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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Players Choice Resident Evil Sound Pack Left 4 Dead Guest 209.96MB 229
Last Man Standing Coop Featured in 2005 Moddb Award Show Doom III Platinum Arts 3.34MB 285
voice announced health-sound replacement Kingpin: Life of Crime Guest 590KB 1214
Captians Choice Star Trek: Bridge Commander James Bonsall 2KB 257
New Weapon Choice Medal of Honor barotm 149KB 190
Weapon of Choice The Sims 2 Ivana96 197KB 1340
UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition Content Unreal Tournament 2004 Epic Games 84.43MB 17246
Handmaiden Choice for Females Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords Stoffe (RevanAnt) 331KB 15447
Revan's Choice Video Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic DarthJebus05 35.88MB 2446
Revan's Choice - Endar Spire Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic DarthJebus05 5.16MB 2028
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Choice Movie Dark Messiah of Might & Magic UbiSoft 20.94MB 108
Choice Of Hero TrackMania United Genocide87 12KB 6249
FFOW Gamers Choice 1.1.0 TO 1.1.1 Frontlines Fuel of War Guest 71.32MB 410
FFOW Gamers Choice 1.0.0 TO 1.1.0 Patch Frontlines Fuel of War Guest 290MB 1412
Advanced Soldier Tree / Commander Mod for Veteran Players of Mount & Blade v. 1.011 and 1.010 Mount & Blade Guest 17.15MB 3643
Iron Edge does New Year World of WarCraft kaosironedge 63.18MB 106
Dawn of the Undead - A Year On World of WarCraft Kazzul 61.3MB 55
Year Of Hell Voyager Star Trek: Bridge Commander Collective Alliance 8.56MB 4747
Year of Hell Voyager Retexture Star Trek: Bridge Commander WileyCoyote 2.73MB 295
Game of the Year Mappack Return to Castle Wolfenstein Activision 49.03MB 94107
Game of the Year Mappack Return to Castle Wolfenstein Activision 49.53MB 3510
Operation Flashpoint 5 Year Anniversary Assets Operation Flashpoint Bohemia Interactive 39.63MB 539
'N00b On Tour' Part 11: A New Year America's Army 1.Armee 11.22MB 1590
White Camo ThompsonHappy New Year Battlefield 1942 Happy New Year 465KB 443
Year of Fire: Tactical Guide Star Trek: Armada II iOSYS 4.39MB 305