Worms Armageddon patch released on Steam, broke some WormKit modules, but 3.8 is still progressing

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Published by Plokite_Wolf 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Out of the blue, Team17 released patch for the beloved 1999 classic Worms: Armageddon, with the patch description stating that it improves support for Windows 10. However, this patch is a Steam exclusive and has broken certain modules for WormKit, a now-integrated framework that allows fans to create their own modules that can range from interface tweaks to full feature expansions. What's more, unlike all patches since 2002, this release was created by Team17 programmer Charles Blessing instead of the two authorized community members, Deadcode and CyberShadow.

We've inquired on the subject with both aforementioned devs and another high-profile community member, StepS, all of whom we thank for their insight and time.

There is already an upcoming patch labeled 3.8 that is nearing completion and boasts a massive changelog, including more elaborate fixes for Windows 7 through 10 and new features. However, certain internal development issues have arisen which prevent it from being released right now. Fortunately, these issues are being resolved as we write this and the patch is expected to release by the end of the year if everything goes according to plan. We've also been told that this time around, GOG and retail owners can look forward to their versions being supported.

So it appears that was just a temporary filler for a much larger update that the Worms: Armageddon fanbase is looking forward to. 

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