WIM tab, works as the normal reply does. WIM Say - Replies to the person who's tab you currently have selected. If you're not on a WIM tab, will do your default chat action (Say/Guild/Party).

Note 2: This does *not* interface with any exterior IM clients. This only lets you talk with people inside WoW.

Known Issues: -If you close a tab from one conversation, the next time you start a conversation with someone new it reuses that tab. It changes the name properly, but it does not clear the previous chat text from it. I'll be looking into this to see what I can do about it. WIM still behaves like it should, it's just messy to do things this way and I'd like it a bit cleaner.



Changes :
0.3 Changes:
-Updated for the 1500 patch (6/7/05)
-Optimized code with 1500 API improvements
-Added bindable say/reply key. (If on WIM tab, will reply, if on other tab, will do default chat [Say/Party/Guild].)
-Fix bug where On/Off status was being ignored.

0.2 Changes:
-Added bindable reply key for use with WIM.

0.1 - Initial Release
-Currently, only sorts based on name.

Upcoming features/changes:
-More extensive testing for whispers from lots of people. (Anyone know how to make sure a chat tab is cleared so that it's not used any more?)
-Customizable coloring for sent/received messages.
-Auto-closing tabs if there's been no activity after X minutes. (customizable)

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