Poseidon: Master of Atlantis v2.1 Patch - Spanish

The latest official patch for Poseidon: Master of Atlantis.


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The latest official patch for Poseidon: Master of Atlantis.

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Download 'si_zeusposeidon_es_update_20_21.exe' (1.18MB)


- Greek Custom Adventures no longer show up as Atlantean Custom Adventures.
- Pyramids will no longer become corrupt after delete/undo.
- The game no longer pauses when deleting certain structures.
- Resource gatherers are better able to find the closest available resources.
- Hera is quicker to rebuff Zeus when he invades.
- Pyramids destroyed by disasters may be rebuilt.
- Setting a 'Slay' goal in the editor no longer causes an exit to desktop.
- 'Doubled' fishing points have been fixed.
- Dionysus prevents unrest properly.
- An uncommon situation where Armies get stuck on the world level has been fixed.
- Disasters do not permanently kill heroes.
- Heroes no longer get stuck on Hippodrome Crosswalks.
- Custom Adventures no longer slip into 'Open Play' mode, adventure creators do not need to include the .set file when exchanging adventures.
- On-loan troops no longer get stuck on the edge of the screen when attempting to return home.

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