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World of WarCraft GraemeSL joins the staff!

Dear Sirs, As the title might say; a new person, GraemeSL, joined the staff. I guess I could introduce myself right away. I'm Alain, a 21-year old male who lives in Scotland, UK. I most definitely enjoy hanging around on forum boards, especially FileFront. My interest has always been computers...


World of WarCraft New WoWFiles Vice Admin : Zapex

I'd like everyone here at WoWFiles to give Zapex our new Vice Admin a big welcome. He has big boots to fill as our previous team had about 6 staff on it, at the moment it's just me (Digz) and now Zapex. There's a lot of work to be done but it will be done and hopefully we can bring this site up even...


World of WarCraft A new age is here!

Hello to all WoWFiles members and guests, I go by the alias Digz and am the vice site manager on the site. Most of you know me on the site for working some spells here under first Momma Dean then Thundgot. Now I'm happy to announce that Kouen is the new site manager and is one of the best managers t...


World of WarCraft World of Warcraft Files Needs Staff

World of Warcraft Files is in pretty much need for staff at the moment, if you think YOU would fit for a position go check what positions we got open Job Opening


World of WarCraft Tumpman joins the staff!

Hello I just joined and I'm just saying hi for now. Thanks


World of WarCraft One year at World of Warcraft Files

Well, it's actually one month since it was one year, but I forgot making it then :P I have been working for World of Warcraft Files a whole year now, and I have experienced a lot, done many funny and cool PotD's, posted some nice add-ons and videos/screenshots, added a lot of content to the site,...


World of WarCraft Thewraith is back on staff!

Hello everybody, I am back on WoWFiles for good. Recently I was not on the staff as I quit, I was very busy, not to mension I was not into WOW that much. Now I am so addicted to the game, I just had to come back. You will see me active all the time, please have fun, and I hope to see everybody ar...


World of WarCraft World of Warcraft Files in need of volunteers + updates

I have done an update to the Job Opening page. It shows what staff I need so I don't need to write it here in this news post...the page is also fixed with more HTML coding so it looks quit better now ;) I have also changed the Interviews Page because I hopefully will get some interviews from Bliz...


World of WarCraft New Staff Member

I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am the new staff member for the site. I work on fotw, news, and polls.


World of WarCraft New Staff Member - Lawrence Ahern

Hi there I' m Lawrence Ahern, I've recently been recruited as a News / Files Poster for I'm looking into everything with that WoW factor and dedicating my spare time looking for interesting storys and articles as well as bringing you all the official updates and info from Blizzard....


World of WarCraft Staff News: Digz is back (again)

Well I don't think you guys remember me but I used to work here before Thundgot did when the site never used to have an admin, when Momma_Dean left. I had to quit as I manage another 2 sites on the network. But I assure you I missed this site and the community when I left, and I'm back here to stay....


World of WarCraft New WoWFiles Staff: Muffo11

Welcome Muffo11 to the team. She will be shocked when she reads the E-Mail about OPS since she didn't even send in an application, but she is active so I decided she could join the staff ^^ WELCOME


World of WarCraft WoWFiles is looking for Staff!

Greetings, I am now looking for new Staff Members to World of Warcraft Files. I need 1 News Poster and 2 File Posters, as well as 1 Comment Moderator. The old Staff will NOT be changed out. If you want to join the Staff click on "Join us today!", fill in the application and click SUBMIT


World of WarCraft New Staff Member: TheWraith34

Please welcome our newest Staff member: TheWraith34 He will be going through our HTML Documents and check for errors, you will also see him do graphics for :D TheWraith34 will also be maintaining the team E-Mail. GIVE THEWRATIH34 A WARM WELCOME


World of WarCraft HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



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