Worms: World Party Mission Pack 1

This is the first of two official mission packs for Worms: World Party.


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This is the first of two official mission packs for Worms: World Party.

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Download 'wwp_missionpack1.exe' (1.1MB)

Here are a selection of Team17 missions produced using the forthcoming Mission Editor. Featuring new artwork and original mission concepts, they are only small files to download and well worth it!

The Eye Jump
This is a 'collect crate' mission with zero pressure on you from opponents. It's a bit of fun, that's all it is. Mind you, the landscape will run fear through the hardest of Wormers. You've been warned.

To play, go to the single player mission menu and press the 'User Mission' button. The Eye Jump mission will then be displayed.

Target Mountain
This is a Time Attack mission in which you must collect a lone crate which is sat atop Target Mountain. Destroying the targets will result in a cascading effect and this will eventually bring you the goods.

To play, click the 'Time Attack' button several times until 'Target Mountain' is displayed at the top of the screen.

Pachinko Parlour
This is a wholly original multiplayer mission for Worms World Party. Each player in turn uses the *SPACE BAR ONLY* to catapult a mine around the landscape and destroy the vital crate. Great fun online, unlike anything ever seen before on Worms!

To play, go to create a single / multiplayer game and click the 'Multiplayer Missions' button twice until Pachinko Parlour is displayed on the left of the screen.

Invisible Wall Puzzle
Have you the intellectual dexterity to cross the amazing invisible wall and reach the goal crate? Many have crumpled in a sorry heap after being faced with its challenge!

After downloading the file :

•Double-click on the file and the program will automatically self-extract.
•Select 'User Mission' from the 'Single Player Mission' menu'.
•Select the desired mission.

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