Zeus: Master of Olympus v1.1 Patch - Spanish

The latest official patch for Zeus: Master of Olympus.


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The latest official patch for Zeus: Master of Olympus.

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Download 'si_zeus_enhancepack_es_1_1.exe' (10.95MB)


- Agora vendors no longer use twice as many employees as they should.
- Improved herding and harvesting logic makes resource gathering more efficient.
- Player is no longer charged Drachma for trying to place single avenue/boulevard tiles.
- Foundries no longer occasionally display negative numbers.
- Improved Sanctuary construction materials delivery.
- Artisan animations no longer get temporarily stuck during work on statues.
- Resource tiles on unfinished sanctuaries can no longer be built upon.
- Oracle prediction discrepancies have been resolved.
- Trade feedback corrected to reflect cities that have turned rival.
- Favor decrease due to failure to respond to unannounced troop request is resolved.
- Military standards can no longer get stuck in lava.
- Game no longer freezes when trying to band-select troops on loan that are leaving the city.
- Rare instances of heroes/armies getting stuck in world level have been fixed.
- If your military strength is great enough, rivals will give in to your demands.
- Problems with triremes not repairing have been fixed.


- An Adventure Editor! Take advantage of Zeus' powerful new editor to create full, rich adventures of your own! Once installed, the editor can be accessed by starting Zeus and clicking 'Adventure Editor' in the start screen. Please refer to the manual (ZeusEditor.txt or ZeusEditor.pdf) for instructions. You can view the Zeus Editor manual by opening the Help menu within the Editor, and selecting 'Help.'
- One full new adventure: The Odyssey, plus three new open play adventures.
- Disasters are now displayed in the overview map.
- It is now easier to build bridges over earthquake cracks, and earthquake bridges can now be deleted.
- Sculpture studios accept a maximum of 4 loads of bronze instead of 5.
- Sanctuary construction feedback has been improved.
- Horse and armor vendors no longer wait until they are out of stock to buy more goods.
- Improved Auto Defend for sea invasions.
- Bribery calculations have been adjusted.

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