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Gameplay Mods Improved Quasar

This mod does a few things to the Quasar. It boosts the HP from 1700 to 1800, the same as the Elite (Thank you ilinor241 for pointing out th...


Gameplay Mods CrystalMiner

This useful mod allows turrets to mine for crystals.


Gameplay Mods Cheating Ship Mods

This game makes some of the game mods you get from doing research at player HQ to be overpowered, this stops NPC ships from using overpowere...


Gameplay Mods AutoTrader

This is a "fire-and-forget" version of the "old" MK3 Universe Trader by Mkess and BurnIt!.It is different in many ways f...


Gameplay Mods Remove Bolt Gun Reload Time

This mod removes the reload time from the bolt gun, and adds extra overheating to compensate, so the gun isn't as overpowered.