Fallout 4 Spooky Scary Radio is perfect for Halloween 1 reply

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#1 2 months ago

There's a lot of Spooky Scary Skeletons in Fallout 4, and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit then with a soundtrack to match? The Spooky Scary Radio mod for Fallout 4 brings over 150 new spooky classics to Fallout 4, all of which are surprisingly fitting to the game's setting, especially in Far Harbour.

Songs included in the mod include music from The Mummy, The Exorcist, Haunted Heart, Frankenstein and more, as well as some poems and short stories that are typical of Halloween. 

The songs picked are sympathetic to the retro-futuristic setting of Fallout, so most of the songs are from the 50's and 60's time period.

Please, follow me into my lab, I've been working on something. Hours and hours of curating the necessary parts, clipping, trimming, and stitching has all lead up to this. Go ahead, get closer... Lift the sheet, and reveal—Spooky Scary Radio

So what are you waiting for? You can check the mod out here.

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#2 1 month ago

I would love to see ghouls doing the Thriller dance.