Zorlen Function Library v4.18.01



This is a function library that adds functions that can be used in macros. To use this library you need to know how to add macros to the game. Most of the functions can be found on the forums for this addon and many existing macros have been made with the use of zorlen functions by the wow community. http://dzrealms.com/phpBB2

But documentation for each and every function is not an easy task since more and more are being added all the time, so please bear with us.

Currently there are mostly functions for the Hunter, Warlock, and Warrior class. There are a few functions added for priests and druids but not many.

A WarriorSpam functions addon has also been bundled with the latest release. The WarriorSpam functions are mostly for making grinding more fluid, but there are functions configured for tanking, and all of them will work for pvp (by just adding hamstring and removing sunder if your target is another player).


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